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  • Bloggin presentation

    1. 1. Blogging An informative presentation on the creation and maintance of a blog through School Wires
    2. 2. What is a blog? Wikipedia Definition Blogging in Plain English
    3. 3. Important to Remember How many students have the internet? Do not publish full names of anyone in class Absolutely must create guidelines. Content! Don’t mistake activity for achievement. Remain focused. A blog is not a website it is an interactive place to communicate information. Must let me know so we can get user names and passwords for the students
    4. 4. Creating your blog Log into SchoolWires Select eFaculty and your name Select New Page In the following window you will choose the type of page you are creating.
    5. 5. Name and Save Page In this window you will name your blog page The Postings will then open and you will select the Edit option
    6. 6. The following window is where you will control the blog page General Tab allows you to create a specific date and time to post a comment and and the bottom of the page you can select or deselect the Active button Posting Tab is where you enter posts for the blog Comments Tab here you select whether or not you want comments on a specific posting. Do the comments need to be approved? Who is allowed to comment on this blog? REMEMBER TO ALWAYS SAVE ANY CHANGES YOU MAKE
    7. 7. Clever ideas for your Blog Discuss a reading Book Club for students assignment Post Writing assignment Create a blog about how to and assign 1 student to post study comment Current Events Reflections on a field trip with pictures and movies Homework Help Science experiments Journal for Research Project
    8. 8. Some Examples of Blogs Albert the Bear’s Blog Chestnutwold Ms.O’Connell Mrs. Travis Classroom Blog Civil War Sallie MS Ms. Gilmore 13 Colonies MS Mr. Mahar Pie Day Blog Chestnutwold - Jane Daubman Election Day Blog Awards 2009
    9. 9. RSS Feed What is it and why is it important? RSS in Plain English RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is the format for distributing news and other web content. When you put content into RSS and send that content to other people or websites, it's called a feed. Feeds are very powerful. They attract the interest of the search engines and they reach new audiences. Every blog has a feed. Most of the new social media sites are using RSS Feeds to distribute their content. Twitter runs on RSS feeds, Facebook and MySpace use feeds. You can add feeds to your news and tap in to the power of the social web. A feed will increase the reach and visibility of your news content.