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Hipaa basics


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Hipaa basics

  1. 1. HIPAA BASICS A crash course for CCFI employees and volunteers Information by Rachelle Cook Designed by Michelle Hughes
  2. 2. CCFI Privacy Officer
  3. 3. HIPAA … What is it?
  4. 4. • Health Information Portability & Accountability Act of 1996:
  5. 5. The Privacy Rule • Privacy refers to the protection of an individual’s health care data
  6. 6. Privacy Regulations: • DEFINE • GIVE • OUTLINE
  7. 7. The Security Rule • Security means controlling: •Confidentiality • Storage • Access
  8. 8. Electronic Data Exchange • This defines the way we can electronically transfer information
  9. 9. Why should we care about all of this stuff? It’s wh a ourse t we would lves want s ral mo RE P UT AT IO id N The la w Build trus t wit w ica cy ed en lM ag federa f ur t o ding o tec ithhol To pr otect ourse lves o do h clients right thing t SAFETY Ser ve o ur cl ients b etter ro p tial To oten id p avo To ds. fun It’s th e
  10. 10. We protect PHI in all media created, stored, or transmitted Software Verbal Written Hardware
  11. 11. We should treat personal electronic data with the same care and respect as weapons-grade plutonium. It is dangerous, long-lasting and once it has leaked, there's no getting it back. - Corey Doctorow
  12. 12. Protected Health Information (PHI) This includes information about: o Health/condition of an individual o Payment for health care of an individual
  13. 13. Examples of PHI nt f o Enrollme rms Invoices Appointment cards
  14. 14. PHI includes client identifiers … The captain of this ship is my client. He is a mess … Captain Picard???
  15. 15. HIPAA Lingo • Use • Disclose
  16. 16. What does releasing the “minimum necessary” PHI mean? I on ly a add sked res for s … her Id idn oth er ’t nee stu ff— d tha yik t es!
  17. 17. What is TPO? We only want to use and/or Disclose PHI for the purpose of Treatment, Payment, and Operations.
  18. 18. Who Protects HIPAA?
  19. 19. Privacy Complaints Remember who our privacy officer is? Totes. Report complaints to her.
  20. 20. Common violations
  21. 21. Accessing More Than the Minimum Necessary Hey girl, I found the record, and went ahead and read the other records too — they were so interesting.
  22. 22. Technology Problems
  23. 23. Misuse of PHI It sucks when you use my PHI without authorization …
  24. 24. How do these mistakes happen?
  25. 25. Human Error
  26. 26. Wrong Records Released You gave my insurance co. too much info!
  27. 27. Wrong Address You ordered a cat, right? No … Oh, sorry. Wrong address
  28. 28. Leaving Messages
  29. 29. What you can do to protect information
  30. 30. When you see someone you know … This is awkward …
  31. 31. Delivering and Transporting PHI
  32. 32. Keeping Paper Safe
  33. 33. Types of Violations Incidental Intentional Accidental
  34. 34. Report violations … because you should You know you are supposed to report that to our privacy officer, right?
  35. 35. Disposal of PHI
  36. 36. It’s your job!