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Copyof thecorpsebride.activity


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Copyof thecorpsebride.activity

  1. 1. 1r IES Ramon Llull. ESO Departament d’Educació Plàstica i Visual 5 The Corpse Bride (2005) La núvia cadàver. Tim Burton’s filmPlotIn an unnamed Victorian Era European village, Victor Van Dort , the son of nouveau riche fishmerchants, and Victoria Everglot , the neglected daughter of hateful aristocrats, are gettingprepared for their arranged marriage, which will raise the social class of Victors parents andrestore the wealth of Victorias penniless family. Both have concerns about marrying someonethey do not know, but they fall instantly in love when they first meet. After the shy, clumsy Victorruins the wedding rehearsal and is scolded by Pastor Galswells , he flees and practices hiswedding vows in the nearby forest, placing the wedding ring on a nearby upturned tree root.The root turns out to be the finger of a dead girl clad in a tattered bridal gown, who rises fromthe grave claiming that she is now Victors wife. Spirited away to the surprisingly festive Land ofthe Dead, the bewildered Victor learns the story of Emily , his new "bride," murdered years agoon the night of her secret elopement. Emily, as a wedding gift, reunites Victor with his long-deaddog, Scraps. Meanwhile, Victorias parents hear that Victor has been seen in another womans
  2. 2. arms, and become suspicious.Wanting to reunite with Victoria, Victor tricks Emily into taking him back to the Land of the Livingby pretending he wants her to meet his parents. She agrees to this and takes him to see ElderGutknecht , the kindly ruler of the underworld, to send him and Emily temporarily to the Land ofthe Living. Once back home, Victor asks Emily to wait in the forest while he rushes off to seeVictoria and confess his wish to marry her as soon as possible, to which she gladly returns hisfeelings. Emily soon arrives and sees the two of them together and, feeling betrayed and hurt,drags Victor back to the Land of the Dead. Victoria tells her parents that Victor has been forciblywed to a dead woman, but they believe she has lost her mind and lock her up in her bedroom.She escapes her room by window and rushes to Galswells to find a way helping Victor, but fails.With Victor gone, Victorias parents decide to marry her off to a presumably wealthy newcomerin town named Lord Barkis Bittern , who appeared at the wedding rehearsal, against her will.Emily is heartbroken by Victors deception. Victor, however, apologizes for lying to her, and thetwo reconcile while playing the piano together. Shortly after, Victors family coachman appearsin the afterlife (having recently died) and informs Victor of Victorias impending marriage to LordBarkis. At the same time, Emily learns from Elder Gutknecht that because marriage vows areonly binding until "death do you part" and death already parts them, her supposed marriageto Victor was never valid. In order for their marriage to become valid, Victor must repeat hisvows in the Land of the Living and willingly drink poison - thus joining her in death. Overhearingthis, and fretting about having lost his chance with Victoria, Victor agrees to die for Emily. Allof the dead go "upstairs" to the Land of the Living to perform the wedding ceremony for Victorand Emily. Upon their arrival, the town erupts into a temporary panic until every living personrecognizes each others loved ones from the dead and they have a joyous reunion under thebizarre circumstances.After a quarrel with Lord Barkis - and realizing he was only after her supposed money - Victoriafollows the procession of dead to the church. As Victor prepares to drink the cup of poison to killhimself, Emily notices Victoria and has second thoughts, realizing that she is denying Victoriaher chance at happiness the same way it was stolen from her. Lord Barkis interrupts them, andEmily recognizes him as her former fiance - who is revealed to be the one who murdered her forher dowry. Lord Barkis tries to kidnap Victoria at sword point, but Victor stops him and the twomen duel. Emily intercedes to save Victor, and Lord Barkis mockingly proposes a toast to Emilyclaiming shes "always the bridesmaid, never the bride!", accidentally drinking the cup of poison.The dead (now able to intercede as hes dead) drag the "new arrival" away for punishment.Emily sets Victor free of his vow to marry her, giving the wedding ring back to Victor and herwedding bouquet to Victoria before exiting the church. As she steps into the moonlight, shetransforms into hundreds of butterflies, presumably finding her eternal rest in Heaven, as Victorand Victoria look on.Art activityImagine that the end of the story is different; Victor decides that his really true love is Emily and theydecided to get married! Now you have to create a new character. It will be a little boy or a little girl,Victor ‘s Everglot and Emily’s son or daughter. You have to draw a 3 or 4 year old kid, with allsort of details. He/She must have some characteristics from his/her father and some from his/her mother.
  3. 3. The activity must be finished by November the 6th, in a DIN-A4 sheet of paper with colour (youmay paint it with colour pencils or felt tip pen).