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Michael Wyland's one-sheet


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Michael Wyland's "one-sheet" promotional material for speaking and consulting to nonprofit leadership audiences.

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Michael Wyland's one-sheet

  1. 1. Michael Wyland Michael Wyland is passionate about helping nonprofit boards prepare for success, change, and crisis. Michael has 30 years of experience in corporate and government public policy, management, and administration. He is an expert on nonprofit governance and fundraising issues featured in media including The Wall Street Journal,The New York Times, CNN, Fox News,Washington Post, FierceHealthCare,The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and The Nonprofit Quarterly. He currently serves as an editorial advisory board member and contributor to The Nonprofit Quarterly, with more than 100 articles published. Michael is a Certified Seminar Leader. For more information, visit Connect With Michael Michael L.Wyland, CSL 605-336-0244 To schedule Michael Wyland for your workshop or board needs, please email or call 605-336-0244 Speaking and Workshop Topics Nonprofit Sector Trends and Demographics Discussion of the statistics on nonprofits and philanthropy and the current trends in governance, accountability, public perception, and regulation Nonprofit Crises and Crisis Planning Taking the Stress out of the Unexpected Brief case studies analyzing nonprofit crises and discussion about how to mitigate, cope, and move forward when a crisis is suddenly presented to the organization and board Nonprofit Succession Planning Preparing for Change With the accelerating frequency of executive turnover, learn the key steps to quickly and productively bring a new executive up to speed The honor of serving as a board member also comes with a responsibility to the organization.With his 30 years of experience as both a volunteer board member and executive director, Michael can relate to both sides of the issues. Michael will prepare your board and organization with techniques to strengthen the organization and the confidence to handle crisis. Michael is your nonprofit expert for: Governance Crisis Planning Leadership Succession Michael shares his expertise with groups through presentations, workshops, consulting, and confidential one-on-one meetings.