Ies ramon llull 2012 olivar outing


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Ies ramon llull 2012 olivar outing

  1. 1. IES Ramon Llull. Language integrated curriculum materials. Olivar outing dossier. June 12th 2012Group name.____________________________Student’s Name: ________________________________ English. Task 1. a shopping list to feed during a day a family of 4 members.As part of the eating habits project, you have to write a shopping list including products andprices. Each group must produce a “virtual” shopping list to feed a family of four members forone day. (3 meals and one or two snaks) . The shopping list must include prices and products. Youcan take photos of the stalls where you decide to “buy” your products. You must investigatedifferent stalls at the Olivar market and compare prices. Take notes of the products and prices youfind in the Olivar Market to make your shopping list and to sort out how much you will spend. Tryto find balance between quality and price.Vegetables :Fruit:Dairy; cheese, milk, yogourt:Meat:Fish:Bread, pasta :Pulses:Other:
  2. 2. In the Market: Interviews to sellersCatalan. Task 1Interview a shop/ stall owner/ workerType of stall: Name of the person: 1. How long have you been at this market? 2. Have you ever had a famous customer? 3. What type of people are your regular customers? 4. Have you noticed the crisis? 5. What would you tell people to make them come here to do their shopping instead of going to big malls?Català: Enquesta venedors del mercat de lOlivarTipus de botiga: Nom: 1) Quants danys fa que feis feina a aquest mercat? 2) Heu tengut alguna vegada un client famós? 3) Quin tipus de persona sol venir a comprar aquí? 4) Es nota la crisi? 5) Què diríeu a la gent perquè vengui a comprar més al mercat en lloc danar a les grans superfícies?
  3. 3. In the Market: Interviews to customersSpanish. Task 1Interview a customer 1) Profile: age, nationality, family, job, 2) Frequency: (How often does he/she shop at the Olivar) 3) Money spent on shopping: 4) transport(car, walking, bus, other) 5) Opinion ( prices, variety, quality) 6) Recommendations (favourite products and stalls) 7) Other questions:Castellano: Entrevista a un comprador. 1. Pérfil ( edad, profesión, tipo de familia) Nombre (opcional) 2. Frecuencia ( frecuencia con la que hace la compra en el Olivar) 3. Dinero ( gasto medio en la compra) 4. Desplazamiento (distancia del mercado al domicilio, medio de transporte utilizado) 5. Opinión (precios, calidad, variedad) 6. Recomendaciones (puestos y productos favoritos) 7. Otras preguntas:
  4. 4. On the way to and back from the Olivar English. Task 2On our way to the market, we’ll find lots of places where you can eat, as well as places where youcan buy food. Keep you eyes open.Restaurants:Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, American, Italian, Fast food, Take Away.How many can you find? What are their names?Shops on our way to the market: Bakeries, Greengrocer’s, Old shops,Modern shops.What kind of products do they sell?Choose one you like.Catalan. Task 2Majorcan products and shops.Take notes on the visit to the shops selling Majorcan food.
  5. 5. Spanish. Task 2Compare three menus from restaurants we’ll find onour way and recommend one. Write a short reviewof the restaurant. (place, architecture, atmosphere,price)Take note of 3 different menus. Compare prices and quality and decide which one you wouldrecommed.Restaurant Name (1)________________________________________________________ 1. Adress 2. Type of food 3. Decoration/ size 4. Menu 5. PriceRestaurant Name (2)________________________________________________________ 1. Adress 2. Type of food 3. Decoration/ size 4. Menu 5. PriceRestaurant Name (3)________________________________________________________ 1. Adress 2. Type of food 3. Decoration/ size 4. Menu 5. Price
  6. 6. English task 3On our way we shall stop at an ecological street market. • Use your list. Choose a couple of items and take notes to compare with prices at the Olivar. • What kind of products are available? • What do they look like? • Interview a seller and find out the origin of the product.General instructions:• The dossier will be used to take notes during the outing. You will use the notes and the pictures to do the tasks.• Everyone must hand in the dossier together with the tasks for assessment.• There will be tasks in Catalan, Spanish and English• We shall make several stops to give you time to take notes and investigate• An outing is a learning activity. The teachers will need to give you instructions and you must behave correctly and pay attention to the indications given.• Group leaders are responsible for the membes of the group, but everyone must contribute .• Be polite when asking questions and remember to ask permission to take photos.Assessment. 1) Did you like the activity? 2) Did you learn anything? 3) Give it a mark from 1 to 10 4) Did the dossier help you?Groups