WATEC ISRAEL, Israeli water companies for Communication & control


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Israeli water companies for Communication & control

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WATEC ISRAEL, Israeli water companies for Communication & control

  1. 1. www.export.gov.il www.israelnewtech.gov.il Control & communication Israeli water companies catalogue
  2. 2. Companies Index AGM............................................. 3 Arad.............................................. 4 A.R.I ............................................. 5 Baccara.......................................... 6 Compax......................................... 7 Eltav.............................................. 8 Galcon........................................... 9 IOSight......................................... 10 IPnP.............................................. 11 Mekorot........................................ 12 Miya............................................. 13 Mottech Water Control Solutions....... 14 Powercom..................................... 15 Reali Technologies.......................... 16 Remmon Remote Monitoring............ 17 SAS.............................................. 18 TaKaDu......................................... 19 Whitewater....................................20
  3. 3. Company profile AGM is a provider of communication & control solutions for SCADA/DCS systems. With 30 years of experience and a diverse list of clients, we offer solutions in the areas of: Water /Waste- water, Energy, Oil & Gas, Industrial Applications, Environmental sector, Power Sub-stations, Mining and Irrigation. Israel-based AGM is a global innovator in Distributed Control Networking. Year of establishment: 1996 No. of employees: 7 Background of the company AGM established in 1996 by experienced people, 30 years in the fields of communication for distributed control applications design and implementation, from concept to service. Examples of projects Environment Monitoring And Control systems, Water and Sewage control systems, Oil refinery, Oil leak detection, Irrigation. AGM has projects in Israel, Peru, Paraguay, France and the former USSR. Technologies & products •R-Win - Radio Wireless Internet Networking - new product line. Compact, smart, wireless data communication manager over RF and cellular media, linking remote sites to the control center and the Internet, implementing bridge-relay-S&F capabilities, featuring safer wireless MESH networking. •Responding to the global economic crisis, AGM developed expertise in upgrade projects for municipal and private utility distributed control management systems. We emphasize a COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) approach and new wireless communication safety features. •AGM is working with a GE subsidiary to improve the Oil Spill Detector integrated solution, it has already installed throughout the world. Objectives / Target companies We are seeking business partners abroad and, are looking for Solution Providers & SCADA Integrators, ready to add AGM knowledge to their solutions and projects. Our previous international experience has shown us that distance is not an obstacle. Category: Analyzers and control systems, Water security, Water resources management. Sub Category: SCADA, DCS, WMS (Water Management Systems), utilities, pipelines. www.agm.co.il 3Back to Index
  4. 4. Company profile When precise control, exact measurement and real time billing of water is critical, the Arad Group has the solution. Arad specializes in innovative water measurement technologies, developing, manufacturing, and marketing leading water metering and management systems. Founded in 1941, Arad has built up a worldwide reputation for quality and precision in measuring, reading, collecting and managing data from water metering to billing systems. Millions of meters with the unique, integrated Dialog 3G AMRAMI have been sold worldwide. Leveraging Arad’s years of expertise, Arad offers an extensive range of water meters for domestic (utilities), waterworks, and agricultural use with advanced, patented systems for automated meter reading and water management. Arad’s solutions provide any utilities with major financial, operational and customer care benefits! Year of establishment: 1941 No. of employees: 550 Background of the company Founded in 1941, Arad was a private company until 2004. In 2004 Arad became a public company and is now traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Arad Group of affiliated companies and independent distributors around the world offers its customers a fully integrated solution for water metering and water meter data management. Examples of projects Southern Water, UK – One of the world’s largest and most advances AMR projects, with more than 500,000 AMR meters over a period of 5 years, in addition to meter reading services and data housing. Mekorot, Israel – One of the world’s largest water supply companies, Arad won the supply of the revolutionary Octave ultrasonic bulk water meter, and Dialog Cellular units that connect these remote meters to Mekorot’s system. Technologies & products Arad provides full water metering solutions, made of the most accurate water metering, efficient and reliable data collection, and feature-rich management and control MDM software. In addition Arad provides an array of professional services to assist utilities in implementing our solutions. Octave unique dual-beam ultrasonic bulk meter http://www.octavewatermeter.com Unique Dialogue 3G, AMRAMI system fully integrated within the meter. Objectives / Target companies Water utilities, water companies, water management consulting companies, Water management companies, Water management solution providers. Category: Water Metering www.arad.co.il 4Back to Index
  5. 5. Company profile A.R.I Flow Control Accessories Ltd. is one of the leading companies specializing in protection solutions for water systems; protection from pressure transients and entrapped air in pipelines. These are the main causes for pipe burst, collapse and fracture and result in water losses due to leaks and contamination due to release of pathogens. Founded in 1970, A.R.I Flow Control Accessories Ltd. has developed a wide range of products and special software for various applications in water supply (municipal and domestic), sewage, industry, agriculture and landscaping. A.R.I Flow Control Accessories Ltd. has an application engineering department which provides surge analysis and protection solutions for water systems including energy saving solutions with the proper use of air valves. A.R.I Flow Control Accessories Ltd. is constantly responding to the demands of an ever-changing market through an on-going development of new products. The company has established its reputation for advanced, high quality and durable products (mainly air valves and check valves), as well as for dedicated technical support services. All valve models manufactured by A.R.I Flow Control Accessories Ltd. are standard but can also be custom-engineered to meet specific requirements.In the recent years, the company has entered the ongoing worldwide effort for water saving management and developed the UFR (Unmeasured Flow Reducer) for more accurate water measurement and reduction in non- revenue water losses. A.R.I Flow Control Accessories Ltd. has established its high quality assurance standards in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. A.R.I Flow Control Accessories Ltd. products are made of various metals and non-ferrous materials, varying in size from 1/2” (12mm) to 40” (1000mm) and in working pressures from 0.2 bar (3 psi) up to 100bar (1400 psi). A.R.I Flow Control Accessories Ltd. products are manufactured in accordance with leading international standards. The valves are designed with a special emphasis on advanced and innovative design: top performance, lightweight corrosion-resistant materials, minimum maintenance, durability and modern appearance. Several patents have been registered worldwide. Year of establishment: 1970 No. of employees: 160 Examples of projects •Barvi Water Works, Jambhu - supplied air valves for a raw water project •Mina -Anta CU + Zinc •Milenium Sewage Project - France •El Chaco - Surprta Project - Argentina •Algorta Project - Chile •Barrick Chcamo Alto - Peru •St. Ives - Kalgoorie WA - Australia •Collie Coal WA - Australia •SingSpring Desalination Plant - Singapore •Magataa SWRO Plant - Algeria Technologies & products Air Valves, Check Valves, Unmeassured Flow Reducer (UFR), Back Flow Preventer. Objectives / Target companies Consulting and engineering servicing companies for potable water, mining, industrial, desalination & wastewater systems. Category: Potable water, Wastewater, Desalination, Water security, Mining, Industrial Applications, Lift irrigation projects, Odor Control. Sub Category: Consulting and Engineering services. www.arivalves.com 5Back to Index
  6. 6. Company profile Year of establishment: Israel 1964, Australia October 2009 No. of employees: Israel 300, Australia 4 Background of the company Baccara is a market leader in the manufacture and specialization of products for automation such as: air valves, air cylinders and solenoid valves for use in industry, agriculture and irrigation. Examples of projects •Proportional solenoid valve for GENERAL ELCTRIC •Special Manifold of HP •Dust protected heavy duty mechanical valve for PARKER HANNIFIN Technologies & products General description: In addition to our extensive range of quality solenoid valves we offer custom made solutions for clients’ special needs using vast experience accumulated in our skilled engineering department and our manufacturing and logistical flexibility. Function of the product(s): High Pressure, Chemicals resistance, Zero pressure, Latch, Direct operated etc. Objectives / Target companies Consultants, Contractors. Category: Control systems, Drinking Water, Industrial waste. Sub Category: Solenoid valves. www.baccarageva.com 6Back to Index
  7. 7. Company profile Compax offers a mature line of products & services with years of experience in the application of integrated Control and SCADA/DCS systems. We specialize in Water & Waste Water, Oil & Gas and Process applications with projects in Israel, South America, Europe and the Caspian region. Our specialty is to bring together advanced communications (data, voice and video over wireless, cellular, satellite, fiber etc.), data acquisition and process control along with advanced software tools under one synchronized operation, maximizing efficiency and profit for our customers. Our scope of capabilities ranges from professional advice on integrating complex industrial computerized systems to the supply of complete turn-key systems. Year of establishment: 1985 No. of employees: 70 Background of the company Compax was founded in 1985 with the vision of creating”SUPERVISOR™” an advanced SCADA/DCS product that serves the automation and control world with the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies in a straightforward manner. In 2001 after a series of projects in Israel and abroad Compax became a part of the AFSK Group, a publicly traded company since 1996, in 2005 we received ISO 9001-2000 certification. In 2008, AFSK Group becomes a part of Orad Group and we received ISO 14001 certificate. Today we are among the leading companies in wide-area SCADA/DCS systems, process control and communication systems in Israel. Examples of projects •EAAB Bogota Municipality- SCADA system for Monitoring and Control of Bogota urban water distribution and Sewage and Wastewater treatment. •TEL AVIV Municipality’s Water Department, Implements the SUPERVISOR CONTROL PACKAGE (SCP) for the city’s Water Supply Command & Control. •Kishon River Authority- Monitoring System for monitoring the water quality in the Kishon River. •The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on Barcelona- Barcelona Flood Water Management System. Technologies & products •Feasibility Studies & System Analysis together with costumer •Develop, Design and Construct of Municipal Command & Control Centers •Water Safety & Risk Management Implementation for drinking water •Potable & Wastewater treatment Plant Management •Large municipal multi sites Design & Construct systems •Energy & Cost saving solutions •21th Century Technology (Industrial equip, IT, Communication…) •Smart Utilization of Water Resources Objectives / Target companies •Municipal- mayors, city engineers and Water Associations managers. •National water company. Water projects companies. Category: Analyzers and control systems, Water security, Water resources management, Industrial waste treatment, Waste water treatment. Sub Category: Control Centers & SCADA/ DCS systems for municipal systems, Municipal Communication. www.compax.co.il 7Back to Index
  8. 8. Objectives / Target companies End users (Desalination/ Waste water treatment/ Renewable energy or any other industrial facilities) Engineering companies (that plan the new facilities) Maintenance companies (that deal with valves and instrumentation and serves the end users). Company profile Year of establishment: 2006 Number of employees: 15 Background of the company Eltav Wireless Monitoring Ltd. is a leading provider of a revolutionary concept of wireless valve monitoring in the process industry (any kind of valve-Manual or Actuated, any size, etc). Its field proven solution provides real time position-indication to the control system and enables predictive maintenance on actuated valves using its diagnostics capabilities, driving CAPEX and OPEX reduction while increasing safety and productivity for its customers. Examples of projects •Mekorot (Israel national water company) •Adom Desalination company (JV of IDE&Veolia) Technologies & products General description: Eltav utilizes wireless communication technology to allow the wireless monitoring of industrial valves in the process industry, thus eliminating costly and cumbersome hard-wired solutions. Eltav’s wireless application benefit with reliable and robust technology and drive interoperability among different manufacturers with direct benefit to the end consumer. Eltav’s choice is the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless network, using worldwide license-free spectrum. This network is designed to be robust, reliable and cost-effective. It is also designed to use very little power. The monitoring system use a relatively short range wireless communication thus enhancing the security of the network. The communication network is self-organized and self-healing. This important character allows to reduce installation and maintenance costs while keeping high levels of availability. Eltav has ATEX certification, making it suitable for use in potentially explosive atmosphere. Function of the product(s): •Full Valve Range Position •Predictive Valve Maintenance •Any valve, any actuator Category: Wireless Monitoring. Sub Category: Industrial waste treatment, Renewable energy, Solid waste treatment and Recycling, Waste water treatment, Desalination. www.eltav.com 8Back to Index
  9. 9. Company profile Background of the company Galcon is a world leader in the manufacturing of computerized controllers and systems for use in water distribution networks, home gardens, agriculture, landscape and municipalities. Galcon has achieved worldwide recognition for quality, user friendly, well-designed and environmentally-friendly, water- saving products. Galcon’s main divisions: •Waterworks-Dynamic Pressure Management: Galcon’s Waterworks and Pressure Management offering include products and systems that enable water utilities to more effectively control and manage their water networks - helping reduce leakage and revenue loss. •Residential Gardening: Wide range of DIY (Do it yourself) user-friendly, battery-operated controllers. •Turf & Landscape: The G.S.I (Galcon Smart Irrigation) irrigation controller is a central control, wed based system for irrigation •and water budgeting for public landscapes.. •Agriculture: Our new, state-of-the-art irrigation systems and controllers series is designed for agricultural use: open fields, greenhouses and climate control. Year of establishment: 1983 No. of employees: 100 Examples of projects Galcon’s solutions are distributed and installed in over 60 countries worldwide from home gardening to large scale agriculture and water distribution applications. Haifa,Israel: Dynamic Pressure Management - installed and operate a dynamic pressure management solution for the water utility of the 3rd largest city in Israel resulting in over 30% leakage reduction. Technologies & products General description: Galcon Dynamic Pressure Management (G-DPM): G-DPM is our intelligent and dynamic water pressure management solution, that helps significantly reduce water and revenue loss from leakage. With our system, utilities can more effectively control and manage their water networks, enhance their decision making process and increase productivity. Function of the product(s): G-DPM dynamically controls and automatically optimizes the pressure policy according to relevant parameters, ensuring lowest pressure is maintained while sustaining required service levels. G-DPM offers a unique approach with a fully integrated solution combining best-of-breed Controller and a central Web-based operational application that provides full control at all times. Sophisticated optimization and history-based data analysis enable an on-going process of improvement. Category: Analyzers and control systems. Sub Category: Water distribution, Drinking water. www.galconc.com Objectives / Target companies Water utilities, municipalities and any large organization looking to effectively control and manage their water networks. 9Back to Index
  10. 10. Company profile In today’s complex world, organizations need uncomplicated, easy-to-use management tools. IOSight is an innovator and leading provider of infrastructure facility management whose solutions help large organizations operate and manage their facilities while meeting regulatory compliance. IOSight brings its expertise and accumulated knowledge in hydraulics processes, statistics and software to public utilities and manufacturers worldwide. By deciphering and seamlessly extracting the right information, organizations can make informed decisions that increase productivity, reduce costs and optimize return on investments. Year of establishment: 2004 No. of employees: 15 Examples of projects Desalination plant - Hadera - provides analytics for energy, chemical consmption, quality control Etc - the largest desalination plant in the world Desalination plant - Palmahim - provides analytics for energy, chemical consmption, quality control Etc Shafdan sewage purification plant - provides analytics for energy, chemical consmption, quality control Etc. Igudan - environment - provides management tool for lab tests and facturies wastewater control Water factury Kfar Saba - provides an operational - maintenance tool Hagihon - management of Jerusalem’s water & wastewater systems Jerusalem sewage purification - envirionment reports and energy management Cyprus - Muni Desalination plant - provides analytics for energy, chemical consmption, quality control Etc. Technologies & products General description: A state of the art software for collecting, storing, analysing and reporting data - mainly from the control systems, but also from lab report, manual feeding and more. The architecture includes SQL database, OO methodes and a client-server structure. Function of the product(s): the products contains reporting tool, distribution tool (mail/SMS), maintenance tool, alarms and events management module, lab inspection tool and predefined analysis for each target vertical. The main strength of the product is the ability to implement it fast and easy and achieve a powerful tool that will: 1. reduce costs 2. improve productivity 3. create preventive maintenance standard 4. supply regulation demands Category: Analyzers and control systems, Water resources management, information systems. Sub Category: Enterprise software solutions. www.iosight.com Objectives / Target companies Municipalities and water authorities or firms, integrators, outsourcing plant management firms, initiators of utilities plants, planners, engineering firms. 10Back to Index
  11. 11. Category: Control Systems. Sub Category: SCADA, Decision Support Systems, Web services. www.ipnp.co.il Company profile IPnP’s Smart Grid Water Management solution. •Water Systems”Models” that automatically generates graphical human interface and decision support system for water and energy optimization. •Communications layer brings together sensor readings from a diversity of water infrastructure equipment in a standardized, object-oriented format. •A SaaS offering, there is no risk nor capital cost for a utility to try IPnP and gauge its benefits With hundreds of installations, the system provides dramatic savings on water infrastructure, electricity and water. Year of establishment: 2000 No. of employees: 10 Examples of projects Hardware and Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides remote monitoring, data management and decision support system for water and wastewater infrastructure. In real time, through instant messaging, IPnP receives information from the field and builds real-time views of the overall water management system. Objectives / Target companies Water & waste water integrators, water utility. 11Back to Index
  12. 12. Company profile Mekorot - Israel’s National Water Company - provides solutions and regular, reliable, high-quality water to Israel’s water industry for 75 years. Its water supply system comprises 3,000 facilities throughout the country, integrates most of the regional water plants and combines water from various sources: the Sea of Galilee, Mountain and Coastal Aquifers as well as drillings and desalinated sea and brackish water. Year of establishment: 1937 No. of employees: 2200 Background of the company Mekorot is a unique company worldwide due to its variety of operations: water supply to all sectors, to the Palestinian Authority and the Jordanian Kingdom; production and integration of water from multiple sources in the national system; water security; constant water quality improvement - the Central Filtration Plant - the fourth largest in the world - positions Israel at the forefront of water treatment in the western world; wastewater treatment and water reclamation of about 60% of Israel’s treated wastewater; desalination of brackish and sea water through 32 facilities; storm water catchment; rain enhancement. Mekorot places high value on sustainable development and on advancing and implementing innovative technologies. WaTech® - the company’s Water Technology Entrepreneurship Center - provides a platform for partnerships between Mekorot and start-ups, entrepreneurs, academicians and established companies. Mekorot Group includes the parent company - Mekorot Water Company - and two subsidiaries: EMS Mekorot Projects and the international business arm - Mekorot Development and Enterprise. Mekorot is the only company in Israel to be credited with the AAA rating by Ma’alot Standard and Poor’s for over 9 years in a row. Examples of projects •The National Water Carrier - supplies water from the Sea of Galilee to the central and southern regions of Israel •The Central Filtration Plant - the fourth largest in the world, improves the quality of water supplied through the National Water Carrier •The Third Line to the Negev - supplies high quality of effluents treated by the company to the South for agricultural use without limitations •The New National Water Carrier - a revolutionary system, that will connect the desalination plants along the Mediterranean Sea to the National Water System and have the desalinated seawater flow in all directions, from the west to the east, center and north •The Ashdod Seawater Desalination Plant - will supply 1000000 cubic meters of desalinated water per year •The Fifth Water system to Jerusalem •The Eastern Aquifer Rehabilitation Project Objectives / Target companies Water Technology companies, local and national Water Companies, relevant ministers, regulators. Category: Water resources management. Sub Category: Drinking water, Desalination, Water quality and security, Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Reuse, Renewable energy, R&D. www.mekorot.co.il 12Back to Index
  13. 13. Category: Urban Water Efficiency. Sub Category: Water Loss reduction, NRW management. www.miya-water.com Objectives / Target companies Miya’s objective is to partner with municipalities and water utilities as a service provider, in Order to ensure the efficiency of water networks and to reduce water loss. Company profile Year of establishment: 2007 No. of employees: 500 Background of the company Miya, an Arison group company, is a global provider of urban water efficiency solutions, with an emphasis on Non-Revenue Water (NRW) management. Miya helps utilities to increase water supply, revenues, and profits through comprehensive economic and sustainable water efficiency projects. The Company’s solution includes audit and analysis of a city’s water system, comprehensive project planning, management, implementation, maintenance, and training. The global group of Miya companies includes leading water efficiency technology and engineering consulting companies around the world. Examples of projects Miya has extensive experience in implementing successful water efficiency projects around the globe. For example: Bahamas, New Providence: •Water and Sewerage Corporation (Bahamas) awards Miya contract estimated at $83M to maximize efficiency of the water system of New Providence. •The 10 years project’s objective is to save more than 3 Million Gallons of fresh water daily. Manila, Philippines: •Water savings 484,000 m3/d over 3 years •Enable the city to provide safe, clean water to an additional three million residents Itapevi, Brazil: •NRW was reduced from 777 litre/connection/day to 293 litre/connection/day by reducing both physical and commercial losses •Performance contract, ROI of 17 months York Region, Canada: •Water savings: Over 9 million cubic meters per day exceeding reduction target by 156%. •The largest contracted leakage reduction program in Canada Sebokeng, South Africa: •Water savings: 50 million cubic meters over 5 years •Energy savings equivalent to reducing 12,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year Scope of Services Water audit, NRW strategy and plan, DMA’s establishment, NRW management software, Pressure management, Active leakage control, Pipe repair, Meter management / AMR, Identifying thefts and illegal connections, Asset management / Pipe repair, Energy Management, Water conservation, Maintenance & Training. 13Back to Index
  14. 14. Company profile Mottech Water Control Solutions Ltd. is the Master Global Distributor of Motorola for the IRRInet remote control and management solutions. Motorola is a world leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of computerized irrigation and water distribution control systems. Since 1968 Motorola offers a dedicated water and irrigation control system for landscape irrigation, indoor and outdoor green spaces, greenwalls, highway medians, water distribution applications, storm water and agricultural schemes. Computerizing a water and irrigation system may save valuable resources, including water, energy and labor. The ability of centrally manage multiple sites and make on-line modifications to the process helps in managing one of the most valuable resources: Time. All products are designed for simple installation and remote service. Mottech ensures long term and dependable operation while meeting Motorola’s exacting standards. Mottech and Motorola constantly develop new products and integrated solutions based on a forward- looking strategy coupled with backward compatibility with legacy products. Year of establishment: 1988 No. of employees: 90 Examples of projects •Calgary, Canada - Landscape application •Melbourne, Australia - Landscape application •Bradano Valley, Italy - Water distribution and agricultural application •Athens Olympic Stadium Complex, Greece - Landscape application •Lake Hills Golf Country Club, Korea - Water distribution application •Drocasa, Peru - Agricultural application •Lyon, France - Landscape application Technologies & products The IRRInet system is comprised of two main components: •IRRInet family of products •ICC and IMS management software tools In-field wireless and wireline control units communicate with the central PC/Server and workstations. The IRRInet offers significant advantages by providing features that demanding customers are looking for: •Cost effectiveness and value-for-money •Fast Return on Investment •Reliable wireless and wire-line communication •Modular and flexible system •Simplicity in installation, operation and maintenance •Top-notch performance The IRRInet system creates an end-to-end control solution, providing easy-to-use and best value for money remote control and monitoring tool. Objectives / Target companies •Water/irrigation design & engineering companies •System integrators and contractors for water applications •Decision makers in municipalities, water companies, irrigation service companies, agricultural firms •Water-related organizations seeking long-lasting, reliable and cost effective centralized water control solutions Category: Water and Irrigation Remote Control and Monitoring, Water Resources Management, Telemetry. www.mottech.com 14Back to Index
  15. 15. Category: Energy, Cleatech, Smart Grid, AMR/ AMI systems, Water, Gas. Sub Category: Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Energy Efficancy, Load Management, EV Charging, Prepayment systems, AMI systems. www.powercom.co.il Company profile Smart Meter/Smart Grid Solution provider offering AMR/AMI. Year of establishment: 2006 No. of employees: 52 Background of the company Formally “Flextronics Design” team. Owners: Yaniv Oren, Yackov Dar, Israeli Electric Company. Examples of projects Installations in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Smart Metering installations with the IECo (Israeli Electric Company), EDP (Energie De Portugal), JEDCO (Jerusalem District Electric Company), AngloGold, Scaw Metal, Municipalities, ESCo companies, Hotels, Schools, Industrial and Commercial customer, and Energy Distribution providers. Technologies & products General description: Powercom is a “Smart Metering/Smart Grid” company. The company offers (AMI) Advanced Meter Infrastructure for Electricity, Water, and Gas. PowerCom develops and produces “Smart meters”, Concentrators and powerful web server software to support its customers. The system’s intellectual property is based on a Dynamic PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology. Over the last two years, PowerCom has been successful in implementing the world’s first most advanced, reliable and secured PLC communication. The breakthrough is achieved by developing Dynamic PL communication algorithms (based on software and hardware) which allows data transmission at any grid line infrastructure. PowerCom solution is based on real time monitoring of the power line behavior and adopting its data transmission to the existing conditions. Function of the product(s): wires (Aluminum/Copper), at any world location in seconds. The system speed has been tested in different environments and Locations, and the results are excellent. The system is fully working and already deployed in more than 100 sites. Powercom is in final stages of developing the “Smart Meters” for the US market based on multiple communication platforms. Objectives / Target companies Utilities, Energy Distribution companies and project integrators around the globe. 15Back to Index
  16. 16. Objectives / Target companies Cooperation with OEMs and integrators with national and international projects. Company profile Year of establishment: 2007 No. of employees: 9 Background of the company Reali Technologies LTD., a private owned company is a sister company to Topco C&A LTD. and NC Engineering LTD., both well established firms with more than 20 years of experience in control systems and SCADA. The company provides connectivity and data management services to municipalities, Utilities, associations and others. Examples of projects Remote optimization and Real Time Remote Control for cooling water systems. Real Time management for VPP (Virtual Power Plants) and Smart Grid. WEB SCADA for Pumping Stations spread countrywide. Water efficiency and leakage detection/Prevent in large systems. Remote Monitoring of Solar and Wind Power Systems. Diesel Generator Load Shading management solution Technologies & products General description: RealiteQ is a Virtual IT infrastructure that facilitates Real Time monitoring, controlling and data acquisition of remote systems that are distributed at various locations and worldwide. RealiteQ solves Real Time Data, Continuous Historian, Alarm Handling, Visualization and Remote operation. RealiteQ supports Analytic, Optimization and other 3rd party applications. Function of the product(s): RealiteQ Secured streaming technology allows critical events to be monitored and controled over all public networks (cellular, satellite, xDSL). RealiteQ is a highly secured yet open platform, and so it enables various type and 3rd party solutions interfacing. RealiteQ harnesses the power of Internet and Cellular standards to offer unparalleled performance, scalability and ease of use for Global Water, waste and Energy control. RealiteQ is a complete end-to-end. Category: SCADA, Telemetry, Analyzers and control systems. Sub Category: Drinking water, Industrial waste treatment, Renewable energy, Waste water treatment, Water security, Water resources management. www.realiteq.com 16Back to Index
  17. 17. Company profile Remmon Remote Monitoring provides professional solutions within GSM cellular networks. Using GSM/ GPRS technology Remmon Remote Terminal Units (RTU) offer the ability to control, operate, update and log crucial data. We offer remote data log devices, M2M solutions and specialize in remote control and management. The company established in 2001 targets the weather and environment research and data logging, energy control and maintenance, energy efficient and remote meter reading as sectors for project implementation. Year of establishment: 2001 No. of employees: 25 Background of the company Remmon installations span five continents and represent the company’s proven experience in telemetry projects in the fields of government, municipalities, large organizations and private companies. Remmon’s employees include professional and experienced engineers and programmers in the field of cellular communications. The R&D team customizes solutions for unique customer requirements. Examples of projects Homeland security- protection of municipal water pounds. Israel Irrigation control- Turkey, Argentina Pump station remote control- Chile Sewage remote control- UK Whether and environment station- Spain Remote flow meter reading- Australia Technologies & products Remote terminal units, remote data loggers, Web server and mail pulling solutions. RTU unites for remote control and remote data logging using GPRS com combined with SMS alerts for crucial information. All Remmon’s RTUs are combined with internal Digital/Analog I/Os and PLC protocols(e.g. Modbus) R-lite- SMS alert unit for receiving real time information according to pre-set R-lite. R-log- Data mailer with gigantic data logger directly communicates with an SMTP server to send some or all logged data to predefined Email boxes. R-pipe- Serial over IP using RPIPE to create a virtual channel between your PC and your remote unit. Web server- Remmon internet-based SCADA system comprises Master Terminal Unit (MTU), which is a powerful SQL internet server, Multiple RTU devices and GPRS communication module. Objectives / Target companies To reach out to various construction, design and engineering companies, municipalities, agencies and others searching for remote monitoring and data collection. Category: Analyzers and control systems, Renewable energy. Sub Category: Remote data logging, GSM/ GPRS remote monitoring, Telemetry. www.remmon.com 17Back to Index
  18. 18. Objectives / Target companies Agriculture; Municipalities; various industries such as chemical, oil and desalination; distributors. Company profile SAS designs, manufactures and installs computers, its infrastructures and interface accessories focused on water supply systems, agriculture & greenhouses environment control, fish farming controllers and sewage treatment plants for thousands of customers worldwide. SAS has developed a super- absorption polymer X-Oiler utilised for soil & water decontamination and we proceed with developing of new environmental targeted products and technologies based on our polymers. SAS has developed and produced an inovated plastic solar water heater for domestic uses. Year of establishment: 1988 No. of employees: 16 Background of the company SAS is a joint Israeli-French company. SAS develops an advanced technologies which are being successfully implemented worldwide. Production and sales are mostly executed by outsourcing partnerships. Examples of projects •Controllers & Computers: England- water board of London, Wales water, UAE- El Eine, Australia, Argentina, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Brazil etc. •Industrial Wastewater treatment- Dead Sea Works (Israel) •Solid Waste stabilization and solidification and further implementation of the product as a raw material for plastics extrusion industry. •Greenhouses farms: Israel- Negev. •Fish Farms: Israel- Jordan Valley; India- Rajastan; Albania- Delvina. •Sewage Treatment Plants •Wind energy: Israel- Negev. •Car Driving Simulator- Israel- Tel Hashomer Hospital- Rehabilitation center. •Solar Energy the production of light weight all plastic made solar water heater with an electrical backup- Western Europe. Technologies & products General description: Design, produce and eract: •Controllers & Computers for water supply systems (both Agriculture and Municipal), for waste treatment plant, water and sewage treatment plants, as well as for gas and full supply. •Sewage treatment plants for domestic, Industrial and Agriculture waste water. •Stimulated Water Evaporation for wastewater treatment and desalination industry. •XOiler- contaminated soils and wastewater treatment agent. •Aquaculture farms for edible and ornamental fish, prawns, mussels, frogs and algae. •Car Driving Simulators utilizing for driving skills, education, practicing, examine and research. Function of the product(s): Control systems; In site rehabilitation of soil & water contaminated by oil / heavy metals/ pesticides; Agriculture; Water supply systems. Category: Analyzers and control systems, Consulting and engineering services, Industrial waste treatment, Renewable energy, R&D, Solid waste treatment and Recycling, Waste water treatment. www.sascontrol.co.il | www.xoiler.com 18Back to Index
  19. 19. Company profile TaKaDu is the global leader in Water Network Monitoring, providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for water utilities. TaKaDu’s solution detects, classifies, alerts and provides real-time insight on leaks, bursts, network breaches, faulty meters and other inefficiencies. The solution is based on complex algorithms which analyze online data from existing meters within the network (flow, pressure, etc) in conjunction with external data (weather, holidays, etc). TaKaDu’s patented technology is easy to deploy, requiring no network changes, no additional devices and no capital expenditure. The service is in commercial use by leading water utilities worldwide, served through a global network of partners and resellers. The TaKaDu team is comprised of top-notch scientists with vast data analytics experience, alongside seasoned executives from global software leaders. TaKaDu is a founding member of SWAN (Smart Water Networks forum). The company is the winner of many industry awards, including the prestigious Technology Pioneer 2011 award from the World Economic Forum. Year of establishment: January 2009 No. of employees: 35 Background of the company Based in Israel, TaKaDu was founded by Amir Peleg, an experienced high-tech entrepreneur and a top- notch team of Computer Science and Math Ph.Ds, as well as software market veterans. Prior to founding TaKaDu, Amir’s previous company, YaData, was acquired by Microsoft in 2008. Solution General Description TaKaDu’s solution takes SCADA readings (flow, pressure, quality and other measurements) and GIS data about the water network, cleans them of “noise” and constructs a model of how the water network behaves, adjusting for the day of the week, hour, seasonality and operations and maintenance activity. It then monitors the network to detect anomalies based on the model and alerts when they happen. This lets water utilities “see” the network and detect leaks and other anomalies before they become much larger operational issues. •The solution requires no network changes and uses existing historical and real-time online data •Leaks are detected before they become bursts, since the solution is sensitive to relatively small changes •Alerts are also provided when sensors, meters and operations malfunction •The solution can monitor “blind spots” where sector or DMA water balance methods cannot work •The solution is provided as a Software-as-a-Service: no installation or IT support is required. After the data is securely passed to TaKaDu, TaKaDu presents water utility staff with web-based reports showing water network behaviour and alerts upon anomalies or leaks. TaKaDu’s monitoring service is used by utilities worldwide, in Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America, providing real alerts about leaks, bursts and other issues, such as faulty meters and network configuration problems. Solution Benefits and Value TaKaDu’s unique approach helps monitor the network’s “blind spots” more effectively, control water loss, find more leak events and identify many small leaks before they become large. TaKaDu’s ability to find faulty meters is in and of itself a major benefit. Most importantly, TaKaDu’s system doesn’t require any physical network or equipment investment on the utility side. Benefits include the ability to: •Reduce and mitigate the need to replace network infrastructure •Save water lost to network issues through leaks and bursts •Save energy and other inputs wasted by producing water that is then lost to network inefficiencies •Prevent “Network Events”, e.g. energy wasted without water loss in pressure zone boundary breaches •Reduce dependence on new water sources, as current sources will be more effectively utilized. Even with well-established active leakage control practices, TaKaDu is proven to detect many network events, water loss events and other issues, often without prior notification by existing monitoring methods. Category: Water Network Monitoring. www.takadu.com Objectives / Target companies Water utilities that are interested in evaluating TaKaDu’s solution. 19Back to Index
  20. 20. Category: Water & Wastewater Quality Monitoring, Management, Efficiency, Optimization and Security. Sub Category: Real Time Sensors, Online Toxicity Analyzer, Rapid Laboratory Kits, Data Analytical Tool, Event Detection System, Comprehensive Event Management System, Process & Operation Automation and Water Network Management. www.w-water.com/qualitysecurity Company profile Year of establishment: 2007 No. of employees: 65 Background of the company Water utilities today are facing an ever growing need to know, in real time, the quality level of the water, to detect events as early as possible, and efficiently respond to the related situation. Once a water utility implements an advanced technology to monitor their water, a new challenge appears: An increased amount of data and information that operators now have to process. As a result, the management of a water utility is becoming increasingly complex. Whitewater is a global leader in water quality, security and network management - leading the way in smart innovation. Our Quality and Security Division is dedicated to helping municipalities, water utilities, industrial water processing plants and high risk facilities manage the full lifecycle of any situation - from routine tasks to minor events and major crises. By offering real-time detection, unified knowledge management and simplified decision-making, Whitewater dramatically improves risk management for your precious water assets - giving you greater peace of mind. Solutions •Water & Wastewater Monitoring: From source point through distribution, water & wastewater treatment and discharge our smart online monitoring, rapid laboratory determination kits, and toxicity early warning analyzers will ensure you have a deep knowledge of your system through rich data. •Data Analytics: New technologies bring more data. Whitewater helps turn these data sets into usable insights. Our data analytics and event detection solution give you the ability to capture, store, and run automated analysis to save you time, energy and provide intelligent decision support to operators. •Operational Efficiency Management: Utilize the resources you have more intelligently. Whitewater enables smarter water network management by creating a unified dashboard to manage information across multiple divisions and constituents, with advanced analytics, rules engines to process information into actionable procedures, predictive business intelligence, and reporting you will realize more efficient operations. Technologies & products Our intelligently designed solutions, either individually or packaged, are tailor made to meet the needs of the client and include: •WaterWall™ Comprehensive Event Management System •BlueBox™ Intelligent Analytics - Event Detection & Optimization •CheckLight Biomonitoring Systems - CheckLight Online, Rapid AOC or BOD Test Kits, Rapid Toxicity Field or Lab Test Kits •Real Time Multi Parameter Sensors Objectives / Target companies End User: Municipalities, water utilities, industrial water processing plants and high risk facilities Channels: Complementary technology partners, Engineering or Consulting firms, Local Sales Reps, Direct Sales and others. 20Back to Index
  21. 21. www.israelnewtech.gov.il | www.trade.gov.il | www.investinisrael.gov.il | www.export.gov.il