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Christian busquieal and javier alvarez modern presentation


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Christian busquieal and javier alvarez modern presentation

  1. 1. By Javier Álvarez & Christian Busquiel
  2. 2. The Modern Format ● Constructed format ● Includes sets from 8th Edition (modern frame) ● Very popular GP Prague 1,396 players GP Richmond 4,300 players GP Minneapolis 1,600 players GP Boston-Worcester 2,394 players GP Kobe 2,270 players GP Madrid ?
  3. 3. Jeskai Combo (1/3) ● Combo deck based on Jeskai Ascendacy ● Mana creatures ● Cheap cantrip spells ● It kills with Giant Birds!
  4. 4. Jeskai Combo (2/3) Potential Problems ● A lot of card drawing ● Many invisible effects (color changing, P/T bonuses) ● Multiple triggers at the same time ● Tracking of mana in pool
  5. 5. Jeskai Combo (3/3) Split cards with monocolored sides are considered multicolor cards and can be fetched with Glittering Wish Both abilities trigger at the same Time, and can be placed on any order on the stack Active Player must point out the order Copying a spell does not trigger the Ascendancy
  6. 6. Affinity / Robots (1/5) ● Artifact based aggro deck ● Cheap creatures with high sinergy ● A lot of acceleration ● Manlands ● Fast!
  7. 7. Affinity / Robots (2/5) Potential Problems ● Sometimes it’s difficult to calculate the total combat damage
  8. 8. Affinity / Robots (3/5)
  9. 9. Affinity / Robots (4/5) Metalcraft Checked on resolution ! Layers 1.- P/T Defining 2.- Setting P/T 3.- +X/+X or -X/-X 4.- Counters 5.- Switch P/T
  10. 10. Affinity / Robots (5/5) Dodges Summoning Sickness ! If Sacrificed for itself, Modular does not put an additional +1/+1 counter due to the ability !
  11. 11. Twin Exarch (1/4) ● Usually presented as UR Tempo Deck, but there are other flavors (Tarmo-twin, Temur-twin, etc.) ● Burn spells, cheap counters and cantrips ● Infinite tokens combo
  12. 12. Twin Exarch (2/4) = “ ”
  13. 13. Twin Exarch (3/4) Potential Problems ● Infinite Loops ● Priority Tricks (Vendilion Clique, combo in response)
  14. 14. Twin Exarch (4/4) Targets must be legal on resolution to draw the card! Tokens put into Battlefield at end of turn, stay until the Beginning of End Step of next turn !
  15. 15. Scapeshift (1/4) ● UG Ramp control/combo deck ● Kills by resolving Scapeshift and searching for Valakut and many Mountains.
  16. 16. Scapeshift (2/4) Potential Problems ● Many players do not know how Valakut works ● Suspend spells (Search for Tomorrow)
  17. 17. Scapeshift (3/4) Destroying Valakut in response to the trigger does not counter the trigger Intervening IF: Trigger is checked both in triggering and in resolution.
  18. 18. Scapeshift (4/4) Player casts Scapeshift Sacrificing 7 Lands. How many triggers when Scapeshift Resolves? 6 How many if 1 Mountain is destroyed with triggers on stack ? 1
  19. 19. Melira Pod (1/4) ● Green based midrange deck ● Utility creatures with ETB abilities ● Birthing Pod engine ● Combo with Melira and creatures with Persist
  20. 20. Melira Pod (2/4) + = Life “ ” Damage
  21. 21. Melira Pod (3/4) + = “ ” Life
  22. 22. Melira Pod (4/4) Potential Problems ● Infinite Combos ● Many triggers ● Persist and graveyard interaction
  23. 23. Burn (1/3) ● Classic mono-red aggro deck ● Straight plan: dealing maximum damage to opponent ● Direct damage spells and creatures with Haste
  24. 24. Burn (2/3) Potential Problems ● Each life point matters. Life discrepancy between players can be dramatic and lead to uncomfortable situations.
  25. 25. Burn (3/3) Needs 2 Targets: Creature & Player Cannot target a player with no creatures. Removing targeted creature does not counter this spell Active Player is responsible for trigger. This may incur in several Warnings and maybe a Game Loss Unearth is an activated ability Cannot be countered by normal spells If the creature would leave the Battlefield, it is exiled instead
  26. 26. UWr Control (1/2) ● The Modern Control Deck ● Fast responses to early threats (Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt, Mana Leak...) ● Card advantage spells in late game (Supreme Verdict, Snapcaster Mage, Sphinx’s Revelation…)
  27. 27. UWr Control (2/2) 1.- If all targets are not legal when the spell resolves, it does nothing. (Counter target Spell + Draw, Bounce + Draw, Tap + Draw) 2.- AP: Attack NAP: I Tap your creatures & Draw AP: Activate Man Land and I attack 3.- AP: Attack NAP: OK AP: Then, I activate Man Land and I attack
  28. 28. Zoo (1/2) ● Creature based Naya aggro deck ● Perfect mana curve
  29. 29. Zoo (2/2) Battlefield The Classic AP’s Graveyard 2/3 3 NAP’s Graveyard 3/4
  30. 30. Infect (1/2) ● Infect creatures + pump spells ● Can kill in one strike or slowly adding poison counters
  31. 31. Infect (2/2) It’s not Hexproof ! It works in a different way on creatures of opponent Only on creatures that are actually 1/1 If the creature is not a 1/1 on resolution, ability will be countered
  32. 32. Tron / Eldrazi Green (1/4) ● Urza’s Lands to produce big amounts of mana ● Big colorless spells ● Green version for acceleration ● U/W version for artifact tutors and counterspells
  33. 33. Tron / Eldrazi Green (2/4) Land - Urza’s Mine Land - Urza’s Tower Land - Urza’s Power Plant ORACLE RULES !!!
  34. 34. Tron / Eldrazi Green (3/4) Stops Urzatron ! Changes Subtype from Urza’s X to Island How to restart the Game ? Creatures do not have Summoning Sickness ! Gaining Life is part of the ability, not a triggered ability
  35. 35. Tron / Eldrazi Green (4/4) Chromatic Sphere lets you draw when you activate the ability Chromatic Star lets you draw even if it is destroyed, but if there is a Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void, you will not draw Which lands can I choose? Exactly one of each basic type Dual lands can be chosen twice
  36. 36. Cards of Conflict (1/6) 1.- Lands that enter the Battlefield tapped still enter the Battlefield tapped (Replacement effect) 2.- Does not remove Super Types (Artifact, Legendary, Snow) 3.- Latest Timestamp has priority with Spreading Seas 4.- Urborg loses its effect because it becomes a Mountain 5.- Manlands / Mutavault: Activating the land in response to a Blood Moon being cast, makes the land become a Creature with no abilities that it is still a land
  37. 37. Cards of Conflict (2/6) 1.- Any spell or ability can be targeted, even if it has no targets 2.- Only changes the target if Spellskite is a legal target 3.- If a spell has several targets, it only changes one of them 4.- If a spell with “two or more targets” targets Spellskite with one of those “targets”, no other “target” can be redirected to Spellskite
  38. 38. Cards of Conflict (3/6) 1.- If it targets a spell that cannot be countered, you still get to draw a card 2.- If it counters a spell with Flashback, that spell is exiled, it is not put in owner’s hand.
  39. 39. Cards of Conflict (4/6) Affects also activated abilities in Hand and in Graveyard (Cycling, Unearth, but not Flashback) Trigger must be responded to before looking the top card. After revealing, the creature transforms (Complete ability) Another Tectonic Edge can be activated in response to the first to destroy two lands It only checks during activation Ability cannot be responded to exiling a card that is going to be exiled to counter the ability
  40. 40. Cards of Conflict (5/6) Destroy/Exile/Bouncer effects VS Damage and -X/-X effects Both situations may incur in a double Game Play Error - Game Rule Violation !
  41. 41. Cards of Conflict (6/6) It is not an alternative cost, it is a way to pay the cost Delve can be used to pay alternative costs such as Flashback Delve can be used also to pay additional costs
  42. 42. Thank you for your attention ! Any questions and further information may be asked… During the Informal Judge Dinner ! Enjoy Madrid !