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Online Assessment Model


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Material provided by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Useful for teachers new to planning online assessment.

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Online Assessment Model

  1. 1. Assessing onlinea guide for VET professionals<br />Actionplan<br />Design brief<br />Review<br />Summary<br />Report<br />Stages and tasks in online assessment<br />A Plan<br />D Develop<br />EDeliver<br />B Analyse<br />FEvaluate<br />CDesign<br />A1<br />D1<br />E1<br />B1<br />C1<br />F1<br />Describe requirements<br />Prepare resources<br />Inform learners of criteria<br />Describelearners<br />Select approach<br />Validate tasks and processes<br />A2<br />D2<br />E2<br />B2<br />C2<br />F2<br />Plan online support<br />Prepare assessor resources<br />Conduct assessment<br />Describe context<br />Select strategies<br />Evaluate process<br />A3<br />D3<br />E3<br />B3<br />C3<br />F3<br />Ensure staff skills<br />Trial resources<br />Manage the process<br />Review current practice<br />Draft resources<br />Evaluate tools (software etc)<br />C4<br />A4<br />D4<br />B4<br />Design learner support materials<br />Plan testing schedule<br />Provide PD for teachers<br />E4<br />Identify existing resources<br />F4<br />Ensure authenticity<br />Modify processes<br />C5<br />A5<br />D5<br />Identify RPL options <br />Allocate resources<br />Revise or modify resources<br />Design<br />