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The art of racing in the rain


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The art of racing in the rain

  2. 2. PLOT OF THE NOVELThis novel about is about a dog named Enzo. Enzo isdifferent from other dogs. He can understandpeople, but is unable to talk because his tongue istoo long and flat. Enzo’s soul is nearly human and heis sort of a philosopher with his observant behaviorand intelligent mind. Enzo educated himself bywatching television and listening closely to the wordsof his master, racecar driver, Denny Swift.
  3. 3. INSIGHT OF ENZOEnzo gained tremendous insight into the human condition. He makes the connection that life itself, like racing, is not about going “fast”. He concludes that if one uses the proper techniques, like on a racetrack, one can successfully navigate all of life’s ordeals.
  4. 4. ENDING OF THE NOVELAs Enzo ages towards the end of the book, he takesstock of his life and recalls all the events the bookmentions. He recalls the sacrifices Denny has madeto succeed in racing, the unexpected loss of hisDenny’s wife, Eve and Denny’s battle with his in-lawsover custody of his daughter, Zoe. The novel endswith Enzo coming through heroically to preserve theSwift family, holding in his heart the dream Dennyhad to become a racing champion with Zoe at hisside. The ending of the story hints that Enzo isreincarnated as a human, which was his dream allalong.
  5. 5. REVIEW OF THE NOVELThe story, for me, is a heart-wrenching, but deeply funny and upliftingstory of family, love, and hope. The novelis crafted nicely and is a captivating lookat the wonders and absurdities of humanlife.