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Banners broker-v2.9


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Banners broker-v2.9

  1. 1. Version 2.9New features presentation
  2. 2. Why is Banners Broker implementingVersion 2.9? • To alleviate confusion • To implement fairness in accordance with our business model
  3. 3. Version 2.9New Executive Subscription
  4. 4. Support Line Comparison Regular Support Line VIP Support LineStandard $7 per question Not Available 1 Free Question/WeekPremium Not Available ($5/question after)Executive $25 per Question Dedicated Support
  5. 5. Version 2.9New Package and Panel
  6. 6. New Prestige Package Will Include:Package • First month’s subscription Fee ($100 or $500Details depending on subscription) • 1 Yellow panel ($10)Banners Broker is proud toannounce a new Package • 1 Purple Panel ($30)and Panel in 2013. • 1 Blue Panel ($90) • 1 Green Panel ($270) • 1 Red Panel ($810) • 1 Black Panel ($2,430) • 1 Prestige ($7,290) • 1,457,000 Impressions Membership Premium Executive Cost $11,030 $11,430
  7. 7. New Panel Details TRAFFICPANEL COLOR PRICE IMPRESSIONS REVENUE CAP REQUIRED Prestige $7,290 1,093,000 3,645,000 Hits $14,580 * Please note that Black now has the traffic limit of 6,075,000 which is the equivalent of 5 black panels. There is no traffic limit for Prestige.
  8. 8. Version 2.9New types of Traffic Hits
  9. 9. Sales Credit Traffic• Traffic that is awarded to the affiliate when they refer people to the Banners Broker Affiliate Program. When an affiliate refers two people they receive enough traffic to qualify one panel.
  10. 10. Traffic Pack Traffic• Traffic can be purchased from Banners Broker through a Traffic Pack Subscription. Each subscription is $50, which gives you 100,000 traffic hits (50,000 of these traffic hits are awarded as a bonus).• Traffic Packs are a monthly obligation and the funds to cover the cost are taken from your ewallet each month. Please be aware of the terms and conditions explained on the website before purchasing this subscription.
  11. 11. Activation:New Traffic Pack Features:Purchase – Activate - Allocate Allocation:• Each month you must activate your Traffic Pack Subscription(s) and decide what color panels to allocate the traffic to. You must allocate all purchased traffic at the time of activation. This purchased traffic cannot be used until activation and allocation have taken place.
  12. 12. Organic Traffic• Organic Traffic is awarded when an affiliate promotes a website from the Choice Network. When the website link is promoted via social media the affiliate is given 5 traffic hits per click. This traffic can then be used by the affiliate to qualify panels. = 5 traffic hits
  13. 13. Incentive TrafficBanners Broker will award affiliateswith Incentive Traffic when theyfulfill tasks:• eg: blogs, video testimonials, surveys• Amount of incentive traffic varies depending on each task and criteria developed by Banners Broker.• Content Management Console will manage your blog and video submission.• Please note roll up credits will now be included in this traffic bank.
  14. 14. Organic/Incentive Traffic Usage: • Before using the received organic / incentive traffic you must allocate all traffic in those banks at once. You cannot use this traffic until the allocation has taken place.
  15. 15. Version 2.9Traffic Bank
  16. 16. New Traffic Bank Categories The Traffic Bank will now be separated into 4 categories: • Sales Credit Bank • Traffic Pack Bank • Organic Traffic Bank • Incentive Traffic Bank (will include roll-up traffic)
  17. 17. Version 2.9Qualification
  18. 18. New Panel Qualification Process Traffic Pack Traffic Pack Traffic Limit Traffic Limit Bank to Inviter Bank (Green) (Green) (Blue) (Green) Traffic Hits 135,000 135,000 90,000 67,500
  19. 19. New Panel Qualification Process Sales Credit Traffic PackSales Credit Traffic Pack Traffic Limit Traffic Limit Bank to Bank to InviterBank (Green) Bank (Green) (Green) (Blue) Inviter (Green) (Green) 67,500 67,500 67,500 45,000 33,750 33,750
  20. 20. New Panel Qualification Process Sales Credit Sales Credit Traffic Limit Traffic Limit Bank (Green) (Green) (Blue) Bank to Inviter (Green) Sales Credit 135,000 N/A N/A 67,500
  21. 21. New Panel Qualification Process Incentive Incentive Traffic Limit Traffic Limit Traffic Bank to Traffic Bank (Green) (Blue) (Green) Inviter (Green) Traffic Hits 135,000 N/A N/A 67,500
  22. 22. Version 2.9 CreditsExplained
  23. 23. New Credit Types Panel qualification Credit type given to method the inviter• Each Panel will issue the referrer half the amount of traffic needed to qualify a Full Sales Credit Sales Credit Bank Panel of the same color. Full Traffic Pack Traffic Pack Bank Full Organic Traffic Organic Bank Full Incentive Traffic Incentive Bank Half Sales Credit Half Sales / Half Bank/ Half Traffic Traffic Pack Pack Bank
  24. 24. Version 2.9My BB Profile