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  1. 1. A memory of your students of 1ESOe
  2. 2. Group 1. Pilar, Claudia and Peptoni G oodbye Molly, you are an excellent teacher and we will not forget you.Your classes were very funny and were the best. You taught us many things from your city, and with songs.Fridays with you were special! we hope to meet you again some day..... We have learnt a lot in your classes and will miss your company... We hope you have a lot of luck with everything and that  sometimes you will remember 1ºESO E and think of us...    
  3. 3.   2.MARTA, ANDREA & AINA Andrea: Good bye Molly, I learnt very much with you and  sang very much. You are an excellent person!I will not forget you. Aina: I like very much your classes, because it was very fun !! You are an execellent cook, the zuchini was delicious!. Best regards from Ramon Llull to your family! :) Marta: we would like to keep in touch with you  e-mail??  Facebook??  
  4. 4. Group:3 From:Llorenç, Jilin, and Alejandro . <ul><li>Hello, Molly we know that all the class will miss you. </li></ul><ul><li>Llorenç:Your zucchini bread was yummy yummy but you'r </li></ul><ul><li>better. </li></ul><ul><li>Alejandro: We'll miss you forever. </li></ul><ul><li>Jilin: Hi Molly!!!  </li></ul><ul><li>You are very good teacher and you explain </li></ul><ul><li>very well too. In your classes we learnt a lot </li></ul><ul><li>and  your zuchinni bread is  delicious.( mmmmm) </li></ul><ul><li>We will not forget you and good luck in Portland!  </li></ul><ul><li>We hope you will come back because we'll </li></ul><ul><li>miss you. But you'll visit us, ok? Bye Molly!!!! </li></ul>
  5. 5. Thanks for all you've done. The time you spent with us. You're one of the best teachers that we have ever had. Thank you, I will miss  you and I love you.                           Daryl. Bye Molly, you are a FANTASTIC teacher and I wish I had you next year!                                      Tatiana I will miss you a lot!!  You are a divine teacher and congratulations for your good work. Whenever you need something, remember us, we will help you with everything. Best regards from your students  of 1st Eso E. I lost a  friend.                                       Lovepreet
  6. 6.   5. Xisco, Guiem, J.Luis Molly you are an excellent teacher and you cook very well. All the class will always miss you . With you we learnt everything and all the class loves you, thanks for all the things you have done for us.    
  7. 7. Group 6: Angel, Pep and Judit Judit: your zuchinni bread is  delicious. I love you(L) Àngel: you are a very cool teacher and you taught me very well.   Pepe: I liked very much this year because you were here.     I LOVE YOU!!!(L) YOU ARE THE BESTX WITH X OF MIXTA
  8. 8. 7. From M. Ángel, Hao and Juan Miguel. <ul><li>  Hello, Molly! We learnt a lot thanks to your classes. We will not forget you! Good luck in Portland, and in your life too! Bye Molly! </li></ul>We will lose a good person, a good teacher and a good friend!  
  9. 9. 8.  From Rodrigo, Philline, Lukas and Carlos! Molly molas! You are very cool and the best person and teacher of the world! You are very funny. yeahh   We hope you will come back. I learned many things with you Molly! Thank you!
  10. 10.   9. Zandalie,Laura and Jhoanna       Jhoanna: We will miss you you are the best teacher. I learned a lot with you (L)! Zandalie: You are the best teacher and the best person, Molly. Thanks for the all things we learnt with you! Laura: You are very good and I love you We do not want you to go We have learned many things
  11. 11. Bernat & Molly               We are sad because you will not come  any more :(
  12. 12. 9 )  You are the best teacher and the best person!! Thanks for the delicious zucchinni, Molly! Thanks for all the things we learnt from you We will not forget Molly !   Molly you are the best thanks
  13. 13. This song is for you! 
  14. 15. Best  regards  from  Majorca
  15. 16.   Bye bye Molly!
  16. 17. WE LOVE YOU
  17. 18. We like your smile Because I love you very much you are a good Person and are our best teacher. MUCH YOU DO NOT WANT TO FORGET
  18. 19. WE LOVE YOU MOLLY!!!!!
  19. 21. 1 eso E Molly