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What Is It?Think of a Community Health Needs Assessment as a tool—a useful toolthat will result in a healthier community. ...
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Community Health Needs Assessment


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Sumption & Wyland 2-page brochure describing Community Health Needs Assessments

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Community Health Needs Assessment

  1. 1. What Is It?Think of a Community Health Needs Assessment as a tool—a useful toolthat will result in a healthier community. At the end of the process, you willhave an overall, in-depth view on the health care needs in your community. PROCESS OVERVIEWYou will also uncover specific facts about attitudes, perceptions, and ideas AND ESTIMATED TIMELINEconcerning current and future health needs in your area. Understanding this {information will help you meet unmet needs and make sure your limited • Initial Consultationresources make the most impact. Month 1 • Define Assessment Design {The assessment involves a variety of community leaders and representativeswho adapt the process to their community and supervise the work. This • Collect Secondary Data Months 1–3work includes extensive data collection. • Collect Primary DataThere are many healthcare-related data sources available to a community.These data serve as a starting point. In addition, focus groups, surveys, andindividual interviews are used to fill in gaps and give the research a fuller, Month 4 {• Data Analysis and Validation of Prioritized Needsmore accurate picture of the community. {• Prepare Community Results, { Month 5Once the data analysis is performed, reports are drafted for internal Recommendations and Action Plan(hospital) and external (community) use. These reports are used to identify Months 5–6 • Establish an Action and Evaluationcommunity healthcare successes as well as needs, and often identifyopportunities for a hospital to provide additional value to its community. Plan to Monitor ProgressThe Requirement The BenefitsSo much is changing in healthcare today. One new Compliance may be the nudge to start the process, butrequirement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care the benefits of truly understanding your market can beAct of 2010 (otherwise known as health care reform) instrumental in fulfilling your hospital’s mission.makes it necessary for all hospitals that are charitable entities(nonprofit organizations under Section 501(c) 3) to perform A Community Health Needs Assessment is an excellenta community healthcare needs assessment at least every market research opportunity for hospitals. Assessmentsthree years. The assessments will be required to answer can confirm current hospital initiatives and identifyquestions on a hospital’s annual Form 990 Federal tax return. potential new market opportunities.Every nonprofit hospital, whether independent or affiliated It is also an excellent marketing/branding part of a network, must complete their first assessment A hospital can advertise its leadership position in theby December 31, 2013. Hospitals that fail to conduct an community, promote its desire to be responsive toassessment must pay a $50,000 excise tax levied by the IRS. community needs and desires, and reinforce linkagesIf a hospital continues to fail to perform a community health with other organizations serving the healthcare andneeds assessment, the $50,000 excise tax is levied annually related needs of the community.until an assessment is completed.
  2. 2. RSTANDING CLARITUNDERSTANDING FOCUS UNDERSTANDING FOCUSCLARITY DISCOVER COMMUNITY HEALTH NEEDS ASSESSMENTCLARITY An Invaluable Tool FOCUS DISCOVERYLet’s Get StartedWith over 60 years of combined expertise in the area of needs Together we have assisted over 200 clients with needsassessments and planning processes, our team has developed a assessments and related activities. Some of those clientscomprehensive, yet flexible, approach to the Community Health have included:Needs Assessment process. • Avera McKennan HospitalWe begin by working with your hospital’s leaders to educate them • Dell Rapids Clinicabout the requirements and the opportunities. We will then craft • South Dakota Association ofa research design, reporting format, and dissemination strategy Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO)that complies with Federal law and provides value to the hospital • Avera Queen of Peace Hospital (SD)in its strategic, marketing, and business planning. • Pioneer Memorial Health Services (SD)Basic interview methods, combined with various primary and • Coteau des Prairies Hospital and Clinic (SD)secondary sources of data collection, have been used by both of • Grundy County Memorial Hospital (IA)our companies with success for our clients. • Nebraska Public Health Departments • University of South Dakota School of Medicine • Wyoming State Diabetes Plan for the WY Department of Health • South Dakota State Diabetes Plan for the SD Department of Health • South Dakota Office of Homeland Security sageprojectconsultants.com888 4 SUMPTION