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Uc irvine webinar wrap up


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Summary of webinar given by Warren Wiechmann, MD MBA Faculty Director, Instructional Technologies, University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine
Feb. 2011 for NSU-HPD iPad Initiative Group

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Uc irvine webinar wrap up

  1. 1. UC Irvine webinar wrap-up Courtney Mlinar HPD Library Feb. 2011
  2. 2. UC Irvine Med School iPad Initiative Webinar: Feb. 23, 2011Warren Wiechmann, MD MBA Faculty Director, Instructional Technologies, University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine
  3. 3. iMedEd Initiative• Class of 2014• Presented with iPad• White coat ceremony• August 2010
  4. 4. Rebooting Med School Curriculum• Small groups vs. traditional lectures• Interactive vs. didactic learning• Concepts vs. Chapter by Chapter units• Clinical transitions to more technology (EMRs)
  5. 5. UC Irvine students received:• 104 iPads with cases for class of 2014• 13 digital textbooks• 16 GB• 3G (students had to activate/fund data plan)• Wireless• 6 productivity apps• 8 reference apps• 6 small group collaboration apps
  6. 6. 3G vs. Wireless• Wireless may not be available at clinics, hospitals• Most first year students used wireless access• 3G could be activated later by student as needed
  7. 7. Digital textbooks problem• Not enough time to find eBooks available thru library• Tried to get publishers of textbooks to provide digital version• Students were dissatisfied with result
  8. 8. Vendor of textbooks:• Vital source• Course Smart• Inkling• Lippincott• iModality
  9. 9. Textbooks included:• Lippincott Biochemistry• Haines Neuroanatomy• Bates Guide to Physical Examination• Grants Dissector• Grants Atlas• Netters Atlas• Gartner Histology
  10. 10. Productivity Apps:• Dropbox• iAnnotate• Noterize• Keynote• Pages• Numbers
  11. 11. Annotation Apps:Students split 50/50 preference for:• iAnnotate• Noterize
  12. 12. Dissatisfaction with Textbooks:• Technology is behind• Could not easily annotate• 3-6 step process• Similar process to cropping a picture
  13. 13. Reference Apps:• Epocrates• Skyscape• Pocket Body and Anatomy• Visual Dx• MedCalc• EyeChart• SonoAccess
  14. 14. Favorites of faculty:• Pocket Anatomy: 3D layers• Visual Dx• SonoAccess
  15. 15. Small Group Apps:• Mindnode• Adobe Ideas• Popplet• Response• iResponse• Groupboard
  16. 16. Funding for initiative:• Donations• Scholarship money
  17. 17. Student and faculty innovators:• Digital Cadaver Lab- homegrown app• Reviewed and recommended apps• Blog• Used iPads in ZipLock bags in labs
  18. 18. Clinical Faculty• Replaced lectures with 30 min. podcasts• Students came to hospital or clinic• Rounds and special cases• Students loved this change
  19. 19. Faculty• Engage early• Find the value-add-ons (why use iPad?)• Change in pedagogy from lecture to small group collaborations• Change from textbook chapter-based learning to concept case-based learning
  20. 20. Hardware• Pool resources• Apple stores provide training and help• Know the limits of your iPad• Avoid work-arounds• UC Irvine: no major hardware issues
  21. 21. Cost savings:• Students print less- access handouts and articles on iPad and annotate• May have students required to purchase in the future• Many of the 2nd and 3rd year students purchased iPads on their own after observing 1st years use iPads
  22. 22. Ripple Effect• Little changes can have rippling effects…