Pinterest: Sharing Your Library with the Community


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Session from the Virginia Library Association Annual Conference 2012 in Williamsburg, VA.

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Pinterest: Sharing Your Library with the Community

  1. 1. PinterestSharing Your Library with the Community
  2. 2. What is Pinterest? Virtual Pin Board Social Bookmarking Site Social Photo Sharing Place to Waste Spend a Lot of Time
  3. 3. Create an Account
  4. 4. Home Page
  5. 5. Home Page See Friend’s Most Recent Pins Friend Suggestions (People You May Know) Friend’s Recent Activity Can Also See:  Categories – Animals, Art, Outdoors, Technology, etc.  Everything – Most Recent Pins (Globally)  Popular – Most Popular Pins  Gifts – Items for Sale (Organized by Price)
  6. 6. Profile
  7. 7. How to Pin Pinterest Website Pin It Button
  8. 8. How to Pin Other Website – Pinterest Pin Button Smart Phone or Tablet  iPhone/iPad ?mt=8  Android nterest&hl=en
  9. 9. Repins Add it to your own Collection Make sure it includes the original source
  10. 10. Likes and Comments Likes  Instead of saving the pin to your own board, you just “like” it  Access your “Like” board/page through your profile Comments  Add comments to your friends pins  Can end up being a flame war
  11. 11. Copyright Issues Make sure to link to the original source Whenever possible, pin original content Follow the same principles you use when using any photos  If not your work, request permission Pinterest processes copyright infringement claims which can lead to a person being banned  Also allow counter-claims
  12. 12. Sharing Your Library Create Bookists Share Craft Ideas Share New Items Promote Library Activities Showcase Historic Archives Collect Ideas for Displays and Programs Collect Ideas for Parents
  13. 13. Sharing Your Library Show Off the Library and Community Book Club Kits Library Humor (Memes) Boards Inspired by Books Create Collaborative Boards to Share with your Community Anything Else You Can Think Of!
  14. 14. Important Question Is it worth your time to create a Pinterest account for your library?  Make sure you have staff to devote time and effort  A great resource, but first decide if this is something your community would enjoy and use
  15. 15. Questions?Thank you for listening and I hope to see youonline!
  16. 16. Find Me Online! @cjspock