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Propaganda techniques


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Propaganda techniques

  2. 2. RepetitionMcDonald’s “Fishy, Fishy Commercial”• Targeted Audience: anybody• Is an example of repetition propaganda because it keepson repeating the words “fishy fishy” which makes the songstick in your head and think of McDonald’s McFish Bites.
  3. 3. Appeals to Fear & AuthorityGatorade Commercial• Targeted Audience: Men and women who areinterested in sports or competing• Is an example of Appeals to Fear propagandabecause it’s practically saying if u don’t drink Gatoradeu wont play well
  4. 4. Slogan• Target Audience: Anyone that likes chicken/non-vegetarians• Is an example of Slogan propaganda because it hascatchy words and they’re easy to remember.
  5. 5. Powerful Images• Target Audience: People that smoke near a baby• Is an example ofPowerful Imagespropaganda becauseit uses a baby toshow the truth abouthow second handsmoke may affects ababy.
  6. 6. Bandwagon• Target Audience: Men• Is an example of Appeals tobandwagon because it’s sayingthat all real men use Macs as anew computer and if you don’tuse a Mac, you aren’t a realman.
  7. 7. Appeals to Authority
  8. 8. Michael Jordan Ad• Target Audience: men/teen boys/anyone that knows whoMichael Jordan is• This is an example of Appeals to Authority because it isusing Michael Jordan (a popular athlete) to persuadepeople to buy this product
  9. 9. Appeals to Basic Desires & Needs• Target Audience: peoplewho ride motorcycles• Is an example of Appeals toBasic Desire and Needspropaganda becausepeople need protection toride motorcycles.
  10. 10. Appeals to Basic Desires & Needs• Target Audience:Parents that have ababy or children• Is an example ofAppeals to BasicDesires & Needspropaganda becauseit fulfills the desire forparents to take care oftheir babies.