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Blowing Library Bubbles 2.0


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Discussion of issues facing libraries today and possible solutions.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Blowing Library Bubbles 2.0

  1. 1. Blowing LibraryBubbles 2.0Mark Leggott, University of PEI/discoverygarden inc.APLA Conference, May 2013
  2. 2. How is your libraryaffected by budgetdisruption?
  3. 3. Disrupt or beDisrupted
  4. 4. Libraries Need to beHyper-LocalANDGlobal Collaborators
  5. 5. Copyright Bubble
  6. 6. From now on universities can expect their fundingto be cut, not increased.They need to disruptthemselves, or be disrupted, to survive.The yearsahead will be the worst of times for highereduction - but also the best.MargaretWente: Globe & Mail, Feb 4, 2012And that is where many university leaders agree: Ifthey are to weather the storm, they must face up totheir weaknesses and stop spending money on them.James Bradshaw: Globe & Mail, Feb 4, 2012
  7. 7. Biggest worries aboutcopyright?
  8. 8. Risk AversePay Many Times OverIssues
  9. 9. SolutionsBecome Non-SignatoriesUse 6-Part TestGolden Rule
  10. 10. Less Fair!Commercial!Multiple Copies/Wide Distribution!Entire Work/Substantial Excerpt!Compete with Original!Confidential/Unpublished!Charitable/Educational!Single Copy/Limited Distribution!Limited/Insubstantial Excerpt!No Detriment to Original!Published/In Public Interest!
  11. 11. Play Bubble
  12. 12. To be playful is not to be trivial or frivolous, or to act asthough nothing of consequence will happen.  On thecontrary, when we are playful with each other we relateas free persons, and the relationship is open to surprise;everything that happens is of consequence.  It is, in fact,seriousness that closes itself to consequence, forseriousness is a dread of the unpredictable outcome ofopen possibility.  To be serious is to press for a specifiedconclusion.To be playful is to allow for possibilitywhatever the cost to oneself.James Carse
  13. 13. “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”Miss Frizzle
  14. 14. How is your libraryplayful?
  15. 15. IssuesSeriousness tends to overshadowPlay generally not valued
  16. 16. SolutionsEmbrace a HackerInstall a MakerSpacePartnerships between libraries
  17. 17. OpenTextbook Bubble
  18. 18. When MIT first announced its Open Courseware(OCW) initiative in October 2002, it shook thebusiness model of traditional higher educationinstitutions ... Fast-forward to October 2012: OERshave failed to significantly affect the day-to-day teachingof the vast majority of higher education institutions.Gerd Jortemeyer: Educause Review Online, Feb 26, 2013
  19. 19. Why do publisherscreate so manyeditions?
  20. 20. 0225450675900325 559 812HousingTuitionTextbooks% Increase in Prices in Last 35Years
  21. 21. IssuesDiscoverability/AcquisitionNo Professional CreditLast Mile - Context Freedom
  22. 22. SolutionsDevelop HTML5 PlatformEducationPartnerships with Library
  23. 23. Pilots• 1st-Year Chemistry (CalTech CC text)• 1st-Year Business (• Various levels of interest in an open textapproach to English courses
  24. 24. Open Source Bubble
  25. 25. How many use opensource software?
  26. 26. Open tools and approaches are critical to theability of libraries to succeed in the nextdecade.Whether open source to build localexpertise and capability, open data to sharefindings and better society, open textbooks toreduce the cost of education, or open labs toreach out to the larger community - open willdefine the 21st century library.
  27. 27. Questions