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Overview of GaleCengage databases availabl

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Gale cengage

  1. 1. Infotrac Margaret Lincoln Lakeview High School03/18/12
  2. 2. Infotrac Overview• Infotrac databases, including General Reference Center Gold from GaleCengage, are provided by the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) to residents in our state.• Use this general interest database to find information on business, industry, current events, the arts, science, entertainment, etc. from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and reference books.• More than 70 million articles are now available through General Reference Center Gold.
  3. 3. General Reference Center Gold• Upon connecting to Gale Infotrac, select General Reference Center Gold.• Four search options are available: 1. Basic Keyword 2. Subject Guide 3. Publication 4. Advanced• Popular searches and trending topics are shown.• The Search Assist feature recognizes your term as you type.
  4. 4. Basic Keyword Search• The Basic Search offers a straightforward way to search featuring a single search box,• There are options for limiting your search to find documents with full text or with images. You also can specify peer-reviewed journals.
  5. 5. Search ResultsA search on global warming gives results in date order withcontent types (Magazines, Academic Journals, Books,News, Images, Video, Audio) listed on left sidebar.
  6. 6. Subject Guide Search• The Subject Guide Search option locates a search term, suggests subdivisions or related terms.• Mobile Devices subdivisions Educational Aspects 15 (article count) Forecasts and trends 79 User Statistics 40• Mobile Devices related terms eBook Reader 3442 Handheld Computers 2862 Personal Media Players 404 Wireless Telephones 30755
  7. 7. Publication Search• The Publication option lets you search for magazines, journals, newspapers, reference works, and other source materials by title.• The screen with publication information lets you set up an RSS alert or link to a specific issue.
  8. 8. Advanced Search• An advanced search lets you create tightly focused searches using Boolean operators• You can specify search terms such as keyword, author, title, publication, word count, date, etc.• Search for information about Internet security and schools published over the past five years.
  9. 9. Document Results• You may display full text of an article on screen or use tools to print, email, download, cite or translate article.• New features let you playback an audio version or share article via a social networking site like Facebook.
  10. 10. Conclusion• GaleCengage allows the user to access a wealth of textual and multimedia material.• It is also possible to perform a Power Search across a number of GaleCengage databases at once including the Health Reference Center Academic, General Business File, Academic One File, General OneFile, LegalTrac, New York Times, Computer Database, Student Edition and Gale Virtual Reference Library.• GaleCenage is a valuable resource for Michigan libraries.