Sales Management: How You Manage Your Sales Action Team


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Sales Management: How You Manage Your Sales Action Team

  1. 1. You may not be managing your sales team right now but you should still know the basics of sales management at the least. Your sales force is what brings profit into thecompany, so its important that you keep an eye on it even if you hire sales managers to call the shots.
  2. 2. Sales management is what makes or breaks your business. Your sales staff depends on management support so theycan be productive. This calls for an organized, creative and attentive management team to define the proper direction of the sales team. They both work as one, and there is no other way around it.
  3. 3. There are several effective techniques in managing ahighly successful sales team; but it would be best to get a good hold of the basics first, then things will then flow smoothly from there. Everything starts with the salesobjectives, which includes what you want to accomplish with your sales projections. Your business sales projections and objectives allow the sales team tomeasure up their performance with the given resources.
  4. 4. You must be crystal clear with your sales objectives,including the parameters and time frame. This will provide the foundation of a good sales plan. Any problem that might present itself along the way must be dealt with efficiently. I am referring to problems such as concerns regarding the product or services about to be rolled outfrom production; and administrative issues that affects the sales plan. These problems must be handled accordinglybefore launching full sales campaigns. Remember that the way you handle such concerns will certainly impact the productivity and efficiency of your sales team.
  5. 5. As a side note, I want you to know that professionalism is key. Your top management must know how to handle itself well. Your front liners must be given due respect, otherwise this will surely affect their sales performances.Remember that your sales team brings the sales in so that your company can generate profit. Sales managers these days still have a lot to learn; despite the fact that they have mastered the art of closing sales and effectiveorganization of workloads to separate sales units, they still have a lot to learn about managing people. It would be safe to say that being overbearing on absolutely anything is the best idea they can come up with to improve overall productivity.
  6. 6. This may not be healthy for your business at all. What really works in this case is to give your front liners achance to contribute their inputs during the sales planning since they are the ones that do the actual selling. This means they also have a good idea on how the selling is done, and that is reflective on every effective sales plan. Sales Accountability must also be a part of your sales management and planning. This will keep the balance considering the fact that the sales performance of your sales action team helps to counter the opportunity you gave them in influencing the companys sales plan.
  7. 7. You must see to it that you give support to your sales team. Helping and motivating them will build a strong relationship that should pave the way for effective sales performances. This is what forms a strong businessfoundation. How you approach sales management is what makes or breaks your business.
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