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Slidedeck from my presentation at the Barcelona Affiliate Conference 2013.

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Yandex SEO Presentation

  1. 1. Mike Litson Yandex SEO Email: Skype: m.litson
  2. 2. Russian Market Webmoney and Yandex Money have always been dominant in terms of payment processing. Although since Paypal’s introduction of roubles last month it could see growth. Russian punters are less willing to part with their card details so conversions benefit from trusted brands. Land gambling is essentially non existent in any legal form, these laws came into effect in 2009. Making online gambling the only option to a lot of future customers. Due to the vast distance between the “gaming zones”.
  3. 3. Russian Market
  4. 4. Market Share April 2011 Feb 2012 The Chrome Browser was largely responsible for the dip in market share shown here. However it should be noted that Yandex appears to have recovered to approximately 65% of the market share according to recent figures, this is likely due to the popularity of Yandex’s own browser.
  5. 5. Browsers Yandex Browser has only 5% share but is still growing. Opera is still a major desktop browser too.
  6. 6. Yandex History • AGS 17 and AGS 30 Update (filter against sites made for selling links and other spam sites) • Series of minor updates I. II. III. IV. Brand Favouritism Yandex and Ad heavy pages Social integration and “people search” Social and “fresh information” • Yandex had regionalised search (Venice) in 2009. Not overly important to gambling affiliates. • Personalised Results Update in December (OVERKILL) 80% of results were effected and opt in compulsory. 1st place now gets 37% higher CTR!
  7. 7. Other Noteable Updates Reykjavik 2011 – This algorithm learned to identify language preferences of a user, and depending on that, display more or fewer search results in English. Keep this in mind when checking rankings etc. Obninsk 2010 – This devalued “paid links” it didn’t cause huge volumes of penalties just removed a lot of value.
  8. 8. Yandex Social In 2012 Segalovich (one of the Yandex founders) confirmed the search engine would be looking at social shares and more than half of search results will be in some way effected by social signals. • Yandex has had a long standing data agreement with twitter and twitter is Growing • Facebook is shrinking • VK is Growing • Odnoklassniki is shrinking Looking at this data it should give you some idea of where weight will be given.
  9. 9. Yandex Copy Protection • TIC 10+ • >2000 characters • <32000 characters • The content is not indexed elsewhere • NOT A GUARANTEE
  10. 10. Links - TIC “Our Thematic Citation Index (TIC) determines the «credibility» of internet resources based on a qualitative assessment of links to other sites. The greater the quality the more «weight» the link is said to have. This indicator is calculated by a specially developed algorithm. The similarity in content between the source and the site to which it links, plays an important part in this equation. The number of links to a specific site also influences the TIC value, but the TIC is not ultimately defined by the quantity of links, but the total of their weights.”
  11. 11. Links “Link purchasing would not lead to the purchasing site's rank being increased” - Yandex • On Theme More Important • High Level Directories –, Yandex Directory, Dmoz • Press Releases (surprisingly effective) • But it’s not about SPAM!!!!!! • Yandex IS aware of places like SAPE and you shouldn’t buy from there!
  12. 12. On Site
  13. 13. On Site The no index tag is awesome, but really not all that useful. The interactive snippets are brilliant, but rarely seen. Potentially very powerful. These can be edited on site or in YWMT. Other than that and that Yandex likes internal linking from within content more Google best practices apply.
  14. 14. Snippets • How Yandex Treats Snippets and the value of CTR I. Can take snippets from Content II. Dmoz III. Yandex Directory IV. Or your Meta V. Special snippets (75 unique for businesses) • Favicons – Practically essential • Links to social profiles • Contact info – sub by Yandex webmaster
  15. 15. Quick Case Solely from optimising snippets, social and cleaning up a mess of mixed English and Russian content sections. No increase in link building!
  16. 16. Dramatized Natural Link Velocities These graphs are exaggerated visualisations of data gathered from several monitoring tools. They related solely to consumer products and are from a limited data set including solely large brands. These were selected for their natural profiles. As this is what we need to replicate.
  17. 17. Yandex Future • More social integration • More focus on user behaviour and the Yandex Browser and OS • Yandex and Google often mimic each other • Yandex still is NOT penalty happy and it’s unlikely it will be. • More personalisation!!!! User metrics being pushed more and more. • Atom is the next new technology. It will probably have limited impact on gambling for the moment.
  18. 18. Questions?