Ing -ed adjectives


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Ing -ed adjectives

  2. 2. excitedShe is _________ because she got a new car. excited exciting
  3. 3. boredThey are _________ because boring the movie is_________. bored boring
  4. 4. boringThe meeting was so ___________ that all employees fell asleep. bored boring
  5. 5. bored She got __________ becausethe book she was reading was really boring __________. bored boring
  6. 6. Boring___________ classes make boredstudents feel_________. bored boring
  7. 7. worriedShe is ________ because of the bills. worried worrying
  8. 8. annoyedShe’s ____________ because of the heavy traffic. annoying annoyed
  9. 9. tiredShe’s very ________because she worked very hard today. tiring tired
  10. 10. disappointedThey’re really ______________ because disappointing it was a _____________ game. disappointing disappointed
  11. 11. boredHe is __________ because the boring TV program is ________. bored boring
  12. 12. scared They are_______ because scary the movie is ________.scary (exception) scared
  13. 13. Some adjectives end in –ed(ex:bored, annoyed, interested,worried, excited...).Some adjectives end in -ing(ex:boring, annoying, interesting, worrying, exciting...)
  14. 14. PAY ATTENTION !an interesting teachera boring moviean exciting lifeBUTI’m very interested in modern art.We were bored at the end of the lesson.She’s excited about going on vacationtomorrow.
  15. 15. So, what’s the rule?-Ing adjectives :Describe a situation, a person or thing.Are translated: ES/SON into Spanish. The book is interestING = ES interesante.-Ed adjectives:Describe how people feel.Are translated: ESTÁ/ESTÁN into Spanish. The boy is interestED= ESTÁ interesado.
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