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Maksim Melnikau aka “max_posedon” - Telepathy Framework Intro


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Доклад на декабрьской линуксовке MLUG 2012

Published in: Technology
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Maksim Melnikau aka “max_posedon” - Telepathy Framework Intro

  1. 1. Telepathy Framework Intro Maksim Melnikau (max posedon) Linux Mobile hobbyist World of Tanks developer December 29, 2012
  2. 2. Conceptual example
  3. 3. Desktop applications Empathy kde-telepathy
  4. 4. Mobile devices N770 / N800 / N810 N900 N9 ( N950 )
  5. 5. Most popular protocols Gabble: for XMPP, including support for Jingle Butterfly: for Windows Live Messenger Idle: for Internet Relay Chat Salut: for the link-local XMPP protocol Haze: for accessing protocols supported by libpurple, the library used by the Pidgin messaging client. Rakia: for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), using Nokia’s open source Sofia-SIP library
  6. 6. telepathy libraries telepathy-glib telepathy-qt telepathy-python
  7. 7. Questions and Answers email: