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Cyactive, an israeli cybercompany able to stop all viruses


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Cyber security is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.
Economic activity, intellectual property, privacy and critical infrastructures all depend on it.

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Cyactive, an israeli cybercompany able to stop all viruses

  1. 1. CyActive : The Israeli start-up able to stop all viruses. CyActive was founded by Liran Tancman and Shlomi Boutnaru, consultants to large organizations in the field of Cyber security and strategy, who have extensive experience in machine learning and cyber security. CyActive is developing a new concept in cyber security products, capable of proactively detecting tomorrow’s threats. The technology is based upon machine learning algorithms which simulate malware alteration and proliferation within a controlled environment. CyActive can eradicate the viruses, malware, and Trojan horses that cost the world economy hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Not only they stop the viruses “in the wild” but according to Liran, they can also beat most of them before they are even created. . According to Liran Tancman, “Our revolutionary concept and cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms will allow a major transformation in dealing with cyber-security's biggest challenges: from fighting yesterday's wars to proactively anticipating tomorrow's new threats”. For more information, contact (Israel) Liran Tancman, CEO +972-54-9417010 More info, contact (France) Israeli Consulate in Marseille Marie-Laure Cohen