10 Great Reasons to Choose Sage Peachtree Quantum


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Sage Peachtree Quantum is the ultimate, high-performance accounting solution for small businesses that are pushing the limits of their current accounting solution, but are not yet ready to move to a mid-market solution. Or they may be overwhelmed by their existing mid-market solution and need to move downstream but certainly don’t want to sacrifice speed, capacity or performance.

If you’re faced with the need for a more robust solution, job management, inventory management, or more customized reporting then Sage Peachtree Quantum is the smart choice for your business.

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  • Our Top 10 Reasons to Choose Sage Peachtree Quantum. Many of these features are competitive advantages in the small business arena; and some of them even compete with mid-market products in features and functionality.
  • One of the main reasons Sage Peachtree Quantum was built, was so that companies needing a larger database could to meet their business needs from within the Sage Peachtree line. Our Sage Peachtree Quantum database has no hard limit and can effectively handle large amounts of information because of it’s design. So our first great reason for choosing Sage Peachtree Quantum is it’s increased database capacity. To many customers, there is a critical need to run more effectively. Time efficiency is cost efficiency!
  • Here is an example of the superiorsystem and its efficiencies. This chart reflects the results of a performance test we conductedcomparing Sage Peachtree Quantum to QuickBooks Enterprise. In this head-to-head comparison, you’ll see that Sage Peachtree Quantum outperformed QuickBooks Enterprise in all areas of frequently used tasks! And this test was done averaging a workload of 30-users. (The shorter bar is better in this case.)All multi-user environments experienced improvement, but the highest number of users (between 30 and 40) will see the greatest difference. Sage Peachtree Quantum is 58% faster than QuickBooks Enterprise. That’s huge…
  • If a company has a lot of users, they will definitely have a need for #3… our easy multi-user management feature. Role-based security features help manage all your users easily. We’ve even provided templates to help get up and running quickly. You can customize security settings by employee or by their role. In most cases, the security continues all the way down to screen level. For instance, you may want an accounting or HR clerk to see time sheets, but you wouldn’t necessarily want them to have full visibility into your employee payroll screens. You can also edit these templates to customize them to your business. Of course you still have the ability to assign custom security levels to each individual, but the role-based security feature is a great tool to have if you have a lot of employees, if you’re in a high-turnover industry, or if you just want these things handled for you.
  • When you have a growing employee base, you want as many efficiencies as you can get. Our 4th great reason is our Automated Workflow feature. Let’s say to ship an order, you currently have to print the sales order, sometimes handwriting specific instructions, and then physically run it down to the warehouse. Think of how much time that takes and then multiply that by 20 orders each day. That’s how much time can be saved by having those orders simply appear automatically in a warehouse employee’s inbox. Looking at the screen on this slide, a customer contacts the billing department because they received the wrong item. The accounting clerk can’t necessarily fix the problem, so adds a note and adjusts the status. You’ll see it will then be sent to the salesperson because that’s the way this company set up this system. This will now just be sent automatically to the appropriate employee’s inbox. Our automated workflow system keeps everyone informed of all the details in your sales and purchase processes in real time, so that anyone with approved access can instantly know where an order is, when it’s due, who’s handling it or even alert them if there’s a problem. Triggers can be customized specific to the company. The status can be changed in multiple places like before we were in the sales order,<click> but you can see here we can also change it right here from our inbox. This feature can improve daily efficiency of the business by keeping track of all the moving parts of the order process so nothing gets missed and everything moves along as planned. This system can even automatically send notifications to designated employees, customers, and even vendors once a task is completed.
  • We keep referencing the “inbox.” This is just one of the great features of #5, our Customizable Dashboard. When a user logs into Sage Peachtree Quantum, their first view of the system when they login could be this dashboard customized to suit their needs – a quick view of everything that is relevant to them… including their inbox. Everyone is unique with their role and how they use Sage Peachtree Quantum. Every user can create their own personalized dashboard to help them clean up the clutter and only focus on what they need to – showing things they do on a regular basis like: managing Aged Receivables, or Aged Payables, or Payroll. There are actually 46 modules to choose from and it’s even printable! Modules can be moved around on the screen as well to accommodate the user’s preferences. Quickly see who your most profitable customers are, what bills need to be paid, and what is owed to them. Make more effective decisions from one convenient location in the software.
  • You can customize even further for those tasks you only need periodically. Say you’re the jack of all trades and run accounting and payroll, you want to see receivables every day. Set up a tab for that detail. But you also want to see payroll once a week… just create another tab! No sense wading through all 46 modules either unless you feel like it … we’ve set up suggested modules based on function. Here you simply selecting payroll from the dropdown options. Then select all and have a quick-reference payroll tab.By creating specific tabs based on user needs, you no longer have to wade through screens and menus you don’t use. And because of our multi-user management we referenced earlier, the user can customize the screens available only their security level.
  • Reporting capabilities is our reason # 8. The key for businesses today and in the future is to become proficient in collecting, managing, and analyzing all of its data – using that information to create competitive advantages such as creating new products or services, or optimizing pricing.Sage Peachtree Quantum provides a multitude of ways for businesses to collect, manage and analyze data.For example, Sage Peachtree Quantum comes with more than 140 standard reports that help businesses recognize opportunities, steer their businesses and increase profits. These reports include everything from vendor insurance report to items sold to a particular customer to an audit trail report.
  • For more advanced reporting options and capabilities, Sage Peachtree Quantum includes Crystal Reports and Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence.Crystal Reports has been included with Sage Peachtree products for many years. Beginning with our Sage Peachtree Quantum 2012, we’re introducing Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence. Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence allows you to easily create customized reports by integrating your data with reports in the familiar interface of Excel. Here we see the different report templates available.
  • Here is an example of a Sales Analysis report.With Business Intelligence, you can customize the formatting - removing unwanted columns, adjusting the heading, etc. You also can collapse or expand detail as you see fit.Once a user has a report exactly how they want it, they simply save it, and the report is readily available with real-time data any time they want it. There is no need to recreate this report on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. No need to export to Excel and manipulate the data time and again.
  • Lets take a look at the Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence dashboard. View critical company information depicted in charts and graphs quickly to check the pulse of the business. Imagine how much data would need to be exported to Excel and how many individual reports your customers would have to run to determine the Top 5 Customers or Sales YTD for the Top 5 items. Access this information at a glance with Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence, rather than spending hours running reports or worse, guessing about this type of information.Using Business Intelligence, you not only save time, you have your questions answered faster – a very useful feature, critical in this economy.For your businesses to remain competitive, use Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence which gives you the ability to collect, manage and analyze your data.
  • Another great advantage of Sage Peachtree Quantum is its Industry-Specialized Features.You may be familiar with the industry specific flavors of the Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting line. Sage Peachtree Quantum includes all of these specialized features for each vertical including construction, distribution, manufacturing, nonprofits and accounting.There are many businesses that cross-over industries and need the specialized features of more than one. For instance, a local Habitat for Humanity chapter is both a nonprofit and in the construction business. They need to be able to create construction-specific reports as well as track donation receipts, etc. Sage Peachtree Quantum gives them all of these tools and more.Another example is the manufacturer that does its own distribution to dealers or retailers. From a manufacturing side, they might need to stay on top of their assembly process with Bill of Materials management, sub assemblies, and work tickets that track the assembly processes. On the distribution side, they need fulfillment tools that let them offer quantity price breaks to customers or sell inventory based on different units such as the pallet, the case or the piece. Sage Peachtree Quantum combines the specialized features of manufacturing and distribution, so customers can optimize their businesses and be more profitable.
  • And number 10… Sage Business Care!One of the primary benefits of Sage Business Care is a dedicated support manager who will get to know your business and help maximize the value of Sage Peachtree Quantum. Business Care includes a Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence license, so you can instantly take advantage of the benefits mentioned earlier.Sage Business Care also includes unlimited access to our U.S. based technical support, comprehensive training opportunities, and automatic updates and upgrades for both payroll tax and Sage Peachtree Quantum, so your software will not become out-of-date or obsolete. Businesses that need a solution like Sage Peachtree Quantum also need a higher level of support to help them make the transition to more complex business processes as they grow. To ensure continuous service, the Sage Business Care plan is an automatically renewing plan and subsequent years will be automatically billed to the same credit card each year on the anniversary date of your purchase at the then current rate after notifying you 30 days in advance of your anniversary date. Renewal is not required for continuous access to product updates for supported versions. You may terminate the plan with at least seven calendar days notice prior to your renewal date and not be charged for the renewal. Upon initial enrollment, first-time Sage Peachtree customers may cancel their Sage Business Care plan within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price, less any rebates received. Any shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
  • The value is clear. There is a lower total cost of ownership, and if you’re already using a product in the Sage Peachtree line, this is a very easy transition. It’s an upgrade so your data is safe and ready to use.Sage Peachtree Quantum is the ultimate, high-performance accounting solution for small businesses that are pushing the limits of their current accounting solution, but are not yet ready to move to a mid-market solution. Or they may be overwhelmed by their existing mid-market solution and need to move downstream but certainly don’t want to sacrifice speed, capacity or performance. If you’re faced with the need for a more robust solution, job management,inventory management, or more customized reporting then Sage Peachtree Quantum is the smart choice for your business.
  • 10 Great Reasons to Choose Sage Peachtree Quantum

    1. 1. 10 Great Reasons toChoose Sage PeachtreeQuantum 2012
    2. 2. 10 Reasons1. Database Capacity & Performance2. Scalable from 5-40 Users3. Multi-user Management4. Automated Workflow5. Customizable Dashboards6. Job & Project Management7. Change Order Processing8. Reporting9. Industry-specialized Features10. Sage Business Care 2
    3. 3. Increased Database Capacity #1• No hard limit imposed on the database size• Designed to more effectively manage information allowing for increased database capacity• Database caching allows for optimized reporting performance Could be critical to your customer’s business Sage Peachtree does not impose a hard limit on database capacity, however, individual performance will vary depending on actual number of transactions, database size, and number of concurrent users. Data management efficiencies are also realized in the Sage Peachtree 2012 products. 3
    4. 4. Superior PerformanceDetails on the testing environment can be found here: http://www.peachtree.com/lp/quantum/qbetest11/%20 4
    5. 5. #2Scalable to support growth 1 Supports 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 licensed named users 5
    6. 6. Easy Multi-User Management #3 6
    7. 7. Automated Workflow #4 – Assign transactions to the next person in the process – Easily communicate transaction status – Make notes, easily copy, and email status notes My Inbox shows each user their workflow assignments for efficient daily work management. 7
    8. 8. Customizable Dashboards #5 • Create customizable, user- based dashboard views. • Choose only the information you need to see for your job function. • Charts present at-a-glance view of information and allow for drill- down to the details. 8
    9. 9. Personalized Navigation 9
    10. 10. Job & Project Management #6• Front page access to job and project information• Easily track jobs by phase and cost code• Track change orders and approvals• View or sort by job status 10
    11. 11. Job & Project Management Center• A convenient, centralized view into all information about a single job or project• Customizable by user• Provides real-time, at-a-glance reporting• Print, or send to email, PDF or Excel 11
    12. 12. Change Order Processing #7• One place to manage all change order information• Track approvals and attach documentation• Understand financial impact, bill for all work 12
    13. 13. Reporting #8• 140+ standard reports• Interactive job reporting• Crystal Reports®• Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence 13
    14. 14. Interactive Job Reporting• Simply and easily make custom job reports directly from the dashboard information• Create on-the-fly reports and output to Excel, email, or PDF• Real-time info to reduce potential cost overruns• Job Profitability module tracks project costs and revenues 14
    15. 15. Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence • Included at no additional cost with Sage Peachtree Quantum • Use built-in templates to quickly get started • Easily create custom reports formatted in the tool you already use – Microsoft® Excel® • Work more efficiently because reports are always up-to-date with the latest data* Additional fees are required for this feature. 15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. Industry-Specialized Features #9Sage Peachtree Quantum offers features for companies in industries such as:Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Nonprofit and Accounting. These industry-specific features are designedto help specialized companies better manage operations by handling their specific functionality and reporting needswithout sacrificing the strength and flexibility of a robust accounting solution. Construction: Manufacturing: • Construction Specific Operational Reports • Enhanced Assembly Capabilities • Labor Burden Assessment • Creation and Tracking of Work Tickets • Progress Billing • Enhanced BOM Management • Retainage Management for Companies Using • Buy/Sell in Different Units Accrual Based Accounting • Manufacturing Specific Operational Reports • Subcontractor Insurance Tracking • Integration with MISys SBM solution Distribution: Nonprofits: • Buy/Sell in Different Units • Donation Receipts • Enhanced Kitting and Assembly Capabilities • Fundraising Letter Template • Inventory Trend Analysis • Member and Pledges Fees Outstanding • Order/Sell Using Vendor Part Numbers • New customer/Donor Welcome Letter Template • Quantity Price Breaks • Unified Chart of Accounts • Distribution Specific Operational Reports • United Way based Chart of Accounts Accountants: • Access Client Data from any Sage Peachtree 2012 product • Set-up, Open and Edit • Restore Client Backups 18
    19. 19. Sage Business Care # 10 Sage Peachtree Quantum comes with automatically- delivered upgrades, support, and training with our Sage Business Care plan - an annual, auto-renewing subscription service to give you exactly what you need for peace-of-mind. 19
    20. 20. Value• Lower total cost of ownership• Sage Peachtree customers have easy transition• For businesses pushing limits of current solution• For businesses not yet ready for a mid-market solution• Or currently using mid-market solution, but want to move downstream and not sacrifice speed, capacity, or performance 20