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MLOVE ConFestival Europe 2012 Report


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New Release: MLOVE ConFestival Insights

Mobile pioneers and thought leaders were sharing insights at MLOVE ConFestival Europe 2012 about the change that Mobile is bringing to the world.

Speakers include: Jessi Baker (TBWA), Jonathan MacDonald (this fluid world), Ben Jones (AKQA), Louisa Heinrich (Fjord), Yuri van Geest (Singularity University), Mara Belestrini (Ideas for Change) and many more.

Themes include: Mobile Communications, Connected Cars, Africa, Music and New TV to name a few. If you haven’t attended one of the MLOVE ConFestivals in Monterey or Berlin yet, this is the best chance to get a glimpse of what the experience is like and why you don’t want to miss the next MLOVE ConFestival in Kamakura Japan, November 14-16 (

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MLOVE ConFestival Europe 2012 Report

  1. 1. ConFestival 2012A Lifestyle of Mobility.Passion.Inspiration.Future of Mobile.
  2. 2. ConFestival 2012 27.06. - 30.06.2012, Schloss BeesenstedtThe 19th century private castle just the MLOVE Future Cubes. Creativ- The MLOVE ConFestival 2012south of Berlin proved to be a inspir- ity really hit the roof in this year’s 10 thanks all participants, partners anding hotspot for three nights and two cubes, which included themes from sponsors:days. Mobile enthusiasts, digital ex- mobile (of course!) to sustainabilityperts and developers merged with and music.artists, architects and society entre-preneurs to form, share and develop Provided by some of the most in-humanity in a very relaxed and posi- spired and enthusiastic mobile lov-tive attitude. ers in the world, the results were ex-”By far the most stimulatingconference I’ve ever attended.Innovation is born of serendipity –and MLOVE’s organizers are allabout bringing speakers andattendees from various back-grounds together for that tohappen. – Sabrina Nagel, Venture VillageMLOVE ConFestival is a highly in- ceptionally good and have very muchteractive format that creates new the potential to help future productssparks in an informal and playful to become the next big thing. .TVatmosphere. Ideas are not just men-tioned or discussed, but develop its Three days of enthusiastic sessions,own personality and set into life by inspiring discussion and thrill- ing workshops were summed by the 250+ participants of the 2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe with amazing feedback.”The best Event in Mobile. – WIRED The shortumentary video ‘A Life- style of Mobility’ is bringing together voices from the mobile industry that are sharing an optimistic vision for the Future of Mobile. of-mobility 2
  3. 3. MLOVE ConFestival A Lifestyle of Mobility for change and with connected sensors and “things” Mobile will become the new com- puting hub and intelligence source that will become the re- mote control to our lives. The automobile industry is next to become an “experience hub” with embedded smart mobile technologies and sensors. Mobile is changing all aspects of our lives, all industries and”MLOVE shows its potential as the society around us. This cre- ates massive change, disrup-an open innovation format where tion and opportunities at the same time. Mobile is certainlypassionate participants become a catalyst for great changefamily during three intense days ahead: for society, individuals, tribes and local communitiesand nights. – Harald Neidhardt – but also for brands, agencies and incumbent industry lead-The Future of Mobile is People are glued to their ers.full of Opportunities and smartphones 24/7 and weDisruption need to put up street signs While we enter into a Lifestyle to remind people to look up of Mobility, collectively weMobile pioneers and thought from their busy connected have the chance to capitalizeleaders were sharing their in- lives. While disruption is run- on the huge opportunities butsights at MLOVE ConFestival ning rampant in all industries at the same time help empow-Europe 2012 about the change touched by mobile devices, cit- er new generations and partsthat Mobile is bringing to the izens demand faster and lean- of society that have been lessworld. If you stop for a second er services from governments fortunate to this point in time.and not indulge in a new app as well as just downloaded for fun, Namaste!you notice something pro- The “Internet of Things” isfound is happening around us. another term coined to bring Harald Neidhardt, understanding to the speed Founder & Curator, MLOVE of change that is happening around us. Mobile is a catalyst © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 3
  4. 4. Intro Passion for Mobile Coming from places all over application helps users to dis- the world, one might look at cover new business opportuni- the MLOVE crowd and think ties and meet ups. of one giant jigsaw puzzle. The Before heading towards Berlin spooky, derelict, arty and styl- every MLOVE participant was ish castle served as a melting asked to upload a passion pic-”Passion. Inspiration. Future of Mobile. – MLOVE Theme pot and created new bonds of ture. These images were dis- creativity within minutes. tributed in the castle’s several The passion to change the dining spaces and after being world through mobile com- discovered by their owners munication was evident right new groups of communicators from the beginning. Eran Ben- and inspirators were formed. Shushan officially launched One could even hear laugh- the “Never Miss An Opportu- ter and applause, when some nity To Make A Crucial Busi- of the participants excelled in ness Connection”-app Bizzabo stand-up presentations about at MLOVE ConFestival 2012. their passion in life. The free location based mobile These two events very much sum up the basics of why and how networking is the core of MLOVE. The two-day “Con- Festival” is part TED, part Burning Man. Brief, inspira- tional presentations, panels and creative collaboration sessions in an intimate and communicative setting bring together a group of innovators from every imaginable place and background. We are all united by one belief – that is our passion for changing the world through mobile com- munication. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 4
  5. 5. ConFestival 2012”MLOVE is not just what happens on stage butall the cool interactions and conversations duringthree days of intense connection. It is inspiring andfun, it creates value, knowledge and emotions.It is definitely an innovative format which combinesthe insights of a conference with the spirit of asummer camp. – Mara Balestrini © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 5
  6. 6. Work Hard.© MLOVE ConFestival 2012 6
  7. 7. Play Hard.© MLOVE ConFestival 2012 7
  8. 8. Inspirational Chester Santos”The most powerfulcomputer ever created is MLOVE ConFestival 2012 kicked off with an awesomethe human brain. – Chester Santos performance by US memory champion Chester Santos, who remembered the names of all attendees he had met earlier during the conference. Chester demonstrated via various exercises how we can enhance our brains and ben- efit from it by making better connections and become more successful in business. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 8
  9. 9. Inspirational Yuri van GeestYuri van Geest picked up onChester’s recommendationsand showed us the other sideof the coin. Experimental tech-nology known from Hollywoodmovies like Gattaca or Pro-metheus are already breakingthrough or about to in the nextten to 20 years. The invisiblebecomes visible and turns so-cial. The whole quantified selfmovement might very soon”We are living in themost amazing timein Human History. – Yuri van Geestlead to a Star Trek tricoderand disrupte the way we dealwith our personal health. Onething is for certain: The morewe share the more we get inreturn. That’s what MLOVE’sabout! © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 9
  10. 10. Inspirational Jonathan MacDonald Modern mass communication rich storytelling. Our modern can be a pain, thinks Jona- society needs more context in than MacDonald. Words are its daily dealings and behav- important, but often reduced ior, too. As a result, traditional to meaningless WTF LOL beliefs and values can be over- OMG chatter. Despite be- thrown, but this might foster ing one of the world’s first humanity and collaboration mobile communication de- even more. Jonathan urged us vices, the African drum to filter, find a path, focus on was an elaborate device of what we want to achieve and being courageous in what we do.”If we use mobile devicesright, we can change ourfuture. – Jonathan MacDonald © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 10
  11. 11. Mobility & Sustainability Stefan Liske, Alex NolteOne could never think that en- surroundings and turn into higher levels of empathy thegineers are cool, but PCH In- human experience hubs which next decade could become anovations co-founders Stefan help to monitor our heart rate new age of enlightment. If not,Liske and Alex Nolte truly are. or overall mood. Add collec- the collapse of our current so-Not only are they teaming up tively driven consumption and ciety dooms.with Hollywood celebs to builda self-sustainable off-grid hos-pital in Africa, the two are also ”Cars will be transformed intohelping to transform the 20th experience hubs. – Stefan Liskecentury car in a device fit forour future. In ten years, carswill be embedded in smart city © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 11
  12. 12. New TV Björn WoltermannBjörn Woltermann is VP of hour of HD mobile TV can con- According to Björn, for theProduct and Innovations with sume up to one gigabyte. LTE first time in history cable net-Deutsche Telekom and shared is a exciting new technology, works can directly get in touchinsights into trials they per- but needs to be refinanced by with their viewers.formed with new TV technolo- the several connectivity pro-gies streaming live content. viders.Mobile TV is great, but getsvery tricky when it comes toour individual data plans. One”Technology is ready, businessmodels are not. – Björn Woltermann © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 12
  13. 13. New TV Conrad Fritzsch, Maks GiordanoConrad Fritzsch , CEO of tape. can be easily person-tv describes himself as a typi- alized by social network likescal couch potato and music and other connections, so thatlover. It’s his goal, to com- music keeps making our mo-bine the best parts of TV plus ments and emotions biggerthe intelligence of the web so and bigger.that his couch becomes a club.”Content is king,package is gold: Users pay forservices, not for content. – Conrad Fritzsch Maks Giordano is convinced, that our mobile devices are ei- ther too big or too small. But in the past things were even worse: As schoolkids we had to stay up late, in order to par- ticipate in all the excited chat- ter in the schoolyard the next morning. Mobile helps to cre- ate a social layer, which gives both freedom and feedback. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 13
  14. 14. Young Talents Max Schierer, Tobias Sturm communicate. The project Second up was Tobias Sturm consists of two apps: The first with his prototype Windows is a mobile transcription app phone app Lauffeuer. The app which cloud-recognizes the helps to sustain communica- language spoken on phone tion in an area hit by crisis. and translates it into text. The second helps people with hearing problems to train the right pronunciation and givesMaximilian Scherer intro- immediate feedback.duced Echofon, which helpshearing impaired people to”Young students showed the Each app user of the app col- lects stored messages of other users and helps news aboutamazed audience at MLOVE lost relatives to spread like ahow creativity is sparked by wildfire. Communication un- der extreme circumstances ismobile devices. – Dr. Robert Daubner, a major challenge in a regionAcademic Advisor, MLOVE FutureMove Competition hit by a natural disaster and in third-world countries. Peer- 2Peer technology can actually help to overcome social and economic limitations. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 14
  15. 15. Startup Competition ... and the Winner is: 10StampsThe exciting MLOVE start- Ellen Dudley from New York threaten the success of theup competition was up next. introduced he exciting project app, but pictures with soundAndrew J Scott moderated “People Hunt”. There are are less storage-consuming onthe MLOVE startup competi- million ways to connect, but it mobiles and other devices.tion with the help of an inter- is still hard to meet the rightnational Jury. person at a conferences. By Karsten Bubinger of answering simple questions, “twofloats” also deals withArash Houshmand ex- the users ignite a 90 second pictures. His love-hate-rateplained how “10 stamps” scavenger hunt and can meet LBS app puts pictures to theconnect small-business own- in an instant. place where they were takeners to the ability of mobile and sets them into a socialnetworks. 10stamps won the Have you ever taken a picture context. Users thereby can findvote of the jury members with with sound? Ralph Talmont nearby opinion that matter fora first prize of a NOKIA Lu- and “pixengo” are working them or even start an archivemia smartphone and a ticket on breaking the sound bar- about soon-to-be-gone streetto MLOVE ConFestival Ja- rier of photos. Videos might art.pan. Users scan digital stampsat POS and receive rewards.Pushcarts are the past, nowcomes the Digital world rightto the POS.Claus Blicher from Copen-hagen demonstrated how“Adzuki” solves the problemsof the publishing industry. Us-ers can scan adverts in news-papers and will be directly tak-en to the campaign homepagewithout even using a QR code.Publishers benefit from get-ting a share in revenue gener-ated from leads and clicks. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 15
  16. 16. Music Michael Breidenbrücker”Mobile is were the Web wasin the 90’s. – Michael BreidenbrückerMobile has become a newplatform for musicians andnew music formats keepevolving. RJDJ’s MichaelBreidenbrücker introducedhis very own 21st centuryWalkman app “Music Zone” tothe MLOVE audience. The appcan learn from instant clickson the music played and re-flect user’s moods within sec-onds. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 16
  17. 17. Music Patrick Bosteels, Phantom Mobiles are great to discover new stuff. Patrick Bosteels is very keen on finding new mu- sic and demonstrated live the still very new NFC technology to the audience. Going from offline to online has never been so easily seamlessly.”Not f*ucking close. – Patrick Bosteels Hanna Toivonen started col- laborating six month ago and have experienced tremen- dous success since then. Their Kinect-inspired videos gather more than 20.000 YouTube- Likes in less than 24 hours. The Finnish based band “Phantom” brought some SXSW atmosphere into the MLOVE castle. Producer Tommi Koskinen and singer © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 17
  18. 18. Mobile Sylvie Barak”20 years ago NASAcomputers were aspowerful as cellphonesof today. – Sylvie BarakHave you ever thought of com-puter chip production as a piz-za? Well, Sylvie Barak (Editorat EE Times) does and herecomes her recipe: Chips arecrust, add some OS as sauceand top it with apps. The bigquestion is: How thin can thecrust get? Moore’s Law soonmight come to an end due tofinancial and physical limita-tions. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 18
  19. 19. Art, Culture & Photography ProjektilThe swiss art collective proj- neurons. This physical-psy-ect Projektil is well-known at chological extension is ableMLOVE and becomes more to increase interaction, per-and more an artist in resi- ception and action. Projek-dence. Martin Inderbitzin in- til showed for the first time atroduced his brain-controlled interactive art show projectedvideo show, which can detect on the 60m castle walls with athe electrical flow of firing brain controlled interface that could override the projection”Mobile changes the way we inter- on the MLOVE castle.act on an emotional scale, becauseof the technology we have with usall the time - and it opens up a newfield on how we design new experi-ences.”. – Martin Inderbitzin © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 19
  20. 20. Art, Culture & Photography Ivo Wessel, Benjamin Rabe”It’s time for passion formobile art apps! – Ivo Wessel Art can be combined with apps, which are just new material for artists, argues art collector Ivo Wessel. Even before the rise of mobile, art has first become bition within three years. Real portable, then accessable, dis- time collaboration via apps tributale and collectable. But like Sketchshare has really hit before the dream combination the scene. of mobile art apps can kick off, iTunes should introduce an art category. The MLOVE crowd had al- ready admired Benjamin Rabe’s finger printing skills during the visualization of the castle the previous night, and ”Apps enable you to play as an artist. – Benjamin Rabe the next morning the artist de- scribed how his art has turned from zero into a museum exhi- © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 20
  21. 21. Art, Culture & Photography Nicolas Roope, Ramzi Rizk”Do not create aninnovative department! – Nicolas RoopeNicolas Roope, Founder of Baker Tweet do not only showPoke London , looks at tech- when a bread is ready baked tonology with a designer’s per- an adhoc online mobile com-spective. It is his aim to fight munity, but even add enable-the seduction and alienation so ment and play into a formeroften imposed by new technol- mechanical atmosphere.ogy. Automated projects like”Natural filters need to betranslated into mobile. – Ramzi Rizk The days of hashtags are num- bered, if Ramzi Rizk co-found- er of EyeEM could decide. He argues, that the way we use our smartphones isnt’t very smart. The cool new technology has already evolved, but only true elastic networks take advan- tage of mobil technology and enable frictionless sharing. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 21
  22. 22. Transmedia Mara Balestrini Crowd Memo, urges kids to discover memorable places in their neighbourhood and start engaging with other genera- tions in a mobile video project. For Mara, using technology in a meaningful way, matters most.”Co-Creation ismind-blowing – Mara BalestriniMara Balestrini from Argen-tina is the founder of Ideas forChange. She showed the pas-sionate MLOVE crowd justa short glimpse of her busyproject-load. Her newest pet, © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 22
  23. 23. Communication S. Hoffmann, M. Imbert likes, shares and comments we need to readjust our attention. Gabi, won bigtime media at- tention by Mashable and other tech blogs. It is not only a self- learning tool, but gives deeper inside into friend relations.”Gabi is like a social mediahairdresser. – Stefanie HoffmannStefanie Hoffmann and Mar-guerite Imbert premieredtheir brand new Facebookfilter app “Gabi”. Being over-whelmed by the daily influx of © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 23
  24. 24. Communication Jessi Baker”Increased connectivity helps us tomake better choices. – Jessi BakerJessi Baker from TBWA/Be-ing in London advocated foran open Internet of Things.Nobody really knows whathappens when 50 billion de-vices are online in 2020. Butthe tons of choices can help toquantify our decisions muchbetter. Open Data helps toconvey the truth and can asmuch show as a productionchain coming from a develop-ing country into our stores. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 24
  25. 25. Communication Louisa Heinrich ”Learn new skills forNew challenges emerge asinterfaces gradually fadeinto the background. LouisaHeinrich of Fjord would be new problems. – Louisa Heinrichhappy if us humans wouldtake more responsibility forour doings. Our attention spanis not unlimited and we needto work out now how to solvethe problems. Designers couldfacilitate this change. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 25
  26. 26. Communication Ben Jones”The best storytellers adapt theirstories while telling them. – Ben JonesAKQA’s Ben Jones is con-vinced that push-advertisingis forever gone and that thenew utilities prove to be use-ful for the customers. Sadly,smartphones are currentlyjust a piece of glass and notplaying to our full set of sens-es. Liquid screens are about toemerge in five to ten years andmake a online shopping tourtouchable and by that fully bi-directional. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 26
  27. 27. Publishing Jan Sobota, Andrew HydeJan Sobota of Condé NastDigital gave an insight on howtheir over 100 brands world-wide are brought into the digi-tal world. As a large printingcompany, Conde Nast has ahuge heritage, which needsto be transformed into sexy”We try to build a new universefor us. – Jan Sobotaand desirable online content. like WIRED may help to getResponsive smart design or into those designer handbagsenhanced replica magazines again. ”You do have stuff at home that owns you, I don’t. – Andrew Hyde Digital Nomad Andrew Hyde home? Andrew described the challenged the MLOVE audi- learnings he made from self- ence during his presentation publishing an e-book on the with two important questions: travel adventures he’s been ex- What is mobile? What means periencing for two years now. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 27
  28. 28. Africa Monty Monford”Africa isn’t any longer the darkcontinent of live aid. – Monty MonfordToo long Africa has been thedark continent of live aid to usin the west. Monty Munfordshowed the MLOVE audiencethat the things going on in Af-rica might change our lives aswell. More than 735 millionmobile phones are currentlyused between the Sahara andCape Town. Even in remotelandscapes people have accessto finance products via mo-biles and SMS. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 28
  29. 29. Africa Chris Locke, Wolfram PutzGSMA’s Chris Locke gavemore detail on the impact ofmobile in developing coun-tries and emerging markets. Avery basic 3G phone can giveaccess to finance, agriculturalinformation, health advice,learning opportunities and”Access to a phone canchange a live. – Chris Lockeeven enable gender equality. into the country’s larges audioIn Kenya, a BBC platform for blogging service by the users.learning English was turned lar business unit benefits from the sun’s endless flow of energy and provides green power and private communication to re- mote villages. The first round The idea of Solarkiosk was of financing has been success- premiered and a prototype fully completed. Solarkiosk was shown for the first time at has now started in six African ”Over 1,5 billion people have no access to electricity. – Wolfram Putz MLOVE 2011. This year, Wol- countries and helps to develop fram Putz of Graft architects local manufacturers, who then gave insight into the develop- lease the product and repay ments over the last 365 days. the upfront investment within The autonomous solar modu- three to five years. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 29
  30. 30. MLOVE Future Cubes Ideation WorkshopWhat do we need to shape creative ideas on how mobile Using intrinsic motivation thethe future? An old barn popu- technology will influence our groups very much enjoyed thelated with white cubicles, lego thinking about: creation process instead ofbricks, paint and post-its plus performing tasks. Althoughpassionate minds from all over - Africa brainstorming is widely usedthe world that are passionate - Art and Culture in established organizations, itabout mobile and its impact - Music has some shortcomings. Most-on our lives. - Education ly only one person can speak, - Design and UI but the MLOVE Future Cubes - Communication enabled simultaneous work- - Advertising ing and sharing, which are also - eCommerce some important skills for each - Connected Cars attendees personal future.From the outside it mighthave looked surreal, whenabout 200 entrepreneurs, in-vestors, creatives and vision-aries took the challenge andrethought mobile in the year During the idea generation After the presentation in front2020. Thinking about a future process the groups solely fo- of the barn MLOVE kicked intoincluding some high-tech gad- cused on the topic of their another gear. Almost secretlygets in a barn of an old castle cube. Cognitive flexibility was other people had arrived at theseems a rather stark con- sparked by the remoteness of castle, while the others weretrast at first, but soon creates the barn as well as the ability working in the Future Cubes.its own dynamic at the very to freely use space and materi- The newbies were mostly par-unique MLOVE ConFestival. als around you without being ticipants of the Hackcamp, tied to an organizational order. which was about to start theThe MLOVE Future Cubes Cognitive flexibility and moti- next day.inspired the attendes with vation are important resourc-enough room to generate, ex- es in an ideation process and Mixing creative ideas withchange and share brilliant enhance the chance of highly technology surely canideas spanning beyond every- original ideas for newproducts change the world as weone’s personal comfort zone. or new ways of using mobile know it.In different teams the attend- technology in the future.ees worked on solutions and © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 30
  31. 31. MLOVE HackCAMPThe MLOVE Confestival Eu- During the main HackCAMP Todd and Tobias Sasse camerope 2012 invited hackers to event, the developers formed up with a virtual message inparticipate in the unusual ex- five development teams and the bottle. People can dis-perience of inspiration and worked on projects that could cover the world one momentpassionate MLOVE Future change the way we interact at a time and see what othersCubes. For the first time, with each other in a highly thought and even could re-MLOVE introduced the Hack- positive way. sponse on the thoughts andCAMP as an official extension throw it back into the oceanformat of the main MLOVE At the end of the day, we got again.Confestival. 3 winning teams plus a team that was awarded with a spe- Tuna Jua (Special Prize: cial price: Flights to visit Tech Wildcat- ters, Dallas) IntelliTasks (Winner of a Sebastian Stiffel and Tom Founder’s Institute scholarship) Jaster developed a video and Carl Ambroselli and Stephan image portal for emerging Schultz developed an intel- countries wherein people can ligent task management app, ask questions in a visualized that helps to find the right form. That makes it easier forHosted by Thibaut Rouffineau people for the right task to less educated people to un-from WIP connector and Jo- shorten the overall task plan- derstand the question and re-hannes Georg, a passionate ning time and to enhance the spond to it in a proper form tomobile developer, the devel- productivity of a project team educate the questioner. Theopers joined the evening en- or an enterprise. response can also be uploadedtertainment, discussed mo- as video or picture.bile developer related topics, Tansparent (Winners ofheard about the twilio API and NOKIA Lumia Phones) Another team experimentedstarted to realized their ideas Moritz Schröder, Nils Blum- with the API from twilio andaround the HackCAMP topic Öste and Tobias Sturm devel- came up with a new approach‘How will Mobile change the oped a billboard system that of voice guided health checkupworld?’ on Saturday. links to petitions about local or other agents. Their voice in- issues to comment on them or teraction is completely tran-The moment the participants support solving the local issue. scribed and email as follow uparrived at the MLOVE castle Thematic fitting issue partners of the call.was very special – soon they could sponsor these bills.realized that the MLOVE During the closing BBQ, theHackCAMP is a different kind Yonder (Winner of Tickets to HackCAMP participants cameof mobile hackathon. The de- MLOVE ConFestival Japan) up with only positive feedback:velopers stayed at the castle Stephen O’Conner, Travis MLOVE is different and theyover their two days to enhance all like to join another MLOVEtheir MLOVE experience. © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 HackCAMP! 31
  32. 32. MLOVE Teencamp PanelThe MLOVE Teencamp of mobile, the impact of global the teens engaged in a livelybrought impressive insight warming or the upbringing discussion with the MLOVEinto how younger people are of children. During their pre- crowd on how digital our livesthinking of mobile. For three sentation, which reflected the should be. Although kids candays the group has been dis- pros and cons of heavy mo- take a much more active rolecussing topics like the future bile usage in a very young age, now in shaping their future, they urge their fellows to en- joy spending time playing out-”We are judging with our values, side. Ironically, mobile apps could very much help to inter- est kids in topics like nature ornot with those of past or a healthier diet.future generations. – Toni Neidhardt © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 32
  33. 33. PartnersSponsors & Partners© MLOVE ConFestival 2012 33
  34. 34. SpeakersMLOVE ConFestival 2012Alexander Nolte Ben JonesInnovation Designer, Co-Founder Head of Technology, EuropePCH Innovations AKQAAndrew Hyde Björn WoltermannAuthor & Digital Nomad VP Emerging Technologies, Deutsche TelekomAndrew J ScottCo-Founder, Bobby GardinerTaploid Co-Curator, MLOVE TeenCampAntonia NeidhardtCo-Curator, Chester SantosMLOVE TeenCamp US Memory ChampionBenjamin Rabe Chris LockeMedia Artist Managing Director, GSMA Development Fund© MLOVE ConFestival 2012 34
  35. 35. Speakers MLOVE ConFestival 2012Conrad Fritzsch Patrick BosteelsCEO CEO & Co-Founder, TCS Digital WorldEva Peter BorchersSinger / Songwriter Head of hub:raum,Supported by Fontaine Burnett Deutsche TelekomFelix Petersen Ralf-Dieter WagnerCEO & Co-Founder, Partner, AccentureAmen Maks Giordano Ramzi RizkGabriella Draney Managing Partner, Founder & CTO,Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Nunatak EyeEMTech Wildcatters Mara Balestrini Stefanie HoffmannHanna Toivonen University Pompeu, Barcelona Co-Founder,CEO, Mukava Music Ideas for Change GABI / Loui AppsPerforming Artist, Phantom Marguerite Imbert Stefan LiskeHarald Neidhardt Editor in Chief, Innovation Designer, Co-FounderFounder MLOVE, Venture Village PCH InnovationsCurator, MLOVE ConFestival Martin Inderbitzin Sylvie BarakIvo Wessel Lead R&D Department, EditorApp Developer & Projektil EE Life / EE TimesArt Collector Maximillian Scherer Tobias SturmJan Sobota Developer / Co-Founder, Developer / Co-Founder,Director Business Development Team Echo, K.I.T. Team Lauffeuer, K.I.T.Digital,Condé Nast (Germany) Michael Breidenbrücker Tommi Koskinen Co-Founder & CEO, CEO, AudiodraftJessi Baker RJDJ, Reality Jockey Performing Artist, PhantomDesignerTBWA / Being Monty Munford Willi Daubner Editor & Founder DJ, nudiscoJonathan MacDonald Mob 76Co-Founder Wolfram Putzthis fluid world Nicolas Roope Founder, Creative at Poke & Hulgar, GRAFT ArchitectsKorbinian Molitorisz Chairman Lovie AwardsMentor & PhD Candidate, K.I.T. Yuri van Geest Dutch Ambassador,Louisa Heinrich Singularity UniversityGroup Director, StrategyFjord © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 35
  36. 36. User Experience ”Great people, great atmosphere, great ideas. Thank you for this amazing experience. – Mikela Eskenazi, Galixo”MLOVE brought us three memorable daysmeeting innovators and entrepreneurs frommultiple disciplines, visionaries, artists, pioneers,and artists. – Charlotte Bilzer, Berlin Startup Academy”I had very interestingexperiences from morning tomidnite. I loved the MLOVEatmosphere. – Noriko Osumi , Dentsu”A little Mobile Zen for our Soul: MLOVEdemonstrated the progression of technology inits most human and altruistic form – to make theworld better, a point often forgotten as we useour social networks to spread gossip or devourthe hottest new game. – Lindsay C. Holmes, Techcocktail © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 36
  37. 37. User Experience ”Loved everything and everyone! See you soon @ Tokyo! – Haruko Minagawa, Hakuhodo ”Great event, inspiring people, beautiful location, amazing experience! – Arash Houshmand, 10stamps ”You rock, MLOVE! Just loved it! See you in Tokyo! – Raphael Heiner, PricewaterhouseCoopers”An amazing place. Amazing people. Amazing insight.Definitely the TED for Mobile. – Ben Jones, AKQA ”Namaste. What an amazing experience for all of us! – Lindsey C. Holmes, Tech Cocktail © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 37
  38. 38. MLOVE ConFestival 2012 ImprintThis report and the MLOVE ConFestival 2012 areproductions of MLOVE ConFestival UG, Hamburg© copyright 2012, All Rights | info@mlove.comHarald Neidhardt, Curator & Founder MLOVEEwa Opolski, Event ProducerSebastian Weiss, Creative Director, Online & MobileGianfranco Chicco, Stage Producer & Speaker CoordinatorPhilipp von Roeder, Media DirectorKateryna Redka, Project CoordinatorFelix Wieduwilt, SponsoringChris Weidenbaum, On-Site OrganizationAdvisory Board MLOVE Report MLOVE has established itself an in-Stefanie Hoffmann Henning Neidhardt, CI & Art Director spiring new platform to collaborateJonathan MacDonald Dr. Jan Rode, Editor and ideate about the Future of Mo-René Bellack Gregor Peetz, Photos bile and beyond. We are full of grati-Andrew J. Scott tude for the amazing speakers, aMarc O. Schmöger Graphic Recording fantastic audience and hardworking Holger Nils Pohl team that was supported by greatFuture Cubes sponsors and partners – as well asJonathan MacDonald, this fluid world Projektil, Visual Art Show many volunteers; all of which madeJulia Leihener, Telekom Creation Center Roman Beranek it possible to establish the MLOVEYasmina Haryono, Fjord Martin Inderbitzin ConFestival.Sasha Wolff, Dark Horse MLOVE HackCAMP We invite you to share this report,Teen Camp Curators Johannes Georg send us your feedback and becomeToni Neidhardt Thibaut Rouffineau, WIP part of MLOVE – as a participant atBobby Gardiner our events, as a volunteer or part- MLOVE Volunteers ner and online in our community atOpen Space Daniel Doherty MacDonald Johannes GeorgStefanie Hoffmann Stefan Hanke Namaste! Gloria GraciaMLOVE TV Julia KernMichelle Uhlig, Editor Martyna KreftRalph Hector, Producer Philipp DeprezClaudia Klenke Darja GutnickMark Hurt Sonja SchönburgThomas Degel Aydan MehmedSook-Ja Rebecchi Tomasz Trela © MLOVE ConFestival 2012 38
  39. 39. ConFestival 2012Feedback, ideas and contact:feedback@mlove.comRegister Now:MLOVE Japan 2012Kamakura / Tokyo, November 14-16, Mobile x MusicHamburg, September 20, The Date:MLOVE ConFestival EuropeJune 2013MLOVE ConFestival USAApril 2013For sponsorships and inquires about custom, corporate workshopsplease send an email to sponsor@mlove.comHow will mobile change your future?The MLOVE ConFestival has been named a ‘TED for Mobile’, ‘The Best Eventin Mobile’ and a meet-up of the ‘IT avantgarde’. MLOVE creates an engag-ing and inspiring format in the setting of a 19th century castle in the formerEastern Germany, a beach-side Resort in Monterey, CA or in Kamakura, theformer capital of Japan. The MLOVE ConFestival is focussing on innovativemobile opportunities for brands, entertainment and advertising and the im-pact of mobile as a social catalyst for positive change.The MLOVE ConFestival brings together CEOs, innovators and entrepre-neurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinateideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders. The eventexposes the mobile industry to the best minds outside of mobile to maximizethe opportunity of creating life-changing services and applications that canimpact us all for the better.The MLOVE tribe started grass roots by an international group of “mobilepassionistas” in 2008. Through MLOVE “camps” in Andorra, Barcelona, SanFrancisco, Munich, London, New York and Singapore the agenda for MLOVEevolved into more than mobile: the goal is to stimulate new ideas and think-ing which you can apply to your life, your business and to inspire others.For more information please visit: | 39