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Smart phones and its effects on productivity,


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how smart phones influence society.

Published in: Education
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Smart phones and its effects on productivity,

  1. 1. Arguments for smart phones Smart phone is a device that allows people to make phone calls, but also adds features that we might find on a computer. I do agree that smart phones are affecting productivity, communication in the workplace, social engagement and education in a way that: It has easy access to the internet( can be used to browse your favorite web sites);In terms of software, it allows you to create and edit Microsoft office documents or manage your finances; Moreover, all cell phones can be used to send and receive text messages. However, what makes the difference about smart phones is its ability of sending and receiving e-mails. Some can support multiple e-mail accounts, others include access to the popular instant messaging services like yahoo and messenger.
  2. 2. Different types of smart phones
  3. 3. Statistical informationNowadays, we find people using smart phones allover the world. The most used ones are Blackberry,Nokia and its different series, HTC, iPhone, Samsungand Sony Eriksson.A recent research by World Wide Work, revealedthat three quarters of South African companies havedeployed smart phones within their organization.Gartner revealed in May that, Blackberry is theworld’s fourth-largest handset maker, it currently has19.4% of global market share in the smart phonearena. The iPhone in comparison, has 15.4% marketworldwide.In South Africa, Blackberry is showing particularlystrong growth. According to Vodacom, they have sold100,000 iPhones to date in comparison to 350,000Blackberries. So, Blackberry has the highest potentialpercentage growth.
  4. 4. Information about research done on smart phones  This research on smart phones gives the opportunity to people to learn more about a devices that is used for most of the South African and the World population in general.
  5. 5. Research findings With this research I could find out that, using smart phones is very advantageous because it enables you to do many different things in a small device that fits perfectly in anyone’s hand. Smart phones may carry out a lot of disadvantages due to many people start writing messages in short forms, which leads to spelling errors and they also get distracted with instant messages and all the rest that smart phones have to offer, instead of studying or working.
  6. 6.  ConclusionOverall, smart phones are of a crucialimportance to human’s life nowadays,because they are included in most of theactivities that people do during theirdaily routine. Such as, making phonecalls, receive and send e-mails andmessages, take pictures, record videosand it also enables us to access websitesand do as many things as we do in acomputer.
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  8. 8. Smart phones Maura Oliveira Student number: 23550007