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Camp Blog


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Our day of tasks at Summer Technology Camp

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Camp Blog

  1. 1.<br />Task 1<br />Connecting <br />Projector<br />DVD<br />VCR <br />Speakers<br />Document Camera: can turn on, but that’s as far as it goes. Can’t adjust image size, only focus<br />Task 2<br />Promethean Planet - find a flip chart to use in your classroom... easier said than done for some. Lots of irrelevant charts and difficult to search for specific content.<br />Task 3<br />Discovery Streaming - find 2 videos that can be used in your classroom. Download or save them in “My Content”. This was one of the easier tasks. Everyone seemed to find something meaningful to use.<br />--- LUNCH ---<br />Task 4<br />School Wires - add 2 new pages to teacher websites (moved to Mrs. Ware’s room because not everyone has laptops.) We also worked on “old” pages.<br />Lost Sam... he must have borrowed Reno’s compass.<br />Task 5<br />Forms - on faculty share, save on your computer, and email to _______ (Karen) ... duh<br />Task 6<br />Websites - find 10 NEW resources (short on time so we are only doing 5)<br />