Facebook ads-back-to-the-future-ad knowledge


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Facebook ads-back-to-the-future-ad knowledge

  1. 1. BACK TO THE FUTURE Facebook Ads:A Journey into Uncertainty From FBX to SocialVideo
  2. 2. §  Founded in ‘08. Ads API Partner in ‘10. Acquired by AdKnowledge in ’11. §  Employees ~ 60 (AP) ~300 (AK) §  Toronto, NewYork, Chicago, San Francisco, Munich, London, Paris, Shanghai §  Strength is in technology//performance based advertising Who we are
  3. 3. HOW HEY! I’d like someof that please! Do I Make Money with Facebook?
  4. 4. HOW Can I Build a Brand Using Facebook?
  5. 5. ?Whereto Start
  6. 6. Bringing ORDER to Social Advertising
  7. 7. 1. Connect (Goal: Fan Acquisition)Fan like Ads, Newsfeed Ads, RHS, Lookalike Audience 2. Engage (Goal:Word of Mouth) Page Post Photo Ads, Page PostVideo Ads,Questions 3. Convert (Goal: Sale) Custom / Look alike audience, FBX, Mobile InstallAds, Page Post Link Ads, Unpublished Posts, Pixel Social CRM Funnel
  8. 8. Newsfeed beats Right hand side
  9. 9. The Power of Unpublished Posts Why unpublished Posts work No interference with Fan Page Interest Targeting possible
  10. 10. What is FBX?§  Visitors visiting Targetwebsite are marked witha cookie§  Customers withpurchase intent areshown Target adsrelevant to their webbrowsing behavior whenthey return to Facebook.Goal: Reach users on Facebook based on their browsing behaviour outside of FacebookFacebook Exchange 1.   2.  3.  
  11. 11. Leverage your existing audience: Email Addresses Phone Numbers 1.  Email DatabaseCross-referenced betweenyour client & Facebook2.  Targeting OptionsInclusion/ Exclusion/ Look alikeINCLUSION – Existing UserEXCLUSION – New UserCustom Audience Targeting
  12. 12. MGM RESORTS Case Study
  13. 13. Goals § Acquisition of new customers forresorts in Detroit andVegas § Increase “share of wallet” § Increase of loyalty throughpromotions and exclusive offers Facebook Offers – Upgrade for 2 nights Sponsored Stories – for Offers FBX for drop offs in bookings Look Alike Audience How wedid it…
  14. 14. KeywordSelection
  15. 15. Key Points 5x+ Return on ad spend usingcustom audiences 3x Return on ad spend usingFacebook Offers 15x Return on ad spend usingFacebook Exchange
  16. 16. § Match rate for Custom Audience isbetween 55% and 80% § Offers like low room rates, a 100$dining credit for existing customerswork well § FBX works best if done based on theindividual stage a customer drops out Learning
  17. 17. Why Facebook willdo video and brandadvertising! •  TV budgets are big •  They have the audience •  Big data •  They are closing the loop Disclaimer: We do NOT have any confidential or internal information aboutFacebook’s plans for Video. The next few slides are simply what has beendiscussed in the media already
  18. 18. TV is still the biggest ad spend Source: eMarketer, March 2013
  19. 19. Top U.S. Online Video Content PropertiesRanked by Unique Video Viewers Total Internet 184,182 36,877,798 1,336.80Google Sites 156,999 19,586,510 525.0Facebook.com 53,045 327,801 21.7Yahoo! Sites 48,693 625,007 70.4VEVO 44,844 597,107 46.1Microsoft Sites 42,677 483,280 43.9AOL, Inc. 39,774 664,568 69.7Viacom Digital 37,029 429,762 51.3NDN 35,129 381,699 89.7Amazon Sites 28,480 99,163 21.2Turner Digital 24,611 244,887 40.4FACEBOOK No. 2 inVideo Source: comScore Video Metrix, July 2012
  20. 20. “Facebook is three timesbigger than Super Bowland it happens every day!” Sheryl Sandberg COO Facebook
  21. 21. Big Data and social Graph §  Facebook unlikeYouTube has users logged inwhile they are watching videos. §  So, they know exactly who watched what,skipped what and would be in a prime positionto feed data back to advertisers
  22. 22. Partnership with Nielsen §  Designed to better measure brandperformance through the tool brand lift §  OCR Tracking and measuring online ads atthee same level as TV advertising (Reach,frequency, GRP)
  23. 23. Datalogix for CPG §  Use loyalty cards (grocery, mass,clubs, drugs) to measure purchasesof people who have seen aFacebook ad versus those whohaven’t. §  Measured 75 Million householdsand 3.75 Million purchases tracked. §  More than 70% of the campaignstested showed ROI of 3x orgreater.
  24. 24. Facebook AtlasAcquisition "This acquisition allows marketers and agencies to measure the ROI oftheir campaigns across both Facebook and non-Facebook properties,and across desktop and mobile. Our goal is to be able to measurecross-device insights, and be the best ad serving platform on theInternet."Through Atlas’s Click Purchase Path Analysis,advertisers can figure out if their Facebook ads arean introducer, influencer, or closer across eachunique view/click path, essentially creating a virtualrepresentation of the digital conversion funnel.
  25. 25. Coming to a screen thissummer? •  Cost of over 7-Figures •  4 Slots: women/ men over/ under 30 •  Auto Play and Frequency-capped •  Expanding beyond the News Feed
  26. 26. “…nothing isthe futureforever.”
  27. 27. If you would like the MGM Case study – get in touch http://www.adparlor.com/ Markus Von Der Luehe Tel: 49 (0) 172 865 7137 E-mail: mvdluehe@adknowledge.com Follow Adparlor on Twitter @Adparlor