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Insightful | 360: research, tech, stats, and analysis


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Insightful | 360: research, tech, stats, and analysis

  1. 1. 4/2/14 11:55 PMInsightful | 360: Research, Tech, Stats, and Analysis Page 1 of 5 Sunday, Mar. 30, 2014 Next update in 3 days Archives  Subscribe to updates Subscribe michael louca Market Research Design, Statistics and Data Analysis, Project Management, Customer Experience, Consulting Editor's note Articles on market research, customer experience research, data/statistical insights, technology, internet, and parenting. I am now completely automated. Insightful | 360: Research, Tech, Stats, and Analysis market research and customer experience research snippets HEADLINES BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION ALL ARTICLES  - Science creates knowledge via controlled experiments, so a data query isn’t an experiment. An experiment suggests controlled conditions; data scientists stare at data that someone else collected, w... Data Science Is Dead Shared by michael louca - In 2009, David Recent Big-Data Struggles Are ‘Birthing Pains,’ Researchers Say - Research - The Chronicle of Higher Education Shared by michael louca - Over the past year or two, there’s been no shortage of chatter about Big Data. In a sign of the times, Big Data has its own write up on Wikipedia, and McKinsey continues to extol the benefits of in... Big data? Big deal. Shared by michael louca - In Customer Experience in Asia Pacific: More Advanced Than You Might Suspect - Think customers: The 1to1 Blog Shared by michael louca enter your email address     Edit 
  2. 2. 4/2/14 11:55 PMInsightful | 360: Research, Tech, Stats, and Analysis Page 2 of 5 - In 2009, David Lazer sounded the call for a fresh approach to social science. By analyzing large-scale data about human behavior—from social- network profiles to transit-card swipes—researchers coul... - We could say that an infographic tells the stories that its designer wants to explain, but a data visualization lets people build their own insights based on the evidence provided. When you act as ... The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization: Infographics to explain, data visualizations to explore Shared by Sylvain Letellier - The graph represents a network of 1,582 Twitter users whose tweets in the requested date range contained "#mrx", or who were replied to or mentioned in those tweets. The network was obtained from t... NodeXL Graph Gallery: Graph Details Shared by RayPoynter - Editor’s Note: Edward Appleton is doing a series of posts focused on the client-side view of mobile research, with an emphasis on use cases and best practices learned so far. This is the fourth po... How TNS Is Validating Mobile Globally Shared by michael louca - In contrast to Sydney and Singapore, I hadn't been to either Beijing or Shanghai before. I was blown away by how vibrant those cities are and how much prosperity is on display: If the Chinese econo... The Internet is killing off marketing surveys -- & it's for the best | VentureBeat | Big Data Shared by michael louca Big Data vs. Small Data - Is there a Difference? - insideBIGDATA Shared by michael louca
  3. 3. 4/2/14 11:55 PMInsightful | 360: Research, Tech, Stats, and Analysis Page 3 of 5 Discussion corner BUSINESS  TECHNOLOGY  Facebook social plugin Also post on Facebook Posting as Michael Louca (Not you?) Comment Add a comment... All Business → - Short- seller Carson Block declined to comment on today's buyout offer for Olam (OLAM) International Ltd., the Singapore-based commodities trader whose stock he has said since 2012 is worthless. Ola... Short-Seller Carson Block Declines to Comment on Offer for Olam - Yahoo Finance Shared by michael louca - We believe that at the heart of every strong customer relationship lies a unique code. It identifies and matches up what customers expect from you with what delivers truly profitable growth for you... Decoding customer relationships Shared by TNS Australia Ipsos Global @dvisory: The Economic Pulse of the World (March 2014) Shared by John Wright 32auctions — MRBA 2014 Charity Auction Shared by patmolloy Ipsos MORI | Publication | Public Perceptions of the NHS and Social Care Survey Shared by Simon Atkinson Corporate Strategy in Consumer Finance - Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International Shared by Ligia Maura Costa - In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store Social media case studies Shared by MRS The All-Seeing Oculus Rift Shared by Betty Adamou Vacancies | Research Through Gaming Shared by Gavin Phillips
  4. 4. 4/2/14 11:55 PMInsightful | 360: Research, Tech, Stats, and Analysis Page 4 of 5 EDUCATION  About Jobs Community Blog Help Stop mentions Terms Privacy     All Technology → information about how you use it. This is done using simple text files called cookies which sit... - Discuss.IO announces the release of Interceptor, a browser-based scheduling tool designed for qualitative market research. Interceptor allows researchers to recruit live webcam respondents from sur... Discuss.IO Releases Interceptor to Enable Hybrid Quant/Qual Market Research Shared by Sara Correia Researchbods » Monday 24th March 2014 – Mobile surveys. How to do them properly Shared by Decipher MediaPost Publications Disconnect Allows Consumers To Search Google, Bing, Yahoo In Private 03/25/2014 Shared by OdinText All Education → - With more than 30 infographics in today’s This is Visual Journalism, it’s no wonder that we have a bit of pretty much every relevant topic that made the news this week, from the astonishing breakth... This is Visual Journalism [57] Shared by michael louca - The editors of Seeking Alpha have much to be proud of. They also need to take action to address some serious shortcomings. Created in 2004 by David Jackson, an ex-Morgan Stanley technology analyst,... Seeking Alpha Needs to Take Stock of its Policies - Shared by michael louca How Silicon Valley discriminates against older its own peril Shared by michael louca Consumer Collaboration around the World: Europe Shared by InSites Consulting Lecture Series – April 2014 - NewMR Shared by RayPoynter Live stream - ESOMAR Shared by Research & Twitts
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