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Warm up


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This is my work of PE to explain the warm up.

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Warm up

  1. 1. The warm up
  2. 2. Why do you do the warm up• To avoid injuries• For get beter results in an execise
  3. 3. Parts of the warm upJoin movility:In this part of the warm up you movesome of your joinsActivation :In this part of the warm up you heatyour muscles run or jumping
  4. 4. Order in the warm up• In the warm up you should follow an order• Normaly this order is from top to bottom
  5. 5. Activation• In the activation part you have move differents parts of your body• You can do differnt games like gavilan,basket frisby or the string game
  6. 6. Games• Gavilan A person that stay in the middle of the court need catch other person.When the person of the middle catch other the catch person need put in the middle and cath other. When all the people are catch the game finish• Pacman A person need cath other person. This pesons only can move into the lines.When the pacman cath a person these personturn off into a pacman