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Calgary Pellett’s News 2009

Levi’s Spotlight                  technology at our school and I created a blog this year
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Calgary Pelletts News


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Family news and reviews for 2009.

Published in: Education
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Calgary Pelletts News

  1. 1. Calgary Pellett’s News 2009 December 20, 2009 It Has Been a Great Year! Hello Everyone...Another year is almost over, and we have been so blessed. Some milestones have been reached and several new adventures have begun this past year. A brief snapshot of some highlights are provided below. Happy New Year! Scott’s News Mary-Ann’s Scoop Hello and Happy It’s been an exciting year for sure! I wrapped up a New Year to all our great couple years at Belfast Elementary as Assistant family and friends. Principal. In another AP role, I helped open a new 2009 has been busy. middle school - Samuel W. Shaw - an exemplary The Masterpiece pilot school within the Calgary Board of Education Inglewood Seniors in 21st Century Learning Residence in Red b695/ . This past summer, I attended a 6-day institute Deer was completed at Harvard Graduate School of Education in in August, and was considered a building success. Universal Design for Learning, and have since been I’ve been fortunate to stay on with a couple of the very busy providing owners (who have now launched a new company) professional and we began the building management of a new development project - the Calgary London Towers - a large presentations to residential and retail neighborhood http:// educators within the this fall. I expect to be on this CBE. This project until at least spring 2010. Check out my September, I’ve website: started the first year Welcome.html of my Ph.D. program at the University of Calgary. I completed two courses, and look forward to another two in the New Year, which includes assisting in a course entitled, “The Spirituality of Teaching Excellence” with my advisor, Dr. Jones. Visit my blog at: 1
  2. 2. Levi’s Spotlight technology at our school and I created a blog this year Happy New Year to help with my assignments: http:// everyone! I’ve had a good I went to a couple hockey year in 2009. My dog camps this summer and I play the Center position Oscar got better (he had a with the Mcknight Mustangs. I also have been taking bad back last year) and guitar lessons this fall, and have been learning the now we play like we used song “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria. to. I started a new school - Samuel W. Shaw - where my mom works. I am in Grade 5 and have the best teacher in the world - Mr. Smith. We use a lot of Brin’s Graduated! Family Near & Far... Memory of Baba Juba To help us celebrate Brin’s This past July, our Baba Juba graduation, we had the passed away at the age of 107 opportunity to visit with some of years - a couple months shy of her Hello Everyone! Well, I’ve finally our precious family members. 108th birthday. Baba came over to graduated. YeeHaw!!! Grade 12 is Mom and Dad Pellett flew in from Canada from the Ukraine when now just a memory. I decided to Cincinnati, Ohio to spend a couple she was 4-years old. She used to take a year off after graduation to weeks. Marion (Mary-Ann’s tell us the story of the boat ride work and give me some time to Mom) flew in from Manitoba. It across the Atlantic. She settled in figure out what I might like to do was the first time Scott’s parents Angusville, Manitoba where she with the rest of my life. Presently I and Mary-Ann’s mom had met! married (Mike Juba) and had 11 work at the airport at Finally after 12 years! Also children. Baba loved gardening “Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut.” attending Brin’s graduation was and tended her own garden up In the New Year, I plan to attend her cousin, Shane Fehr (Mary- until she moved into a nursing the open studies program at Mount Ann’s nephew), Jason (Mary- home at age 100 years. A favorite Royal University in Calgary and Ann’s brother who lives in memory was visiting Baba Juba at take a variety of courses to see Calgary); and David (Mary-Ann’s her home and being served treats. what program tickles my fancy. I brother), wife Sherry, and A digital story in tribute to Baba am considering the possibility of daughters Renee, Shelby, and can be found on the Digital nursing but we’ll have to wait and Emma, who reside in Edson, Storytelling Page at: http:// see. No problem, I’ll figure it out. Alberta. 2