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Media presentation


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Published in: Education
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Media presentation

  1. 1. Grain
  2. 2. Genre• Genre: genre is what defines a piece of media for example the film Batman is an action film.
  3. 3. Representation• Representation: representation means how something is being portrayed for example on the film poster the camera angle is facing upwards which suggests the character is someone we look up to.
  4. 4. Audience• Audience: audience can mean who is targeted for a piece of media for example the film Batman is targeted for mostly males and people who like action and superhero films. Another aspect of audience can be is critical audience and passive audience , critical audience means an audience who will give their own opinion on a piece of media and a passive audience is an audience who will not give their own opinion.
  5. 5. Institution• Institutions means the company who has created this piece of media for example Warner bros usually have films which are being watched by young children for example Looney tunes which suggests most of their films are for a younger audience.
  6. 6. Narrative• Narrative means how the story is created for example todorov and propp.• Equilibrium (normal)• Disequilibrium (a twist)• Recognition (recognising the problem)• Repair (trying to fix the problem)• New equilibrium (a change which becomes the new Equilibrium)
  7. 7. Movie poster conventions• The conventions of a movie poster:• Title – the name of the film• Main characters- the characters you expect to see in the film• Date of release-when the film is going to be released• Props-items the character may have on them for example a book in a school film• Main image-the image which the audience will see first for example the Batman film poster you expect to see the main character Batman• Slogan-A piece of text which catches the readers eye for example ‘A fire will rise’ on the Batman film poster• Cast and crew-the real names of the main characters in the film and the names of the people who made the film• Age rating- target audience for the film for example a 15 age rating is aimed for people who are aged 15 and up• Billing block- shows the names of the people who made the film and the names of the characters
  8. 8. Genre conventions• The conventions of a genre:• Comedy: An unusual image on the film poster, institutions as in the film can be made by a company who normally makes comedy films , An actor who normally stars in comedy films.• Romance: Two characters male and female as the main image , A Title which is situated with romance.• Action: A prop which suggests violence for example a gun , Facial expressions and costume of the main character
  9. 9. Mise en scene• Mise en scene:• Costumes – what the characters are wearing for example in the batman film the characters wears black leather clothes• Props –The items in the scene for example in the batman film a prop the character has is his batarang• Make up –how the characters are made to look for example if there is a fight scene usually there would be scratches and blood on their face• Background –Background can mean what consist in the background one example of this is the colour in the batman film poster the colour of the background is black• Lightning –The lightning is the brightness in the scene for example the lightning in horror films are dark.