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Doing business with France

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South attractiveness economic departement general consulate

  1. 1. Economic Department Activity Report YOZMA 2_may 2011 The General Consulate of Israël in Marseille 146, rue Paradis 13294 Marseille cedex 06 Marie-Laure Cohen, Economic & Commercial Officer 33 (0) 4 91 53 39 90 – poste 520The General Consulate of Israel
  2. 2. Marseille an economic Department for the South The General Consulate of Israel
  3. 3. LA MISSION ECONOMIQUE DE MARSEILLE / ORGANISATION LOCAL STAFF Contact in Israel : Mr. Elazar Cohen, minister-counselor, Economic Affairs. Contact in France, for the South area, in Marseille : Mrs Marie-Laure Cohen, Economic & Commercial Officer. The General Consulate of Israel
  4. 4. An opportunity for the GeneralConsulate of Israel to promote theIsraeli technological innovations,and to help the French playersespecially SMEs to succeed onthe Israeli markets. The General Consulate of Israel
  5. 5. South of France, an opportunity for the State of Israël Culture Industries Green Tech Clusters The General Consulate of Israel
  6. 6. Marseille, The Economic Mission in the SouthThe General Consulate of Israel
  7. 7. The South Attractiveness Over the last two decades, France’s regions have undergone profound changes, wrought by the combined effects of a variety of factors such as globalization, the expansion of the European Union and new information and communication technologies. The national government policies on economic attractiveness seek to find ways for each region to amass a sufficient quantity of business and research activity, companies and services to ensure their competitiveness. The option is : ‘concentration’ or ‘polarization’ to foster the strategy of innovation and growth .The Consulate deals with 4 Regions in France :AquitaineMidi PyrénéesLanguedoc RoussillonProvence Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA) The General Consulate of Consulat Général d’Israël Israel
  8. 8. The South AttractivenessAquitaine Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Midi Pyrénées Languedoc Roussillon The General Consulate of Consulat Général d’Israël Israel
  9. 9. The South Attractiveness Région Aquitaine Région Languedoc Roussillon INSEE 2009 INSEE 2009Population in January 2009 (thousands) 3 227,4 Population in January 2009 (thousands) 2 581,7Part of the French Population (%) 5% Part of the French Population (%) 4,13GDP 2009 (billion euros) 85,7 GDP 2009 (billion euros) 60,5Part of the French Global GDP (%) 4,5 Part of the French Global GDP (%) 3,17 More atractiveness in 2009 than 2008 for foreign23 foreign investors in 2009. investors. Région Midi Pyrénées Région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur INSEE 2009 INSEE 2009 Population in January 2009 (thousands) 4 918,050Population in January 2009 (thousands) 2 865 Part of the French Population (%) 7,9Part of the French Population (%) 4,5 GDP 2009 (billion euros) 138GDP 2009 (billion euros) 77,9 Part of the French Global GDP (%) 7,25Part of the French Global GDP (%) 451 investors in the area. 3rd french area for foreign investors. The General Consulate of Consulat Général d’Israël Israel
  10. 10. The French Clusters of the South Which Organization ? 71 French Clusters among 21 in the south area Highest number of data centers in the south Highest number of SMEs in the south Our target : To promote Israeli Economy in the South of France : -One the one hand, identify the technology profile of French SMES, determine what they offer and find what they are looking, And on the other hand, find the right counterparts in terms of R&D, manufacturing Agreement, Licence Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Commercial Agreement..etc. -To encourage the between projects. Partnership and synergies. - To identify business Partners - To be the Link and develop sustainable trade relationships among French companies.. The General Consulate of Israel
  11. 11. The French Clusters of the South La Carte des PôlesAquitaine area Languedoc Roussillon areaProd’Innov DerbiXylofutur Q@limedRoute des Lasers TrimatecMidi Pyrénées area Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur areaAérospace Valley CapenergiesCancer Bio-Santé EurobiomedAgrimip Innovation Européenne d’Innovation Fruits et légumesXylofutur Mer PACARoute des Lasers Parfums, arômes, senteurs, saveurs Pegase Risques SCS (Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées) The General Consulate of Israel
  12. 12. LES POLES DE COMPETITIVITE DU SUD A cluster gather on a same place industrial power, research power and academic power. The idea is to foster cooperations and synergies. The French clusters are the key players to be approached. If you meet them, you will be in the heart of the innovation and R&D process in France. The General Consulate of Israel
  13. 13. Marseille, The Main StepsThe General Consulate of Israel
  14. 14. Approach of the Israeli and French markets Our Objectives Invest Promote Israeli Products /services in Israël Incubators Distributors in France Fairs, Exhbitions Joint Supply Chain Ventures Start-up Position Business Capital Product Market Plan Market Matimop High Tech Partners Network Intelligence Companies Firad Clusters Oseo Industrial localPartnerships Delegations Clubs Connections with Israël in Israël
  15. 15. THE MAIN STEPS Which Scenario? Promotion of Israeli Products /services in France and French Products/services in Israel Connections with Israeli Companies or French Companies Technological Cooperation and synergies Invest in Israel or in France The General Consulate of Israel
  16. 16. KEY FIGURESPromotion of Israeli Products /services in France Increase of the French exchanges with Israel : 1.3% for exports 1% for imports (SOURCE INSEE – June 2010) Exports / Imports, which distribution ? In 2009, La France , the 7th client of Israel and its 8th supplier. (SOURCE UBIFRANCE-November 2008) Identify the key Israeli skills and the clear French expectations in terms of cleantech, biotechnologies or food sector in a large extent. The General Consulate of Israel
  17. 17. KEY FIGURES EXPORTS/ IMPORTS 2009Israeli Exports (Ex. diamonds) Israeli Exports (by sector)Israeli Exports in France French Exports in Israel The General Consulate of Israel
  18. 18. POTENTIAL COOPERATIONGENERAL DATA More than 250 agreements between ISRAEL and France , in the seventh framework Programme FP7 (European ). Cooperation between ISRAEL and FRANCE , GALILEO, in the european consortium. FRANCE the 4th scientific Partner of ISRAEL. FRANCE, 1st partner of ISRAEL, in the Framework of EUREKA Programme. Matimop, Cooperation agreement between OSEO and OCS to develop technological Synergies / cooperation between Israeli and French SMEs. The General Consulate of Israel
  19. 19. POTENTIAL COOPERATIONTechnological Cooperation and synergies ENCOURAGE AND DEVELOP PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN ISRAEL AND FRANCE Life Science : Biotechnology, and Medical ICT : security, micro-processor, micro-electronic.. Telecoms The General Consulate of Israel
  20. 20. POTENTIAL COOPERATIONSOME PARTNERSHIPS… More than 100 Israeli-franco Partnerships (inR&D) in 2007 Sectors involved : The General Consulate of Israel
  21. 21. POTENTIAL COOPERATION… THEIR GEOGRAPHICAL LOCALISATION IN FRANCE Source: D.BOURRA The south of France, A huge Potential The General Consulate of Israel
  22. 22. Any Matching or Fields of interests Feel free to contact usThe General Consulate of Israel
  23. 23. « La relation particulière entre nos deux pays est prise très au sérieux parmon gouvernement et il est prioritaire pour nous de rendre cette relationencore plus étroite.20 à 25 % des Israéliens sont d’origine francophone. Ceci crée des liensindéfectibles entre nos deux pays » . Youval Steinitz, Ministre israélien de l’Economie The General Consulate of Israel
  24. 24. THANK YOU Economic and Commercial OfficerMarie-Laure Cohen – The General Consulate of Israël In Marseille