Advanced Tools in Gale eResources (Webinar Notes)


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Advanced Tools in Gale eResources (Webinar Notes)

  1. 1. AdvancedTools in Gale eResources to Support Academic Librarians Webinar Highlights from Matt LaBrake
  2. 2. Takeaways •NewTool:Term Clusters for InfoTrac Resources •Bookmarking (Permalinks): How to share information from Gale eResources with others •GaleTraining Resources: On DemandTutorials, Live Webinar Calendar, RecordedWebinarArchive, Supporting Documents
  3. 3. Term Clusters Term Clusters visually organize results based on frequently occurring terms, allowing users to hone in on targeted topics, envision connections between topics, and create new paths of inquiry.These visual search results allow users to discover the context of their search term and uncover hidden connections.
  4. 4. Why useTerm Clusters? • When a search provides a large number of results, users can click the link from the left hand sidebar into term clusters.Then users can use the inner and outer rings to hone in on more specific sets of results. • Viewing a term cluster allows users to visualize research connections they may not have considered. For example, after running a term cluster, a user may uncover multiple topics on the inner and outer rings that can be compared to one another. • When users have a broad idea of a topic they want to investigate or are having trouble coming up with a research topic, they can click the term clusters search from the gold toolbar. After entering a general term, users will be presented with a term cluster that provides a wealth of potential topics.
  5. 5. Term Clusters • ExampleTopic: “Invasive Species” • The inner rings represent popular topics related to your search • The outer rings feature topics related to the inner rings and narrow your focus • As users click around aTerm Cluster, results on the right are updated • The term cluster is also a heat map – darker reds and oranges are more popular terms than yellows and greens. • “Asian Carp” would be a particularly good topic as we know there is a lot of information available
  6. 6. Bookmarking in Gale eResources (Permalinks) A Bookmark is a stable link that will take you back to the page you created the link on.The link in the address bar is NOT stable and you cannot use this to direct others. There are 4 places you can create bookmarks in Gale
  7. 7. Where can I create Bookmarks? The Article Level
  8. 8. Where can I create Bookmarks? The Publication Page
  9. 9. Where can I create Bookmarks? The Search Results Level
  10. 10. Where can I create Bookmarks? The Saved Documents Page
  11. 11. GaleTraining Resources • On DemandTutorials • • Training Webinar Calendar • • RecordedWebinars • • Documents andTools • • (Scavenger Hunts, Search Examples, Exercises,Tip Sheets, Lesson Plans)