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Valet hop venture_lab


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Valet hop venture_lab

  1. 1. Susie
  2. 2. “Take control on your valet parking experience and have your car ready when you are.”
  3. 3. PROBLEM VALET HOP IS SOLVING• Waiting in line to retrieve your car• Needing cash when using a valet service• Notifications about your car• Location based event ideas following your night out
  4. 4. SOLUTION VALET HOP PROVIDESNo more waiting outside or inline to retrieve your car, one quick click in the mobile app brings your car around quickly.No more digging for cash, Valet Hop provides in app paymentValet Hop provides suggestions for venues based on location
  5. 5. VALUE PROPOSITION• Valet Boss will allow the automation of valet parking services .• Alleviates the bottlenecking of vehicles at venues.• Makes value parking efficient for customers• Location based payment processing thru mobile app
  6. 6. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK• Positive customer feedback• 8 out 10 customers prefer streamlining the valet parking experience.• 10 out 10 customers surveyed would use Valet Boss app to eliminate waiting for valet services .• 100 percent of customers are in favor of a faster valet option.