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30 common classroom language expressions


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30 common classroom language expressions

  1. 1. 30 common classroom language expressions.1. Excuse me, can you repeat that?2. Can you spell it? Can you write it on the board?3. What is the meaning of.....?4. I cannot read the blog/text/ Can you make it bigger?5. Is it OK?6. Is it better?7. Can you speak louder?8. Can I have your attention?9. Put things away10. Tidy up11. Thanks12. Work in pairs13. Face each other14. Get into groups15. Swap places16. Go back to your seats17. Stand up18. Put up/ raise your hand to ask questions19. Check with your partner20. Ask each other21. Do it orally22. Hand in the homework23. Pass the form24. Are there any spare copies?25. Any volunteer?26. Work individually27. Ask your classmates (1, 2, 3..)28. Practice this dialogue29. Repaeat after me30. Can anyone correct it?