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This a brief summary of the story of Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A,

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  1. 1. It is not areligious Holidaynor a Patrioticholiday, butsimply a day fordoing somethingwe sometimesforget to do - tosay “thank you”for the most
  2. 2. Five centuries ago, agroup of men and women,called , pilgrims, hadearlier fled their home inEngland and sailed toHolland to escapereligious persecution.They enjoyed morereligious tolerance, anddecided to make apilgrimage to America.
  3. 3. The Pilgrimswere living inHolland .They hired aship called theSpeedwell totake them toSouthampton,England, tomeet theMayflower.
  4. 4. On September6th, theMayflowerdeparted fromPlymouth,England toAmerica.
  5. 5. By the timethe Pilgrimshad leftEngland, theyhad alreadybeen living onboard fornearly amonth and ahalf.(45 days)
  6. 6. The firsthalf of thevoyagewent fairlysmoothly,the onlymajorproblemwas sea-sickness.
  7. 7. By October, they began encountering anumber of Atlantic storms that made thevoyage treacherous.
  8. 8. What happened on the voyage?•Off the 102passengersonboard the ship´, three of themwere pregnant.One of themgave birthduring thevoyage.
  9. 9. •During onestorms, a mainbeam in themiddle of theship cracked,but it was fixedwith a largescrew.
  10. 10. •A twenty-five yearold man namedJohn Howlandcame up on deck,but the ship rolled,and he lost hisbalance and fellinto the coldAtlantic ocean.Luckily, hemanaged to graba hold of a rope.
  11. 11. The voyageitself across theAtlantic Oceantook 66 days,from theirdeparture onSeptember 6th,until Cape Codwas sighted onNovember 9th,1620.
  12. 12. TheMayfloweranchoredoff the tipof CopeCod onNovember11th.
  13. 13. Their first winterwas devastating.At the beginning ofthe following fall,they had lost 46 ofthe original 102who sailed on theMayflower.
  14. 14. But the harvest of1621 was abountiful one. Andthe remainingcolonists decidedto celebrate with afeast -- including91 Indians whohad helped thePilgrims survivetheir first year