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Impact factor


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Impact factor

  1. 1. Impact Factor for Journals Courtney Mlinar Spring 2010
  2. 2. Definition of Impact Factor: • average number of times articles from the journal published in the past two years have been cited in the Journal Citations Report year.
  3. 3. A Journal with great Impact… …is cited frequently in the References and citations in other journal articles
  4. 4. Find out if the journal you are using is impacting other research…
  5. 5. HPD Library Choose Quick Links > Alphabetical
  6. 6. Choose ISI Web of Knowledge Database: Additional Resources
  7. 7. Journal Citation Reports:
  8. 8. 2008 Report is most current View by subject, specific journal
  9. 9. Select one or more categories:
  10. 10. May sort by impact factor, etc…
  11. 11. If you sort Pharm titles by Impact Factor…
  12. 12. Definitions: • Rank- by sort option (Impact Factor) • ISSN- journal identification number • Total cites- how often this journal is cited • Immediacy index- how quickly articles in a journal are cited
  13. 13. #1 Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
  14. 14. Follow link to Ulrich’s Periodical Directory
  15. 15. Ulrich’s link describes content
  16. 16. Select Impact Factor link:
  17. 17. Explains how Impact Factor was derived