The ABCs of making it to the top


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The ABCs of making it to the top

  1. 1. The ABCs of Making it to the Top<br />www.managementcoach.caTM<br />Mary Legakis<br />251841022225<br />Helping leaders and aspiring executives get personal, professional and organizational results – faster.<br />Introduction<br />Ambition exists all around you. Look into any cubicle, left or right, and you’ll see someone looking to get ahead, just like you. If you are sitting there wondering why other people are getting ahead faster than you, you’re not alone. There are thousands of aspiring executives working hard every day to distinguish themselves from the rest in hopes of getting the next top spot. Some of those aspiring executives are successful. Many of us however have blind spots and unfortunately nobody is helping the rest of us out by opening our eyes.<br />There are three characteristics that every aspiring executive who makes it to the top possesses. Find these characteristics in yourself, and you will find yourself on the express ladder of your career. The ABCs of making it to the top are: Authenticity, Belief and Credibility.<br />Authenticity<br />Be unabashedly who you are, and be sincere when behaving as who you’re not.<br />Often we are overlooked for promotions because we come across as inauthentic, or we are told that we need more time to “mature”. These messages are a signal that others believe you are in the exploratory stages of life. There is most often than not real truth in these observations.<br />An authentic manager is one who no longer tries to emulate the behaviours of his or her superiors, colleagues or mentors. Authentic managers know exactly who they are, and have developed their own sense of being. Think American Idol contestants vs. real American Idols. You don’t want to be the karaoke contestant who tries to pull off a Mick Jagger tune by being Mick Jagger. As Randy would say, you want to bring your own character into the performance.<br />Effective managers and executives have two key characteristics behind their authenticity:<br /><ul><li>Their inherent personality that drives their preferred behaviours.
  2. 2. The ability to choose from and demonstrate, at the right times, an array of behaviours outside their inherent personality that make them effective no matter what the situation. </li></ul>The people who make it to the top are authentic and unapologetic about their inherent personality. That said, not all situations call for the behaviours that are most natural to you. An authentic manager is sincere when choosing behaviours outside his or her typical style. Be flexible, and learn the effective behaviours of other personality types. Behave according to the situation without compromising your values.<br />Tools for gaining authenticity: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Effective Managerial Styles (Dr. Bill Reddin)<br />Belief<br />“If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.” Dame Anita Roddick, The Body Shop<br />Aspiring executives who make it to the top carry two strong beliefs with them:<br /><ul><li>They believe they are worthy of love and success
  3. 3. They believe they are capable of fulfilling the role</li></ul>My own coach taught me this lesson early on in our coaching relationship. Fear of being incapable and guilt of being worthy will inhibit you from reaching great heights. Since we manifest what we believe, you must have self-worth and you must have certainty about your abilities if you are ever to climb the proverbial ladder.<br />Tools for transforming beliefs: Affirmations, Purpose and Values Identification<br />Credibility<br />“The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver.” Jay Leno<br />Earning the spot at the top of an organization is not like winning an election. You are not selected by a bunch of people who only know you by what your reps and your enemies say about you. Your executive spot is in the hands of the people who know you well. <br />Credibility is something you earn in two dimensions. The first is results, and the second is relationships. To earn the type of credibility that gets you career success, you must have two things. <br /><ul><li>A track record of results</li></ul>Results refers to outcomes, not activities. Effective executives are laser focused on a few key metrics of their role that contribute strategic value to the organization. Your superiors are looking for you to move the needle on some key metrics of your role. To create a track record, you must show results consistently, year over year, and preferably across a few different types of roles.<br /><ul><li>Fans in the right places
  4. 4. Effective executives got their spot because they had supporters who endorsed them for the role. The key places to build support are: Your team members, Your boss, Your bosses colleagues, Your business partners, Your customers and Your employees. If you also have relationships with key organizational vendors, it doesn’t hurt to get some testimonials from them as well!
  5. 5. Tools for gaining credibility: Read Making Waves: 3 Secrets to Becoming a Highly Paid Executive Faster