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You Can Do THAT With LinkedIn?!?!


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A look at a few simple things that can transform how you use LinkedIn.

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You Can Do THAT With LinkedIn?!?!

  1. 1. You Can Do THAT With LinkedIn?! (why yes, yes you can) Matt LeBlanc
  2. 2. two truths about social media the social media version of all of us the real life version of all of us
  3. 3. the basics
  4. 4. know what linkedin is and isn’t What is LinkedIn? What is LinkedIn not?
  5. 5. knowing what your profile is Résumé LinkedIn profile
  6. 6. maximizing your profile You can have the best LinkedIn profile in the whole wide world but if someone cannot contact you does it really matter?
  7. 7. don’t advertise being unemployed
  8. 8. what does it take to be successful? Expert Thought Leader Guru Evangelist Ninja Jedi FUTURIST Visionary
  9. 9. you can show your resume off
  10. 10. connecting to slideshare
  11. 11. connecting to visualcv (or your own website)
  12. 12. (almost) you can show up in every searchrelevant to your job-search in 3 steps
  13. 13. ….but before we get there
  14. 14. keywords, keywords, keywords
  15. 15. grow your recruiter network connect with every recruiter locally (both corporate and 3rd party) connect with every recruiter who works for companies on your target list connect with every recruiter nationally who recruits people just like you
  16. 16. grow your relevant network connect with everyone who manages the people who do what you do connect with everyone who does what you do / what you want to do connect with everyone who supports the people who do what you do
  17. 17. you can track your progress
  18. 18. staying on point
  19. 19. staying on point
  20. 20. you can get street cred on linkedin
  21. 21. linkedin answers
  22. 22. sharing relevant content
  23. 23. google alerts
  24. 24. subscriptions
  25. 25. easy sharing on linkedin
  26. 26. linkedin sharing formula1/3 industry relevant info 1/3 articles / info 1/3 questions
  27. 27. you can find anyone you want to
  28. 28. boolean AND OR civil engineer civil engineer (MUST) (MUST) (…) forcing the order (MIGHT) (MIGHT) civil AND engineer civil OR engineer civil mechanical (MIGHT) (MIGHT) engineer NOT (-) “ ” (exact match) (MUST) civil engineer civil engineer engineer AND (civil OR mechanical) (NOT) (NOT) (MUST) (NOT) “civil engineer” civil NOT engineer
  29. 29. the kitchen sink approach java -recruiter -manager -director -vp -vice (j2ee OR jee5 OR jee6) -java -recruiter - manager -director -vp -vice CURRENT JOB TITLE SEARCH: "sw" OR "s/w" OR "swe" OR "swd" OR "sde" OR (jee5 OR jee6 OR j2ee OR Java) AND (hibernate OR struts "developer" OR "programmer" OR OR spring) -recruiter -manager -director -vp -vice "software engineer" OR "applications engineer"
  30. 30. signal search
  31. 31. site: operator AND (director OR vp)site:– Limits results to certain keywords within a specific site or domain– There can be no space between site: and the search phrase
  32. 32. x-ray AND “current * sales" AND(“Canon” OR “IKON” OR “pitney bowes” OR“ricoh”) AND "greater atlanta area“ -director -"sales manager" -"v.p." -"vp" -"vice president“ AND "Microsoft Dynamics AXProfessionals [2000+]" AND "greater chicagoarea"
  33. 33. external profile & email addresses AND ("" AND ("websites * my "" OR "" ORresume" OR "websites * my profile") AND "") AND "java" AND "j2ee" AND"java" AND "greater seattle area" inurl:pub - "greater seattle area" inurl:pub -inurl:dir -inurl:dir -inurl:jobs inurl:jobs
  34. 34. you can find your connections anywhere
  35. 35. finding your linkedin connections elsewhere
  36. 36. one last nugget for you
  37. 37. connect LinkedIn Twitter @matthewjleblanc Instagram matthew_leblanc Recruiting Blog Pinterest Facebook Tumblr Quora About.Me