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Library Juice Embedded Librarianship Week 1


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blended to embedded librarianship

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Library Juice Embedded Librarianship Week 1

  1. 1. Courtney Mlinar May 2016
  2. 2. Bell, Steven J., & Shank, John. (2004). The blended librarian: A blueprint for redefining the teaching and learning role of academic librarians. College & Research Libraries News, 65(7), 372-375.
  3. 3. Reference or Academic Librarian Information Technologist Educational Technologist Informationist Who are we?
  4. 4. Questions: Should librarians be embedded in courses? Should embedded librarians be called informationists?
  5. 5.  Leadership in organizational innovations  Change agents  Information (literacy) initiatives  Instructional design  Partnerships with IT/Faculty/Community leaders  Transforming roles and relationships  Adapting library resources and access to meet needs
  6. 6. Have you had an impact on your library users? Have you influenced other librarians? Have you created new resources or used new technologies to facilitate learning or finding information?
  7. 7. Dewey, Barbara I. (2004). The Embedded Librarian: Strategic Campus Collaborations. Resource Sharing & Information Networks, 17(1/2), 5-17. doi: 10.1300/J121v17n01̱02
  8. 8.  Journalists in Iraq war comparison  Direct interaction within partnerships  Librarian observes, shares experiences with external group  Comprehensive collaboration
  9. 9.  Share a vision of success with the group you want to embed  Learn what they are trying to accomplish  Create ways the library resources can help them reach their goals  Think outside the box
  10. 10.  Librarian as key to success  Fruitful partnerships built on understanding of needs  Library as new Salon
  11. 11.  Center of influence  Mixing the disciplines  Bringing people together for synergy  Becoming the Source
  12. 12.  Librarians appointed to key committees  Access to programming and planning meetings outside the library  Library integrated into all components of an organization  Librarians must be leaders AND  Bring people together
  13. 13.  Partners with administrators  Subject specialists or liaisons  Research support  Grant or fundraising expertise  Technology support  Involved with content in curriculum  Homework help
  14. 14. Bowler, Meagan, & Street, Kori. (2008). Investigating the efficacy of embedment: experiments in information literacy integration. Reference Services Review 36, 438-449.
  15. 15.  Bridging the gap between different groups  Overcoming internal confidence problems  Learning that you can make a difference  Becoming familiar with the culture outside the library  Feeling you don’t know how to help them
  16. 16.  Have you ever helped a group outside the library in a group setting with your library skills?  What are your strengths?  What are you afraid of?
  17. 17. Faculty resistance?  Trust  Confidence Key: if they feel they can learn something new from you every time they interact with you.
  18. 18. Write a brief summary of what you learned in the articles and share your concerns and ideas about assuming the embedded librarian role. Please include any observations you have - positive and negative- about embedded librarianship.
  19. 19. Let’s personalize this discussion board: Please include your strengths and skills which you feel will be most useful in becoming an embedded librarian. Please include any stories about becoming embedded or ideas about how you would like to become an embedded librarian.