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CCBB 2014


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CCBB 2014

  1. 1. Calhoun CountyCalhoun County Beautification BoardBeautification Board 2014 Award Winners2014 Award Winners
  2. 2. CITY OF ANNISTONCITY OF ANNISTON Quintard Avenue MedianQuintard Avenue Median “The Quintard median, formerly known as Quintard Park, was meticulously laid out by Anniston's founders with willow oaks and remains a point of pride today forall residents.”
  3. 3. SYGRID Y. BEARDSYGRID Y. BEARD 139 Katie Lauren Lane,139 Katie Lauren Lane, AlexandriaAlexandria
  4. 4. JIM & ANITAJIM & ANITA McCLELLANMcCLELLAN 925 Hillyer High Road,925 Hillyer High Road, AnnistonAnniston
  5. 5. ELVIRA SNIDERELVIRA SNIDER 877 Hollingsworth877 Hollingsworth Road, JacksonvilleRoad, Jacksonville
  6. 6. EVA LEEEVA LEE CROWECROWE 612 Jacksonville612 Jacksonville Street, WeaverStreet, Weaver
  7. 7. ROB & ALICIAROB & ALICIA JONESJONES 85 Quintell Drive,85 Quintell Drive, OxfordOxford
  8. 8. SHANE BOONESHANE BOONE 71 Pattiway Drive, Alexandria71 Pattiway Drive, Alexandria
  9. 9. CLASSIC AT BUCKHORNCLASSIC AT BUCKHORN 187 Angel Lake Road, Weaver187 Angel Lake Road, Weaver
  10. 10. JAMES & DONNAJAMES & DONNA ETHEREDGEETHEREDGE 615 Pelham Road615 Pelham Road North, JacksonvilleNorth, Jacksonville
  11. 11. YUN PRATERYUN PRATER 1401 71401 7thth Avenue,Avenue, NE, JacksonvilleNE, Jacksonville
  12. 12. Thank you for makingThank you for making Calhoun CountyCalhoun County beautiful!beautiful!