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September 2011 Calendar


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September 2011 Calendar

  1. 1. Monday - 5th OUT OF SCHOOLLabor DayTuesday - 6th Egypt: The Gift of the NileWednesday – 7th Pyramids of EgyptThursday – 1st Intro to Ancient Egypt______________Thursday – 8th Religion and MummificationFriday – 2nd Hieroglyphics_______________Friday – 9th MummificationMonday – 12th Pharaohs of EgyptTuesday – 13th Decline of Ancient EgyptWednesday – 14th Ancient KushThursday – 15th Chapter 2 TestDUE – Chapter 2 Terms, Questions, and Egypt MapFriday – 16th Constitution DayDUE – Egypt ProjectsPresent Egypt ProjectsMonday – 19th The First Israelites and the Kingdom of IsraelTuesday – 20th The Kingdom of Israel and The Growth of JudaismWednesday – 21st Traditions of JudaismThursday – 22nd The Growth of Judaism and Review for the Chapter 3 TestFriday – 23rd Chapter 3 Test DUE – Chapter 3 Terms and QuestionsMonday – 26th The First AmericansTuesday – 27th The Mayans Wednesday – 28th The AztecsThursday – 29th The IncasFriday – 30th The Native Americans of North America**** Please Note That Topics Can Change **** Please Review the DUE dates in BOLD on the CalendarCheck out the Social Studies Website for Up-to-Date Information<br /> Where are these places located?<br />