Emn airport club fbo media kit february 2011


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Emn airport club fbo media kit february 2011

  1. 1. Presented to: Name Presented by: Name
  2. 2. EMN AIRPORT CLUB OVERVIEW – EMN delivers a higher concentration of ADVERTISER’S target audience than any other media, allowing ADVERTISER to speak to and influence more of their key target decision makers more often. By offering multiple touch points within a relaxed, clutter free, exclusive environment, ADVERTISER’S brand and message will resonate with this audience and only enhance ADVERTISER’S additional marketing efforts. 25 of the top 25 dmas EMN is the exclusive advertising partner for the world’s largest airline executive VIP clubs and lounges. EMN has access to 90% of all airport clubs in the US. 3,500,000 monthly travelers 28,000,000 monthly impressions
  3. 3. EMN Airport Clubs are a quiet oasis for the frequent traveler. Unlike airport terminals which can be crowded and noisy, clubs are quiet and peaceful with limited advertising messages that blend into the environment. Frequent travelers are by nature an elusive group. Averaging 29 round trip flights per year , club members are constantly on-the-go. By advertising in the clubs, advertisers get the opportunity to reach these consumers in one of the few environments they frequently spend their time. While the average American spends approximately 25 minutes* reading their favorite magazine, EMN club members average 1 hour and 41 minutes per visit. 91% of club members notice the advertising in clubs ** ** emn qualvu research study 2009 * delta sky club member survey 2008
  4. 4. AIRPORT CLUB DEMOGRAPHICS – 78% male 60% a 35-54 19% ceo, president, executive 32% professional managerial 27 average business roundtrips a year 29 average total roundtrips per year $182 k average annual hhi 92% make $100k+ annually 54% make $200k+ annually 29% make $250k+ annually 84% of all trips taken for business 2010 GfK MRI Doublebase; Delta Sky Club Survey 2008
  5. 5. EMN digital signage ads are displayed on a 42” HD LCD screen and air accompanying up-to-date news, weather, sports and flight information. Ad units air 12 times per hour, 15 hours per day, 5,400 total ads per month per screen. Ads are separated by interstitial messaging including weather, news, sports and other information. Ads can be static or motion. EMN AIRPORT CLUB DIGITAL SIGNAGE– ENGAGING Ads air adjacent to flight, weather, news and other important information IMPACTFUL HD images are crisp, clean and eye-catching - digital screens are the largest ad displays within the clubs FLEXIBILITY Digital allows for easy creative changes throughout the flight, as well as messages targeted by airport, market or club
  6. 6. > 43 airports > 119 clubs > 248 posters > 20 million impressions PORTRAIT POSTERS Portrait posters are framed, unlit posters located prominently throughout our clubs. Ads are 33” x 21”. Exclusive – own 100% of the display. Category exclusivity within each club when purchased with digital screens*. * 3-month minimum required HD DIGITAL POSTERS HD Digital Posters are displayed on HD LCD screens prominently placed throughout Delta Sky Clubs. Ads are 768w x 1280h (pixels). Static ads are displayed as HD images on a clean, crisp, LCD screen. Ads rotate 60 minute spots with a maximum of two advertisements per screen.
  7. 7. <ul><li>In addition to traditional media within our clubs, EMN can work with our airline providers to create experiential campaigns designed to increase interactivity with your brand. Price is dependent upon the program. </li></ul><ul><li>Experiential campaigns can be any of the following: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Register to win </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Interactive displays </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Product sampling </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Sponsored events </li></ul></ul>
  8. 8. EMN offers digital signage in executive airports (FBOs) across the country. FBOs are an excellent environment for advertisers to reach the exclusive corporate and private jet traveler. Corporate Level Executives - Entrepreneurs - Wealthy Individuals - International Business People EXECUTIVE AIRPORT NETWORK DIGITAL SIGNAGE– domestic airports FBOs fixed base operators digital screens 74 80 80 SIZE (pixels): static – 912x684 horizontal video - 800x600 horizontal RESOLUTION: minimum 300 dpi high resolution ASPECT RATIO: 4:3 FILE FORMATS: Static – jpeg, png, gif, tif (must be rgb) Video – mpeg-2, :30 seconds, no sound minutes average age have an IEI of $200k+ average hhi 43 77% $225 K 31 average dwell time
  9. 9. EMN offers online advertisements in Delta Sky Clubs and Alaska Airlines Board Rooms. These website portals have been specifically designed to keep Club members informed of the latest airline and world news and information. Every Sky Club and Board Room member accessing the internet is now redirected to this page. There are two Premium ads, one Standard ad and a Banner available to reach club members who use the complementary Wi-Fi within the clubs. EMN AIRPORT CLUB WIFI – AIRLINES AD SPECS 1 BANNER 706 x 90 Ads available in all domestic Delta Sky Clubs and/or Alaska Airlines Board Rooms – cannot be purchased by individual market or club Ads are static or animated gif AUDIENCE 28 MARKETS 31 AIRPORTS 50 CLUBS 1,070,000 MONTHLY PASSENGERS 2 PREMIUM 240 x 400 1 STANDARD 240 x 240
  10. 10. EMN AIRPORT MOBILE ADVERTISING – EMN has partnered with goHow to offer advertisers another way to reach affluent travelers . goHow has advertising units on their free mobile app which connects travelers with live information from airports, their goHow Web in-airport wifi page, and flydenver.com, the official website of Denver International Airport. APP goHow WEB flydenver.com
  11. 11. CNN Airport Network is the only live, customized television service specifically designed for air travelers. Programming includes breaking news, sports updates, business, weather, lifestyle and travel segments. Select live NBA and NFL games, including the Super Bowl, are also part of the network's programming package. EMN offers CNN Airport in 14 airports across the country: New York (JFK, LGA & EWR), Chicago (ORD), Philadelphia (PHL), San Francisco (SFO), Dallas (DFW), Atlanta (ATL), Washington DC (DCA & IAD), Denver (DEN), Orlando (MCO), Salt Lake City (SLC) and Cincinnati (CVG). > 14 airports > 11 markets > 14.8 million monthly impressions > nearly 1,000 gates 79% CNN APN keeps them current and informed 56% consider the network their primary source of info while they travel 24% spend less time with TV at home 83% think watching the network is a good way to pass time waiting for their flight
  12. 12. EMN MCCARRAN INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL NETWORK McCarran International Airport recently unveiled its new Digital Network. The largest display of five video walls is located in the Concourse D Rotunda. Offering up to four-times the standard high-definition quality, the 100-screen tiled formation is the largest in any U.S. airport.   All incoming passengers at McCarran will be reached by this network which includes a 16’w x 4’h wall in the C Tram entry area, and 10’w x 2’h walls at the end of the A, B and C walkways. The five-wall digital network is offered as a complete package giving advertisers full coverage in all concourses. One spot in the network loop is 2,880 spots per day - 576 spots per location/day.   100% of arriving passengers view the digital network 33 million annual passengers 2½ minutes loop duration :08 seconds spot length $19,925 monthly 1-11 month contract $17,900 monthly 12 month annual contract