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MeL Infotrac 2010


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A student presentation on how to use Infotrac databases from Michigan eLibrary.

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MeL Infotrac 2010

  1. 1. General Reference Center Gold
  2. 2. What is Mel?  Mel is your Michigan Library online!  This process works with all school libraries and libraries in Michigan all working together to put there books and other information all up on a borrowing system which we share in the state of Michigan.  This is a good way for schools and other libraries to save money by using this process.
  3. 3. Continued….  This helps because if one school doesn’t have a certain book a student wants, they can then look online to see if any one else has and request it and check it out for x amount of time. And it makes it easier for school to not buy the same books and to be able to get different ones.
  4. 4. What is General Reference Center Gold?  InfoTrac is a widely used full text database produced by Gale, a part of Cengage Learning.  With this program you can get a wide variety of contents from general magazines to academic journals.
  5. 5. Some facts !  There’s more than 25 years of information available for me and you to use.  5,100 titles  More than 3,800 are available in full text  Audio content can be downloaded or articles can be read to you!  There’s technology to support a diverse range of languages and on-demand translation of documents.
  6. 6. What General Reference Center Gold going to do for me?  Has full text and image resources for students and researchers.  Available 24 hours.  Easily available to access.  Quickly gives you answers to a wide range of reference questions.  Gives you information from libraries to remote sites.
  7. 7. What it features?  Gives you a point and click navigation to related topics you’re searching for.  Can take you to other related subjects that are common to what you’re searching for.  Gives you up to date information.
  8. 8. How to use General Reference Center Gold  First go to the to begin your quest.  Second scroll down till you find General Reference Center Gold and Click !  Once you’ve clicked and are opened to the home page you can then begin your search.
  9. 9. First Step!
  10. 10. First Step Side Note  Once you’re on the home page for Mel, you notice there are all kinds of databases that can be used for your research or what ever it maybe.
  11. 11. Second Step!
  12. 12. Second Step Side Note  Once you are in the home page for Mel, starting alphabetically the databases are listed. So looking for “G” you'll have to scroll down for a second.  Then Click and you'll open up to the General Reference Center Home page for research.
  13. 13. Home Page
  14. 14. Now what?  Once you’re on, the rest is self explanatory.  Type in what you want to search and it shall find!  But before you search, there are three types of information you can get.
  15. 15. Information you can be provided with  You can be provided with full text documents.  Peer reviewed publications  Documents with Images
  16. 16. Conclusion  Remember to use General Reference Center Gold and the other Infotrac databases.  This great information resource is available to everyone in our state of Michigan!