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E10 nov15 2010

  1. 1. November 15, 2010 Literature: Novel Writing: In-class cause/effect paragraph
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Catching up with work - hand in current work first - then go back and do catch up work • Compare and Contrast Paragraph homework POSTPONED
  3. 3. Conflict Conflict: the problem, goal, or tension that the main character is facing There are many types of conflict in the novel. • Character vs. Character • Character vs. Self • Character vs. Society/Environment/Circumstances
  4. 4. Conflict in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian • Character vs. Character Junior vs. Rowdy Junior vs. Roger Junior vs. Sheriden Junior vs. Ms. Jeremey Junior vs. P
  5. 5. Conflict in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian • Character vs. Self Junior vs. self 1. feels he’s betrayed his tribe; he feels like a traitor -feels bad for beating Wellpinit in basketball -feels like he caused the deaths all around him 2. he is struggling with his identity; who is he? where does he belong?
  6. 6. • Character vs. Society/Environment/Circumstances Junior vs. circumstances - family situation – father often drunk, poor, poor education, no future, no hope - physical problems/appearance - racism/acceptance - alcoholism Conflict in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
  7. 7. For the Exam • Be able to explain the conflict – who/what is it between – cause/why – how it develops – whether it is resolved or not – how it is resolved
  8. 8. Author Biography • Read this brief biography of Sherman Alexie. • What do you notice about his life?
  9. 9. Author Interview • Alexie Interview on Youtube.com • What events in the story are different than in his life? • What is Alexie’s attitude toward Alcohol?
  10. 10. BREAK
  11. 11. Cause and Effect Paragraphs Cause and effect paragraphs explain either • the causes or reasons for something, OR • the effects or results of something
  12. 12. Cause and Effect Paragraphs Ex: I broke up with Tony for several reasons. Q: What is being explained? A: The cause(s) of the breakup. Ex: Breaking up with Tony made me happy in many ways. Q: What is being explained? A: The results of the breakup.
  13. 13. Outline for Example 1 Topic Sentence: I broke up with Tony for several reasons . topic point/message Supporting Reasons - first, he was late - give details - second, he had to have his own way - give details - third, he was abrupt - give details
  14. 14. Outline for Example 2 Topic Sentence: Breaking up with Tony made me happy in many ways. topic point/message Supporting reasons - First, I did not have to put up with his rude behavior. - give details - Second, I had more free time. - give details - Finally, I could date other boys if I wanted to. - give details
  15. 15. In-class Cause and Effect Paragraph • Read the handout from beginning to end before you begin. • Follow the writing process: pre-writing, rough draft, final draft. • Be sure to compare your final draft to the checklist on the handout. Make any last-minute corrections that will improve the content or the sentence skills. • Hand in all your work stapled to the handout. /20 marks
  16. 16. Homework Wednesday (next class): • Finish reading the novel. • Review the story before the quiz on Wednesday. • Complete Character Assignment Part 1 and bring it to class on Wednesday. • Complete the final vocabulary paragraph.