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Student Orientation


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Student Orientation

  1. 1.  To successfully complete the course the following requirements must be met ◦ Successful completion of all module quizzes with a grade of 70 or better.  See Slide #3 for navigation within course ◦ Respond to each module discussion question as well as respond to two classmates posts.  See Slide #4 for navigation within course ◦ Completion of all Module assignments  See Slide #5 for navigation within course ◦ Obtain a cumulative score of 70% or above from all items listed above.
  2. 2. Access coursequizzes by selecting“Quizzes” under the Course Home Page
  3. 3. Access course discussions byselecting “Discussion Board” under the Course Home Page
  4. 4. Access course assignments by selecting“Assignments” under each course module
  5. 5.  Course Text Books:Mike Meyers’ CompTIA Network+ Guide toManaging and Troubleshooting Networks,2nd Edition, McGraw-HillISBN: 978-07-161483-2Mike Meyers’ CompTIA Network+ Guide toManaging and Troubleshooting Networks LabManual, 2nd Edition, McGraw-HillISBN:978-07-161526-6
  6. 6. There will be two exams in this course Midterm ◦ Week8 (Midterm) 03/10/2013 ◦ Covering Chapters 1-8 Final ◦ Week16 (Final) 05/05/2013 ◦ Covering Chapters 9-6
  7. 7.  Grading SchemeLabs 15 25%Quizzes 15 25%Exams 2 30%Class Participation 20%Total____________________100%Using the percentages from above, the final lettergrade will be determined as followsA 90-00B 80-89C 70-79D 60-69F 0-59
  8. 8.  Use the following link to TCCD’s website to access the latest course withdrawal requirements. n.html
  9. 9.  There are many resources available to students to ensure their successful completion of course work. With in the Course Home section there is a link to available resources. ◦ See Slide #11 for course navigation
  10. 10. Access student resources byselecting “Student help” under theCourse Home Page
  11. 11. Dr. Matthew Brownmatthew.brown@tccd.edu817-515-8967