Missing baggage questionnaire form malaysia airlines


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Missing baggage questionnaire form malaysia airlines

  1. 1. Reference No. MALAYSIAN AIRLINE SYSTEM BERHAD (10601-W) MISSING BAGGAGE QUESTIONNAIRE FORM Central Baggage Tracing Office www.malaysiaairlines.com/bagstatus Malaysia Airlines Level 3 Main Terminal Building Kuala Lumpur International Airport Dear Passenger 64000 Sepang Please accept our apologies for the delay in locating your Selangor Malaysia baggage and for any inconvenience caused. If your property is not found within three days, please complete Tel: +6 03 8776 3747 both sides of this form and send it immediately to the Fax: +6 03 8787 4670 address shown at the right for further tracing actions. Email: mhlbag@malaysiaairlines.comPlease print in BLOCK LETTERS:Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms First Middle Last)Home AddressTelephone MobileFax Email AddressPassport/NRIC No. OccupationBusiness AddressBusiness Telephone Frequent Flyer No. Airline Flight Number Date From To Flight ItineraryNo. of bag checked No. of bags received No. of bags missingWeight of each bag missingPassenger Ticket No. (attach copy) Excess Baggage Ticket No. (attach copy)Baggage checked at: [ ] Check-In Counter [ ] Boarding Gate Baggage was last seen at:[ ] Others (please specify)Baggage was checked to (city shown on tag) on (Airline/Flight Number)Final Destination Was baggage rechecked and new tags issued? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, what airportWas baggage seen there? [ ] Yes [ ] No Was baggage available at customs? [ ] Yes [ ] NoIf original routing was changed after starting trip [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, please specify:Was airline notified of loss immediately? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, at what officeTime Date By telephone or in personIf airline was not notified, state reason:Was the loss been reported to any other airline? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, to whom?Any other relevant detailsTraveling with: [ ] Alone [ ] Family [ ] Group If Group, please specify name of group if have:
  2. 2. Contents of the missing baggage are: [ ] Male [ ] Female [ ] Child [ ] Other (Mixed)Description of missing baggage (chart attached): Type ColorMaterial Brand Cost New Purchase DateDescriptive elements (check if applicable): [ ] Combination locks [ ] Pockets [ ] Straps [ ] Wheels [ ] Markings (label, etc.)Description of missing contents – List separately if more than one passenger or bag involvedQty Item Description (Color/Material/Brand Label/Store Name Purchase Date Cost New TotalIf you need additional space, please attach additional page.Do you have private insurance covering this loss? [ ] Yes [ ] NoIf so, state company and address:It is expressly understood and agreed by me that the furnishing of this form and any assistance furnished me by employees of Malaysia Airlines,are acts of courtesy and shall not constitute a wavier of any rights or an admission of liability by or on the part of Malaysia Airlines its employeesor agents. Any other information and/or documents relating to this statement which are required by Malaysia Airlines, will be furnished by meupon request and shall be considered part of this statement.To serve you better, please: 1. Sign your claim form. 2. Attach a copy of your ticket receipt. 3. Attach your Baggage claim checks.I do hereby warrant the foregoing statement and those on the accompanying forms to be accurate, complete, true and I hereby make a claimagainst Malaysia Airlines, in the amount of $ _______________________ for a loss occurring on __________________________.________________________________ ________________________________Signature Date
  3. 3. BAGGAGE IDENTIFICATION CHART01 02 03 05Horizontal design Horizontal design Horizontal design Upright designHard Shell suitcase – Non-expandable suitcase - Expandable06 07 Closes without zippers Briefcase Types 01-12 Document Case08 09 10 11MilitaryStyleBag Box (if Single Item use codes 01-99 with descriptive Plastic/ Laundry Bag Storage Container element B)20 Bag/Garment 22 22D 22RSuit Carrier Upright Upright Upright design, design, design, combined hard Soft material hard material and soft material23 25 Closes with Duffel/ zippers Sport Bag Types 20-29Horizontal design suitcase Lap Top/26 Overnight bag 27 28 29 Expandable upright Matted woven bag Backpack/ Rucksack
  4. 4. DESCRIPTIVE ELEMENTSMaterial Elements Basic ElementsExternal ElementsCOLOR CODESWT – White / Clear BK – BlackGY – Grey / Silver / Aluminum BU – Blue / TurquoiseRD – Red / Maroon / Pink / Mauve / Burgundy YW – Yellow / Orange / GoldPR – Print / Pattern / Floral / Spotted / Tapestry / Stripe / Plaid PU – Purple / Violet / LilacBE – Beige / Cream / Ivory BN – Brown / Tan / Taupe / Bronze / CopperGN – Green / Olive / Jade MC – Two or more solid colors, excluding trimMISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES – May have protective cover. Specify brand of article.