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  • Be Passionate: It's more than just knowing your subject, you've got to be passionate about it. Make them think you adore it. Most likely you already know your subject fairly well or you wouldn't have been asked (or volunteered) to speak on it. If the topic is new to you, immerse yourself in it as much as possible before you start the next step. During the presentation: Do not read slides or a script, but it’s ok to look at notes to keep your structure Make it conversational PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE Image Credit: Kathy Sierra by webstock
  • Write an analog outline of what you want to accomplish or teach during your talk, filling in each section so that eventually it could become a narration or basis for a handout. Image by Aruni
  • Tell your story: Involve your audience by giving them someone to empathize with and to make them care.  The story might be about yourself or someone else, it doesn't matter as long as it's a good tell. Is it only a talk in front of an audience or do you need to create a multimedia presentation or screencast? Your delivery format depends on your topic and venue, not the other way around.  Exercise: The Beyond Bullet Points Story Template by Cliff Atkinson Image credit: Mandy Pinyan, HMCPL
  • Prove your point: This is where you lay out how or why it's done, but keep it as simple as possible. Give them a real tool or resource they can use.  If asked, this is what you'd want them to remember a week later. Image credit: Illustrator Harry Reid at HMCPL by Lexie Robinson
  • Gather support: Introduce subject matter experts and supporting documentation into your delivery format, providing active learning opportunities so that your audience can fully engage your topic.  Types of support: Your references or bibliography. Provide links to resources in the handout or on a web page. the images you use in your Powerpoint, screencast, slideshow or movie for images that can be shared or modified
  • Presentations that ROCK!

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