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Creating Conference Proposals


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Creating Conference Proposals

  1. 1. Creating Conference Workshop Proposals andPresentationsCourtney Mlinar, HPD Library
  2. 2. Call for Presenters0 Theme0 Impact0 Influencing Change0 Deadline0 Criteria
  3. 3. Reviewers0 3-5 person panel0 Members of Section or Association0 May use blind, peer-review process0 Matching criteria0 Popular topics0 Collaboration opportunities
  4. 4. Types of Presentations:0 Contributed Papers0 Lightning Rod presentations0 Panel Sessions0 Pre-conference Sessions0 Roundtables0 Virtual Conference Webcasts0 Workshops
  5. 5. Contributed Papers:0 ~2,500 word paper due before conference0 Structured Abstract0 Presentation ~20 minutes to argue paper
  6. 6. Lightning Rod Presentations0 ~15 minutes0 Abstract0 Usually Technology-oriented
  7. 7. Brick and ClickLightning Rod Sessions
  8. 8. Technology Petting ZoosFlorida Library Association:
  9. 9. Panel Sessions0 ~3 member panels0 Usually multi-disciplinary or multi-library0 Changes that make an impact
  10. 10. Pre-Conference Sessions0 Extra $$$0 Experienced Speaker or Training CV0 Half or Full Day Sessions0 Theme tie-in
  11. 11. Workshops0 ~ 3 hours0 Hands-on0 Activities0 Interaction0 Outcomes
  12. 12. Example:LITA pre-conference sessions pre-conference sessions
  13. 13. Roundtables0 Informal group discussions0 Experienced facilitators0 Association officers0 Theme / Topic
  14. 14. Virtual Conference Webcasts0 ~45 minutes0 Organization provides training on software0 Popular topics0 ALA ignite Handheld Librarian
  15. 15. Example: Call for ParticipationACRL 2013 for Controlled Vocabulary…
  16. 16. Interactivity Tools0 Twitter: create a hashtag #TEDMEDhttp://www.twitter.com0 Poll Everywhere Turning Point (need clickers) Flipcharts0 Whiteboards0 Sticky Notes
  17. 17. K.I.S.S.0 Don’t read your slides- keywords only0 Credit images (not Microsoft Office clip art or your own pics)0 Avoid swirling, sparkling text0 Text-limit to 3 font types0 Graphs ok- but follow-up with summary slide
  18. 18. Always Recap the Story
  19. 19. Provide Contact info:Courtney Mlinarcm1470@nova.edu954-262-3121