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Reference Collection Evaluation


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Reference Collection Evaluation

  1. 1. Reference Collection Order
  2. 2. Title Number Publisher ISBN Year Review Supplement Cost of Published Use Copies The 25 Houghton 2010 SLJ Many of the $13.57 American Mifflin through classrooms have each Heritage Titlewave several dictionaries to Children’s use. However, this is $339.25 Dictionary an exceptional Total children’s dictionary that will give the media center an entire set for classrooms or individuals to use. Hippocrene 10 Hippocrene 0781811309 2006 This reference $14.95 Spanish Books material is an Each children's effective tool for Picture ESOL whose native $149.50 Dictionary language is Spanish. Total The 25 Houghton 0547215991 2010 This reference $12.89 American Mifflin material will provide Each Heritage an updated thesaurus Children’s to be used by an entire $329.25 Thesaurus class. Total Little World 10 World 1600570127 2007 This set of almanacs $11.99 Almanac Big Almanac will provide the each Facts for youngest learners in Young the school an $119.90 Readers opportunity to explore Total and use this type of reference material. Heinemann 1 Heinemann 1403471223 2006 SLJ This collection $519.96 First Library through provides the best Total Encyclopedia Titlewave information formatted (Multi- for the youngest volume set) learners.
  3. 3. Total Amount of Order: $1,457.86